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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi, [153060,glosdata], if you do not want visitors to view feed and other content on your site, then you can disable the "Portal Page" setting from Admin > "Settings" > "General Settings" section, and select "No, visitors must sign in to view the main portal page." option there. If this is not relevant to your query, we suggest you contacting our support team to enable them look deeper into the problem at your end. Hope that helps! Thanks.
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      Kyle Hello Trance. About a year ago we switched from a system where all plugins were available individually to a system where all plugins were available in the bundles listed at When we made the switch we did not want to upset users who had already purchased SocialEngine under the assumption that they could purchase plugins individually, thus, we decided to grandfather in all existing customers. If a customer had an account prior to the change being made these customers are allowed to purchase plugins one at a time from the client store. If you would like to purchase SocialEngine with the new bundle pricing, that is no problem at all! Simply create a new account when purchasing your SocialEngine PHP license instead of purchasing under the same account used previously. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to email us at
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      glosdata Hi Kyle, how about you also address my query. I bought the Starter package before the new rules you have described (which I have failed to grasp). This is the fact---the Starter Package includes Albums and Groups. I have Starter Package. Why are Albums and Groups not included when I download the SE script like before? Unless you can address this issue, I feel Social Engine is misleading customers --whether new or old. As an old customer, I feel that I am entitled to all the plugins which were part of the package when I bought it. Please tell me where I can get a refund for my $80.
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      Trance Omega Albums and groups are part of the starter package and you do NOT need to purchase them. Just go to your account dashboard and you can download the add ons from there. The other add ons you do have to pay for and not al-la-carte unfortunately.
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    If I leave HTML Block title empty, I get a title: "Last Updated on Jan 20, ...

    creating HTML Block and Generic Menu, if I don't put a title, I still
    get a title like this: “LAST UPDATED ON JANUARY 20, 2015”.
    Please see scroll
    down. How can I fix this problem? Has anyone experienced the same?