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    "add post lightbox editor" is very excellent UI design, is it possibl...
    "add post lightbox editor"  is very excellent UI design, is it possible to be a SE default function or new plugin to integrate all plugins ?
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    Kickstarter-like plugin seems still absent in socialengine
    i think crowdfunding will be a new model in many potential applications, inspired us a new way to develop new businesses, but its social functions and performance are still very poor than socialengine can offer, in wordpress platform, there is a crowdfunding-oriented developer ( who has developed and merged several gorgeous  crowdfunding plugins to sell as their business, but i think "wordpress + buddypress" are still weak in its computing of social performance and functions, compare to above, socialengine is an outstanding genius qualified to develop new higher level crowdfunding plugin, but it seems that Kickstarter-like plugin is still absent  in socialengine, maybe i have seen one or a half   .. but there are still many miles to catch up with, i wish SE developer can follow potential trend to build crowdfunding related plugins. 
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      Eugene We have done crowdfunding plugins for few custom projects (for the same client).

      Currently we are considering releasing a plugin for this. But if somebody is looking to get this working asap - it can be done as a part of a custom development.
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      seTweaks I've seen Groupon style plugins for SE. It's similar to Kickstarter.
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