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      Spirit Silverwind Just installed SE 4.9 on a new server configuration and tried to upload albums and groups and it said certain permissions are not set that was not listed in the install guide or on the documentation at https://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/2777304-optimized-file-and-folder-permissions?b_id=14386

      applications/modules is missing from both the install guide and the above link, and needs to be 777.... Please correct the Documentation and include all the permissions correctly.... and in the right order >.>....
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      Donna This thought just came to mind and it's a bit different than you are wanting but if you have someone skilled in PHP and this script, that person could probably take one of the importers (the SE3 to Se4 would probably be best) and see how the script imports the users/content and change it some so it's importing from se3 to se4. If that one wouldn't do it, then check the Ning importer just to see the code.
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    Anyone know how to fix the issue with fancy upload not letting some users upload pictures, (Even when they have latest flash)

    Upload failed: Error caused a send or load operation to fail (Error #2038)

    This seems to only happen with very few users, but it all seems to be flash related

    If you use Adblocker and block the flash, it reverts to a normal button without flash and only lets you upload 1 file at a time but to those having this error this is the solution/work around

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      Rick Von Ruden Are these users using windows 8 with ie? If they are using this they will get this error.
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      seTweaks Try upgrading to the latest version of SocialEngine. If that doesn't work try increasing upload_max_filesize and post_max_size from in PHP settings. the file you're trying to upload may be larger than the limit in PHP settings.
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