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    Mobile theme outdated
    I notice that most of SocialEngine theme and plugins are based on desktop design.. The problem with this is that 90 percent of social media users are on mobile devices. I have a site www.jangueo.co and i'm struggling to give users the right mobile experience. 
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      Stepan Mazurov We do have a mobile plugin and there are a lot of responsive 3rd party themes for SE PHP that solve your issues.
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    Looking for a responsible person who understand php and is good a design
    Just started a site, jangueo.co, and got more than 450 registered user in less than 3 days. Is growing very fast but there's one little problem, I don't like they way it looks. There's potential to grow, big time, but i need help. 
    Anybody here interested in joining me in this project please let me know. 
    I have a site running where i'm making an average of $1300 monthly, and that's a small site. Enteraonews.com. I know about making $$ but I got no skills for design. 

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    SocialEngine Vs PHPFOX
    I'm currently on a one month trial with Social Engine.  Still trying to figure out how to allow users to upload large photo, meaning high resolution photography and videos. My budget is up to $300 per month for hosting, and Ill be getting over 200,000 subscriber within the first 4 months. However I don't want to spend $699 before I figure out the problem with uploading large photo and uploading video. 
    Anybody here with similar problem?
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      Stepan Mazurov Only limit SE PHP has is how big of a file your host will allow you to upload, SEPHP itself has no inherit filesize or dimension limit.