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    Batch-edit post categories...
    Currently, if I want to change the category of multiple posts in my community, I have to "edit" each individual post, select a new category from the drop-down list, and save it. If there are multiple pages of posts (which will likely be the case, since most communities have enough posts to put you past one page of listed posts), you start back at viewing the first page (even if you were editing the last post on, say, page 5).

    Long story short... if you want to change more than one post to a new category, it's a LOOOOONG and tedious process.

    I'm requesting that we be able to select multiple posts in the list view and batch edit all of them at once (at least for editing the category field). This would make my life so much easier.

    Please consider this idea.
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    SE Cloud: Have Stream post links go straight to source URL
    I don't know that I'll definitely be implementing this on my site, but I'd like to experiment with it.

    What code should be changed or added to have post title links on the main page (stream theme) link to that post's original URL source (if and when an outside URL is provided for that post).  Currently, that only happen once you OPEN the post to its page on your own site, and then from there you can click the title and go to the outside page.

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    New RSS feed import tool AWESOME -- but problems...
    It seems that this is an excellent tool to pull more content into an SE Cloud site. Add some RSS URL's and -- INSTANTLY -- new posts on my site.

    Problems I'm seeing:

    1. The post titles are not created as LINKS like regular posts are. I would like the post title to link to the original full article or web page due to the next issue...

    2. The entire text of the original source is not added to the post on my site. Instead, only the initial portion is added, followed by "[...]" -- but with no link to the additional text. The full text needs to be available for reading if this RSS tool is to be of any use.

    3. Content is added instantly, which is great... but there's A LOT of it. I'd love to see an option for limiting or expanding ("max" and "min"?) the number of daily imports from an RSS feed link so that RSS posts don't become too prevalent on my site compared to regular posts. (Side note: Would love to see this for Twitter auto-imports as well, so that I can increase or reduce the number of posts.)

    These are the 3 main issues.
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      BumpShaman I put a ticket in for this, requesting the listed fixes and functionality above. I was politely told that this is not currently a feature they plan on developing further (anytime soon). I WISH IT WAS. This has the potential to be a really great tool for all of us SE Cloud customers/developers.

      [52,Jung Kim]
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      Kimmie Great points. Especially agree with being able to choose or limit the # of posts.
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    Facebook friend invite tool issues?
    When I sign in to my SE Cloud site as a regular user and attempt to use the "Invite Friends" option -- I am able to see my Facebook friends, but when I hit the Invite button next to any name I get a message that an error has occurred.

    I know I need to submit a Support Ticket for this -- but in general, is anyone else having an issue with this tool on their site?
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      Kimmie I seem to have issues with this off and on. It works then it doesn't work. By the time I want to submit a support ticket it's back working.
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      Jung Kim I just tried this and it's working for me. Try reconnecting your FB account in the settings page.
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    Future plans for SE Cloud mobile sites?
    I'm wondering if anyone on the SE team could comment on future plans for the mobile versions of SE Cloud sites. While the mobile version is pretty much functional, it does leave a lot to be desired.

    Some thoughts...
    • I would love to be able to have a more straightforward way of editing my mobile site right in my admin account on a desktop computer, rather than the current method of playing with custom CSS code using the ".mobile" prefix. At least for basic things that the affect the look and feel. This isn't as important as the next thought...
    • MOBILE APP VERSION. If we can get a mobile browser to display a mobile version of our site, there has got to be a way that the SE team can develop a mobile app tool so that we can get our sites to show up in Google Play and Apple's store as a standalone app. Currently, this task is too daunting (figuring out how to make my SE Cloud site into an app) -- but I'm going to stay with SE Cloud longterm, a mobile app option is going to be crucial in the near future. That, or assistance from the SE team on how we can do this ourselves -- and what our best options are.
    Actually, that's it for now. But my larger point here is that mobile is important (we all know this) -- and I'd love to see more mobile tools for SE Cloud customers.
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      SocialTime Ye
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      Jung Kim Thanks for this, mobile is something we are constantly working towards improving. I'll share this post with the team. Just for clarification, can you expand on what you mean by a "straightforward way of editing my mobile site"?
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    Ability to delete templates on my site
    I vaguely remember having this very ability when I began using SE Cloud several months ago, but this functionality is not currently available.

    The seemingly simple task of deleting my own templates is something that SE Support is telling me they need to do for me. Meanwhile, there is a button right there in the controls for deleting a template (only, an error comes up).

    So I don't know what is going on, but I would like to have control over template deletion again. I don't want to have to submit a Support Ticket every time I want to delete a template.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Hide header bar without removing header scripts and other info?
    I have my site set up as public, but with each page set as private. This way, potential members can just sign up without needing approval, and members still have to sign in to view any of the main pages.

    This means that the header bar (header wrapper?) is visible on the default "Required Sign In" page. So people who are not yet signed in or signed up can see the bar and all of its links (even though they can't click anything).

    Any way to remove this header bar from a specific page, but not remove all of the scripts and code hidden in the header template?
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      BumpShaman Figured it out. Added this script to the top of my page template.

      <script type="text/javascript">
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    How to use post-like popup (modal) for other links...
    Hello SE world!

    When you click on a post, a modal popup opens up for that post. Rounded edges, a nice "X" exit button at the top right.

    I'd like to use this modal (its template I guess) to open up a different message -- not a post. Specifically, I have a sidebar button -- and I'd like it to open as this kind of modal popup (and add my own text or content into it).

    Any way to do this that anyone knows of? Currently I have a new popup window open up for a webpage... but I'm not crazy about how it looks.
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    Add default text in "Post Something" fields before user types...
    Is there a way to add light-colored default text to POST SOMETHING fields? I'd like to give users some simple guidance via text, and then have the text disappear as they begin to type. I see this all over other websites, so I figure there may be some way to do it using SE Cloud.
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      Kyle That's a great suggestion! We do not support this feature at this time but I'm passing this along to our developers right now for future consideration. Thanks so much for the feedback!
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      BumpShaman Hmm... When I inspect elements on the page that DO have placeholder text, this is the HTML that comes up:

      <input type="text" name="link-url" class="input-xlarge" value="" placeholder="Paste the link (URL) you want to share here">

      When I edit the "placeholder" value in the browser inspector, the value changes on my site. PERFECT. But now... how to edit/add placeholder text on any of the text fields that I want, and make it permanent on my site.....
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      Kimmie This would be an awesome feature.
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    Going to pay someone to build new landing page... need advice.
    Hey all!

    I am considering paying somebody to build a new landing/home page for my social site. I will likely seek out programming/design talent on Elance.com (my favorite source for finding creative talent).

    That said, what sensitive information relating to my SE Cloud site must I provide a programmer/designer in order for them to make a fully compatible landing page. I figure -- code-wise, HTML and/or CSS -- there are certain things I'll need to inform them of - or - provide them. I don't want to provide full access to the admin panel and settings. I'd prefer to lay out some necessary information and then apply their full code myself to test it (may take several iterations to make it work right, but that's fine).

    Any ideas? Thoughts? [52,Jung Kim]
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    Member information that is only viewable by site admins...
    I'd like to be able to create mandatory and optional text fields for site members that are NOT shown on their profile. This information would only be viewable by admins of the site.

    For instance, I want member's to be able to create any name they want for use of the site -- but I want them to provide their full name for admin reference only.

    Is this possible now, or is it something that could be added in the future?
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      Paul I think this is a necessary feature.
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    SEC Board theme: Show post body/message for desktop, hide for mobile...
    I'm using the following code in my Custom CSS to display posts with the poster's message on the board in addition to the post's title:

    .posts .post_body {
    display: block;

    However, for mobile... I'd like for only the title of post's to be displayed, with the post body/message only showing once the user opens a specific post up. I tried the following, but it did not work like I thought it would:

    .mobile .posts .post_body {
    display: inline;

    Also tried:

    .mobile .posts .post_body {
    display: list-item;

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    SEC: How does "Auto-import Tweets" feature actually work?
    I'm wondering because I set up a specific Twitter hashtag for my community and got some folks to tweet with is. However, in the past two days nothing has imported into my community.

    I went back and re-read this feature's description, and it seems that the designated hashtag is "routinely" scanned (HOW ROUTINELY?) and then it says it can import up to 50 tweets daily (SO IS THE ROUTINE "DAILY"?).

    The description also mentions that the import feature looks for tweets with this hashtag "and a link"... so does this mean that >>only<< tweets that have BOTH the hashtag AND a link will get pulled in as posts?

    And lastly... is this feature an automatic process, or is it done manually by SE staff? (I'm figuring it's automatic... but I'm asking because some of the wording has me curious.)

    Thanks in advance!
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      BT Digital Media Good questions unanswered - I would like to know too?
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      BumpShaman Correction for the first sentence: "... and got some folks to tweet with IT."
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    Hide post count (in parenthesis) in Categories drop-down list?
    Any way to get rid of the "post count" that shows up in the Categories drop-down? This count shows in parenthesis next to each category -- and if possible, I'd like to hide this count for every category and JUST have the category show...
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      seTweaks In custom CSS :

      #header #menu .category_count {
      display: none;
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    Adding a more convenient "Edit Profile" link or button
    Currently, it seems the only way to really get to your profile on an SEC network is to enter your profile, click the drop-down, and hit "Edit Profile". Anybody have a better method for getting members to see an "Edit Profile" link/button in their profiles (without clicking a drop-down menu)?
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      Pixythemes.com For a start, maybe you can try customizing the menu's CSS, by adding the following code in CUSTOM CSS:
      .btn-group>.btn-small.dropdown-toggle { display: none !important; }
      .btn-group.ui-follow .dropdown-menu.follow { display: block !important; position: relative; }

      You might have to do more CSS customizations to make it look better.
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      Kimmie Will anyone like to share their site(s) if you are already using this feature?
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen You should be able to move the class with jquery, as I am no wizard at that, I will not try to do it.. ;) But try reading about moving classes with jquery on google
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