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    MARKETPLACE Plugin – Online Store for SocialEngine
    If you haven’t seen our store plugin yet, you should definitely try and test it on demo! Marketplace plugin is a great base for any ecommerce start up. It offers all basic online store features and even more

    While developing this plugin we analyzed different ecommerce sites to be able to reach our number one aim – make it as easy to use as possible.Why so? Because we want everyone to be able to believe in themselves and make a shot at they own online business, without being tech savvy. Our store plugin includes only the most necessary features and settings, which anybody can easily manage.

    Once installed the plugin gives you an opportunity to sell and buy physical or digital products, rate sellers and their goods, create coupons and sales, add listings to wishlist, charge website fee or association categories with profile types as admin, and much more!

    Today we’ve got a surprise for everyone who has a desire to start their own online store. Only this month use promo code SESTORE10 while purchasing Marketplace plugin and get it with 10% discount.    
    Don’t miss the opportunity and start monetizing your SE site today!
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    How to recognise mobile device
    [52,Jung Kim] we're working on one of SE Cloud themes, and we're experiencing some problems. In many cases we need to override some CSS rules for desktop only, but leave it "as is" in mobile theme. For example if I want to customise main menu.

    Few month ago you've recommended us to use following rule to target mobile device (@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { }), but it does not work properly: for example we have Android tablet and mobile phone in our office, and both devices have similar screen resolution, BUT tablet displays full theme, and mobile phone displays mobile theme. So I think you have some another algorithm not based on screen resolution only.

    As for now we found following way to target all non-mobile devices:
    @media only screen and (min-device-width: 480px) and (orientation:portrait),
    (min-device-width: 800px) and (orientation:landscape),
    (device-width: 768px) and (device-height: 1024px) and (orientation:portrait),
    (device-width: 768px) and (device-height: 1024px) and (orientation:landscape)

    But it's not ideal too, as it faults on our tablet. May you please give us and other developers more secure way to target mobile and non-mobile theme only. May be adding some class on the BODY tag or give ability to add separate css file for mobile and desktop themes.

    Thank you,
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      Jung Kim Hi Den,
      The only way to achieve this right now is to use javascript. Try add something like this to the header template file:
      if(Revolution.Site.Mobile == false){
      // manipulate your CSS here
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    Error in data-func="activity" widget
    [52,Jung Kim] I noticed small error with html code in this widget you used by default in Clean theme. In the activity_signup element your framework generates following code:

    Michael Owen

    As you may see you never close SPAN tag, that's why Chrome does not recognise username as a link, as it really should.

    Hope you may easily fix that.
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    SE Cloud themes and customizations
    I've recently reviewed your documentation and played around your themes, and I have few questions now.

    As I get your "theme" will be a feature that utilizes SE4 Layout Editor and themes itself. So we'll be able to add a page, combine widgets and place them using html/css, which is much more native for developers. But from other side, theme will define site structure, not only overall look like it was in SE4, right?

    If it's really so we'll need ability to include custom css and js to the theme (I mean installable package) but I don't see this feature. Am I missed something? Or it's not released yet?

    Thank you, looking forward to hear your clarifications about SE Cloud development.
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    Possible bug when viewing page
    When I'm logged in and trying to open link (I'm pretty sure this page exists but I don't have permissions to view it) I'm getting login page. But when I'm trying to open another page that simply does not exists, I get 404 error.

    I'm not sure is it a bug, but I think that logged in member should not get login dialog even if he don't have permissions to view this page. IMO there should be usual 404 page, or another error page, but not login box.
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    Looks really good so far...
    But for now it's more like multi-blog platform, something like LiveStreet. Looking forward to see another kind of community built using this framework. Hopefully, this will be possible!

    And of course looking forward to see possibilities to build custom themes and modules.

    Thanks guys!
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      Alex Benzer Yep, the format is REALLY different than SE4.

      Themes control a TON of what you see here. Excited to show you guys the development possibilities soon.