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    What happens to SE4 Now?
    Considering they are vastly different beasts, will you keep updating SE4, or should I be planning to move across at some point?
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      Alex Benzer We will *definitely* keep updating SE4. We'll be publishing our feature roadmap tomorrow in the blog.
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    A social network for med students. What model would you use?
    Thinking of setting up a social network for medical students. What model do you think would be the best?

    Real names vs Alias, Follow vs Friend and Open vs Closed.

    Would love to hear your thoughts
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      Drew Frey I like what Sermo is doing in the professional space. They've created a social network for only licensed MDs, allowing doctors to connect with other colleagues while also allowing those who want it to remain anonymous. There is also a quick 60 second verification process to make sure you are you who say you are.

      For my money though:

      *Real Names

      Thanks [174,Willem Reyners Tay]!
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      Alex Benzer [250,Drew Frey] what do you think?
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      Alex Benzer If you are looking to connect members in real life, then consider using real names. If you're looking to connect them around discussions and interests as a larger group, aliases. Definitely suggest open rather than closed so you can benefit from SEO and inbound links.
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