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    How do I remove CAPTCHA from member sign-up page?

    I am in China and the captcha field on the member sign-up page does not work.
    This is due to internet censorship in China.
    I used VPN and it only worked through VPN.

    So could anyone tell me how to customize this and  remove the captcha field on sign-up page?
    I am using SE cloud.

    Thank you so much.

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      Dave Hello Daniel
      I encountered a problem with both my contact form and the signup form duplicating a re-captcha on the landing page. I received a message from Social Engine Solutions ( www.socialenginesolutions.com )
      I encourage you to contact them regarding your problem. They appear to be very effective and economical to fix problems.
      Hope this helps.
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      Daniel Wang Thanks Eugene, i am using cloud version and could not figure out a good way to do this. Issued a ticket amd waiting for SE's support. Thanks. I am considering purchasing PHPcodes and find a customization team to help me do lots of customization things.
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      Eugene It's pretty easy to do using admin panel.

      Main menu: Settings->Spam and Banning Tools
      "Require new users to enter validation code when signing up?" -> Set to 'No'

      It will make sense to enable some kind of alternative to stop spam bots (like Honeypot plugin)
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