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    Plugins and Theme being nulled and being shared
    When we are working on new SocialEngine website, mod submissions, approvals and other processes, at the same time, some people are busy in breaking licenses of our plugins and are sharing them on socialengineforum . com

    They are providing nulled version for almost all the developers. Not much can be done to such activities, but its a call to the people out there instead of going to these nulled versions and keep unsafe from copyrights, try to get a licensed copy and pay the developers for their hard work.

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      PoeticJustice I wont lie, I am a member of that site, but i'm not happy with the nulled part of it.
      I joined to share my experiences of plugins purchased, issues i had, and also to share my love for you guys Social Engine Solutions, purely as i feel your part of my team, and advocating how great you are, and helping others come to you for plugins and work benefits also me, and you will beging making more and more plugins. i convinced a few people to buy your products in that forum.

      there was a time when you use to get help on that site, but it turned into a site where if you want help you have to give them your retail plugins for them to null.

      I did my best to help people having issues, but its not as good as it once was, so hopefully this community is great for us all.
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      gs Which (as a Site-Admin) I wish SE would do something about this. Licensing was somewhat discussed in another post but my hope is that Licensing of Plugins would become an SE thing - i.e central to core and SE would manage it. I can't stand my licensed/legal/purchased Plugins repeatedly checking with dev sites to verify if I'm licensed - a hassle, slows down the site. etc. But (thanks to pirates and cheap dishonist people) we good Site-Admins that spend $1000s are penalized. But I obviously realize why Devs have to do this.

      If everything ran through SE (say, 1x/day) then this would:
      - Help Devs to eliminate future piracy (not sure how to address nulled Plugns from piracy sites - but dependng on where they are located, there might be legal action since it is a criminal activity)
      - Help Site-Admins speed up sites & eliminate fear of what happens if a Dev closes or has issues with their authorizating process on their server

      There's obviously a cost to this (along with some recoding for Plugins) and although it would be directly incurred by SE, it could be indirectly paid through Devs and thus higher Plugin costs (what - maybe a buck or two per Plugn?). Heck - I'd pay a small one-time fee or a small annual fee as a Site-Admn just for the reassurance that I wouldn't have to worry about a Plugin failing due to an issue with a Dev (closing, for instance).

      I welcome other ideas from Devs and Site-Admins (well, and SE too of course) because this criminal/illegal problem needs to be addressed.
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      Donna Please don't link to well known pirate sites. Members that click that can experience malware and other issues that are undesirable. I am well aware of Salman and Murad who own that and several other piracy sites. I agree that members should be very careful where they get their plugins and who they let on their websites.

      One of the main admins on there and the other pirate sites is also a hacker. Letting folks from sites that offer free "for educational purposes" plugins on your website can be letting the hackers have full access to your website and data. You can also be subjecting your members to viruses which can come in nulled software. In many cases, back doors are put in so that the person that nulled it can download your user data or hack your website. It is just not worth the risk.

      Only download from reputable sources - the SocialEngine Marketplace or the actual third party website. If you find a third party developer's products on a site for free, it's best to contact that developer and ask if it is a legitimate version
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    Enhancement in Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin
    Today, is the world of Videos. Video is an electronic medium for the recording, playback and display of moving visual media.Videos are more engaging as compared to the static content on your website.

    Videos help you make your visitors stay longer on your website and it is also becomes more important to attractively display the videos on your website. 

    Embed Facebook / Twitter Videos to SocialEngine Based Website

    Facebook / Twitter allows to you easily embed videos outside website same like YouTube and Vimeo. That means if you come across an interesting video on Facebook / Twitter, you can easily put it on your communities without having to direct your audience to the Facebook / Twitter website.
    How to embed Facebook Video on your site:

    First, you can choose Facebook option from member level setting of 
    Advanced Videos Plugin.

    Now, you can choose Source “Facebook” from drop down from “Post a Video” form.


    You can go to Facebook and go to Video Profile view select the “Embed Video” button on the bottom right:


    After click on “Embed Video” below popup is shown. Next, copy and paste the generated Code into text field.


    How to embed Twitter Video on your site:

    First, you can choose Twitter option from member level setting of 
    Advanced Videos Plugin

    Now, you can choose Source “Twitter” from drop down from “Post a Video” form.

    To embed a twitter video on your website, get started by clicking on ••• in a Tweet and then selecting “Embed Video” (as seen in the example below).


     Next, copy and paste the generated Code into text field.6Hq4n76ymFCi-k-K2A18IWr3Uvvgercylh3YHq2J