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      Ian Thank you very much for your reply and post.
      Kind Regards
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      Eugene > Also has Social Engine team managed to solve why newsletters were only sent to the first 25 members of my site before the server interpreted it as spam?

      You are using the wrong tool for sending out newsletters. Consider exporting user details to MailChimp or something similar. There are numerous reasons for that:
      1. Better delivery rate
      2. Options for recipients to un-subscribe
      3. Amazing statistics about opening rates and clicks

      If you need export script - email order@webhive.com.ua we can assist with that.
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    Social Engine or not?


    Just enquiring if Social Engine is better than phpFox?

    Thank You.

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      Aaron Lad OMG YES!!!!! Just trust me.
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      Sieg Hi Ian,

      I use have both and each has their own advantage and disadvantage. If you are looking to work only with the core script PHPFox is better, it has much more features by default that Social Engine, but if you are looking for expand your community Social Engine is better, because there are really good developers.
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      Stepan Mazurov Hey Ian, just so we're all clear, this is a SocialEngine community, so your question might get inherently biased answers. I am glad to see a lot of support for SE, though :)
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    Play Games

    Hello Friends!

    Just a quick post.

    Is anyone looking to add games to their social network?

    If so, I've come across a site called onarcade.com

    I've just added it to my social network, and are current trying it out.