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    xVarnish and multiple PHP version questions
    In preparation of the upcoming SE4.9 which is to be compatible with
    PHP7, I tested some configuration changes on my VPS last weekend.  Since
    I'm not a web expert, I asked the wonderful people at FastComet how to
    handle this.  Current Apache on my server didn't support multiple PHP
    versions, and the version update didn't support NginX (let's assume this
    is correct - I'm not looking for experts here to weigh in on this
    particular piece of info).  Also, I could (and now will probably have
    to) run separate VPS for now, but I'm trying to prepare for the general
    capability of running multiple PHP versions on the same VPS or server in
    the future as I'm sure many other people do this for testing purposes).

    xVarnish was implemented and NginX was removed.  Overall, page
    access/requests seemed to be similar to previous experience, maybe
    slightly faster.  BUT ... some pages were very slow to load (eg. 2.5+
    minutes instead of typical 4-6 seconds).  There were 2 consistent issues
    and 3-4 sporadic ones that couldn't be duplicated (so I won't discuss

    Login page: It seemed that the 'first time in a while'
    that this was loaded in a browser, it took 2.5+ minutes to load.  Later
    loads (after clearing local cache) was back to normal, until 'a while of
    time' passed, then the cycle repeated itself.  This was per
    workstation/browser.  I didn't pinpoint how much time had top pass
    before the login page was slow again.

    SEAO Google Docs Plugin:
    2.5+ min to load the Plugin, and then 2.5+ min per each primary menu
    item (eg. selecting a Document Category, selecting 'My Docs', selecting
    'View Doc', etc.).  Unlike the Login issue above, this always was slow - every environment and every browser. 

    So, all of that to ask these 2 specific questions:
    1) Has anyone implemented xVarnish and experienced the above and resolved it - and if so, how?
    2) What do you do/use to run multiple PHP versions on your server:

    Thank you.
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    What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'ret...
    RE: Relaunch

    I've read that Devs will need to be Certified.  Also, that there's a 'retesting' process before Plugins will be posted in the Marketplace.

    To those of us that aren't Devs - where can we Admins read these requirements and procedures? 

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      Eugene There is a yearly payment to be listed, plus I believe payment will go via the marketplace right now, but details aren't fully clear for me at this moment.

      We have not submitted any apps yet, as our account is still awaiting review (2 days already)

      I have serious concerns about app testing considering time required to approve 3rd party accounts. There are still minor issues with website itself. Testing 3rd party apps will be considerably more complex and time-consuming task. I hope SocialEngine team will be able improve the QA process. As developers it will be nice to have more details about review process itself and have some channel to reach out SocialEngine team faster.
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    How to control multiple logins on same User
    I may have missed this somewhere, so I apologize in advance if I did.

    Where do I enable/disable (preferably by ML) the ability for a User to login >1x.  During testing it seems the same User is able to login multiple times (I don't mean open multiple tabs in the same browser - I mean login concurrently using different browsers and/or different computers/tablets/etc.).

    Thank you.
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      (deleted) There is no option to disable concurrent logins built into SE PHP. You would have to add it yourself. If you google "disable concurrent logins with PHP" there are a few walk through on a few sites.
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    Admin Panel Drag and Drop on Android
    I may be missing something, but I am unable to drag/drop (such as Layout Editor widgets) using an Android tablet.

    Is there a way to do this or does SE simply not support this (i.e. like typical mobile apps do) - because it's not programmed into SE Admin Panel?

    Has anyone tried to do this with an iPad? 

    Although I have many Android devices I could use (which are all from 2012) and still (believe it or not) work well for many things, I thought I'd purchase a new tablet w/BT Kbd that I could dedicate to the new 'business' I'm setting up next year which is based on the SE site so I could have everything I need with me everywhere I go.  I could use a Windows-based tablet but there are only 2-3 apps I occasionally use there (other than SE) which I could easily VPN into if/when needed.  I could do this with SE too of course (if I used Android) but am trying to keep remote comm to a minimum.

    So, is it simply that SE doesn't support drag/drop on mobile devices?  What do you use when on-the-go to manage SE?  BTW - if I remote connect to a Windows-based PC, will the drag/drop feature work (i.e. using Android to remote into the Windows-based PC)? 

    Thanks for any help provided.

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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Gs, Unfortunately the feature i.e. to drag and drop widgets in the Layout Editor is not possible with mobile devices. So, any changes in the layout of the pages (changes that require drag and drop of widgets) can only be made in the desktop version of the site.

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    Different levels of 'Admin' to access portions of Admin Panel & Pl...
    After a year of testing (yes, still working on setting up the site) it just hit me - it seems there's no ability to allow different levels of Admins to use Admin Panel.

    Would this be an SE Feature Request or rely on Developers or both?

    For example, it would be great if Plugin access could be limited by Plugin (probably an SE issue due to (UGH - I CAN'T EVEN TYPE 1 ENTIRE POST WITHOUT TYPING PROBLEMS ON THIS FORUM - MY GOSH - CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS?) the requirement prior to accessing a Plugin .  Another useful item (probably up to the Dev/Plugin and SE) would be access Tabs/settings within the plugin - there are often some settings that could be made by lower-level Admins since they are not primary configuration settings per se, but rather more User-type settings (enabling a Sponsored or Featured icon for example).

    Any thoughts?  Thank you.
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      (deleted) On another side note, I tried this and it works but I did not find it practical. You can go into your database and get into the menus table and disable all the menus you do not want to show up in the AdminCP. I just went into the modules in the AdminCP and copied all the URLs and stuck them in text file so I could copy and pates it directly if I ever wanted to make any administrative changes to any SE or module core settings. Basically all that was left was the moderation tool items for each module or the items to add or change the public settings and features of a module. Since site moderators can basically moderate content live right on the site and I just really wanted customer support to access just account information which is why I talked about using a PHP generator.
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      (deleted) I ll tell you what I did.... I used a program called PHPMaker 2017. Basically you can have it connect to your database and it will read all your tables and select what tables you want and it will generate a nice custom interface for your SocialEngine database. It has different theme options and uses the bootstrap framework for design you can can customize it many different ways. It has its own login system so you can setup each user with access rights for different tables and options to just view a specific field or change/delete, etc. For mine I am working on having it directly change the SE users table so customer support people can view account info and make basic account changes. It works very well actually if you are like myself and have no programing knowledge at all. This program will generate all the very hard work and then I can research and used trial and error to get it how I want it. You can basically use it to generate a GUI admin panel for all tables in your SE database. So if you want a "Moderator Panel" for just moderators to have access to just user content then I am sure that could be done with this program. That is actually my next task with this program. I will make a little video tomorrow of what I am working with it and how it looks. Ill post a link to a youtube video tomorrow when I have it done and you can see for yourself of how it can work
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs] , Thanks for your suggestion, we have added this at our end for internal team discussion regarding its implementation in our future releases.

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    Crowdfund SE PHP5 with PHP7 and Zend 3 support?
    This may be more of a philosophical issue for SE management on how they
    wish to approach future upgrades, so I'm just tossing an idea out there
    to get anyone's response (SE, developers, Site-Admins).

    As a developer (not SE developer) I realize that updating (to PHP7 and Zend3 support or similar) an application like SE is a major major undertaking, which involves man/woman power (many hours), what I call drying time (measured in weeks/months not man-hours - to give things time to be tested/analyzed/diagnosed/integrated/fixed/dust-settling, then repeat), all of which consumes a lot of finances over a lenghy period. (This is a general statement - it's obviously quite complex to implement such a project).

    I feel like (as a Site-ADMIN) that we're left in the dark when it comes to future plans of SE, and thus we must respond reactively rather than proactively.  I've never been in such an environment where I have no clue what's coming when or how to prepare for it.

    Sometimes I wish that SE would simply calculate an estimate for this (ugh - I can't stand typing here - man, please use something different for - and say to us Site-Admins & Developers "here's the deal... it will take us X months to develop/roll-out and the cost will be Y.  See our Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or page to jump in so we can see who really wants this and how badly".  This way SE can see what type of interest there is (anyone will 'like' or 'up-vote' something, but it's when you ask for $$ that you find how serious they truly are), and we as Site-Admins & Devs can understand that there's an option, but it's based on the community's response as to when/if it will be built.  I sincerely feel expecting SE to foot the bill is unfair, and quite frankly feel that if they're expected to pay for it all, it will never get done.  After all, what does SE as a company gain by spending a fortune to create something that may never be paid for (by Users through sales & upgrade fees)?

    Yes, a Survey could be used, but again - that's not a 'true' result due to many people not completing it, and probably skewed #s due to 'sure - if it's free I'll take it' mentality.

    I also feel that beyond SE, some Devs might consider doing something similar to offset some of their costs.  I'd much rather share some of the cost of upgrades to be sure they are developed, rather than be stuck with old software/technology (or lousy/no Plugin options) due to SE and Developers not having the $$ to update anything.  We're all in this together, so let's act like it. 

    I want to be part of a growing/thriving community and there's a cost to that.  There's also a cost to NOT having a growing/thriving community (and I prefer not to be a part of that but I feel I may have no alternative which stinks).

    Any thoughts (besides I'm nuts)? 
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      Eugene > After all, what does SE as a company gain by spending a fortune to create something that may never be paid for (by Users through sales & upgrade fees)?

      Upgrades should not be free for website owners. It's a serious procedure where a lot can go wrong.

      Migration to ZF3 is a serious investment that will not pay off right away. But as a developer I see that such migration will give a lot of benefits:

      1. Speed. ZF3 is considerably faster and uses benefits of php7.
      2. Security. There are no more security patches for ZF1.
      3. Availability of plugins/scripts/solution. This is important. I remember when SE3 has chosen mootools (it was approx. as popular as jquery back then) - a lot of plugins/extensions appeared every week. It's much easier to incorporate something existing, actively developed than dig into old no longer developed library code to implement something trivial (I'm looking at you, cerabox library and CSS Scafford).
      4. Renewal of 3rd party plugins. It will be a shock, but it might be just what SE development community needs. There is a lot of no longer updated plugins, search directory is a mess. Clean re-submissions for new platform version might introduce some additional verification rules (possibly even minimal QA from SE team).
      5. Availability of developers. Give it a year and will will be really hard to find companies/developers familiar with ZF1. Who will want to learn an outdated tech to jump in? Fresh dev. blood brings fresh ideas. That's the thing you need for thriving dev. community.
      6. Chance to re-do some things. It's pretty much impossible to incorporate any serious change in the core right now (feed, layout editor, plugin system, advanced caching, etc) as this will break a lot of existing things. Version 5 may be a good chance to implement such changes as 3rd party developers will need to upgrade plugins anyway. And clients will also be aware that things are to be changed in v5.

      But most of those benefits from the migration aren't the main thing. Those benefits were on the table for quite some time. Right now there is no other choice - we have reached ZF1 "end of life".
      So I hope SE team is up to the challenge and there is plan and schedule for this work. I'm sure 3rd party developers will gladly assist (so SE team can concentrate on the core itself and may not touch any plugins for the start). Give us early access - we will update our plugins and provide improvement suggestions for the core.
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    Licensing and license checks
    (if this is already out there, please let me know where - thank you)

    Months ago I sent a list of useful (well, to me) information that should be considered to be included in the Marketplace for each Developer and each Plugin.  I wish they would post a survey here to ask because I'm sure there are many great ideas out there that I didn't mention.

    One new item that has come to my attention is the way Devs license their products with regards to:
    - domains & sub-domains (and folders below them)
    - License verification at time of Plugin install and/or verification during page loads

    The above may also have to become some type of integration with SE Core itself to balance legitamte Admin's needs (flexibility and not constantly wasting time checking licenses during page loads and preventing plugin features if something is amiss) and the Dev's needs (preventing pirated software). 

    My thinking is that if SE Core included some of the license functionality/flexibility then the 3rd-party devs could tie into that rather than they way some of them do this now. There is a lot of vagueness and inaccurate information provided by some Devs (such as 'we only check upon installation' which is later found to be false; 'folders are included' but they aren't; one or two domains (with specfic limitations on which is allowed to be dev or prod), etc.

    The point is, I'm hoping that the new Marketplace and future updates to SE provide what both Devs and Admins require.  Sometimes I feel like I'm working with 1990 software tools and am getting very tired of it.  Heck - I can't even type this post without numerous interruptions while physically typing.

    Also, I'm hoping that SE does something about growing the community here and creating more interractions between Admins.  It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.  Heck, 30 years ago most BBS had more interractions. 

    Sorry for the rant, but after a year of this (plus almost 2 years of checking out everything I could SE related prior to that) I see very little change and am wondering where/what the future is here.  Don't get me wrong - I'm obviously not switching to something else, but that shouldn't create what seems to be complacency throughout many areas of SE.
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      Dave I am in complete agreement with Eugene. On many occassions I have visited this forum for answers to a problem or to see if anyone else is experiencing difficulty. There really doesn't seem to be very many "users" here. I'm finding that answers to questions are being answered primarily by developers or coders who understand the language used in any particular solution. In other words, I am neither a developer or a coder and therefore find myself by myself when it comes to simple solutions. I'm wondering where all the users are that have purchased SE and probably many plugins? Is it possible they have formed their own group somewhere? Like gs mentioned, navigating the world of SE has taken me more than a year to configure by myself. Perhaps there should be a discussion about forming a SE user group? What would it take and who would use it is the question. Thanks for listening!
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      Stepan Mazurov We have a ticket tracking this on our public bug tracker:

      Additional discussion is welcome. Trouble is, its hard to balance license requirements (such as domain, environments, hosts) while also keeping an unrestricted code base. Any licensing scheme needs to be run in plain PHP (no closed source), be effective, and not get in the way, and I cannot find any examples of such systems in place. They typically sacrifice one or 2 of the requirements in order to meet the other.
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      Eugene > It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.

      Agreed. I remember there was a really active developers community few years ago. It might be a good idea for SE team to show how active SE-based community could look like. It requires an attention of a real community manager and not SMM person posting social media related stuff (ex.
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    SE Event - 2 things
    1.  Event Profile page: # Guests should = # Attending.  Currently, # Guests Tab includes #Attending+Maybe+NotAttending.  Maybe & Not are irrelevant.  Yes, I can see the widget that includes the separate sub-totals, but "# Guests" is very misleading.  But I suppose there are other sides to this. 

    2.  The 'My Events' Menu Item page: It would be helpful if the content included the my status, so I can determine if I need to change something.  For example, some way to designate those I'm Attending vs. Not Attending vs. Maybe Attending would be helpful.  Right now, regardless of the status (Attending/Not/Maybe) the exact same info appears on My Events page.  So, if I'm scanning the list of My Events, there's no way of me knowing my attending status, thus my assumption/recollection may be different than reality.

    Am I missing something here or is this simply the way this works?  I've been using SEAO Advanced Events for a while but once Ticketing is enabled, it can't coexist with simply Joining (i.e. so if you want to join an event, the Owner must first create a ticket, you must then book the ticket, complete the order form, etc.).  Thus, I'm revisiting SE Events.

    Thanks for any useful input/thoughts.
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      Dave I would think your problem is with the 3rd party supplier SocialEngineAddon's isn't it? I know that one of their plugins on my site required that the standard SE module (it replaced) had to be dissabled. I can't see anywhere in your post about contacting the plugin developer. Hope that helped.
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    Your experience with uploading and viewing video (NON-'adult') on your...
    (I've searched various words/phrases back to 2012, but didn't find anything related; if I missed something you feel is useful please link it here - much appreciated).

    This is for a NON-'adult' site (i.e. our site members will be sharing family and business videos).

    I'm not asking for specific capacity, but I'm trying to get a feel for how much video (uploading & viewing) impacts your site performance.  I'm not asking about embedded video, but specifically uploading & viewing on your dedicated servers.

    Please share any examples you have ('we upload 10-20 30minute videos a day with no problem on a dedicated server with 4GB RAM', or 'hundreds of videos are viewed daily on a dedicated server with 16GB RAM 4 cores', etc. ).

    I'm not trying to start a bragging contest, but looking for useful info.  I have checked with the host but they couldn't help (due to policy issues, they don't monitor specific activity on their user's servers). 

    Thank you for your time & input.
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      (deleted) I enjoy using S3 from Amazon since it hosts all the big video files and all other member uploads on the AWS cloud and helps free up space. I an looking at running several sall-mid sized servers that have more RAM and CPU cores and just about a 40GB HD for static files which are still cached by the CDN so that the www servers are not taking static file hits non stop. I have a 8GB ram server for memcache and then of course a bigger RAM/CORE server for the database. Seems to work well so far.... in just the development process. I will have to see how the www servers hold up during multiple video uploads and during the video conversion process before it is sent off to S3 for storage.
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      Sieg By my experience video upload isnt a good idea if you dont own a good server with a stable conection and a good disk. In general a video upload doesnt impact serioulsy the server in perfomance unless you have a big website with several videos uploads and views simultaneously, however when you allow people to upload videos your website size can increase quickly what can became a headache if you need to change to a new server, by example. When users embed videos from youtube you save disk space, bandwidth and server load so its a thing to be considerated.

      In my VPS with 4GB I can handle around with 40 videos upload with 1hour duration by day with a few server overload.
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    Redirect on logout/signout
    (searched for terms individually 'redirect', 'signout', 'logout' - nothing related appeared)

    do I configure SE to redirect to a URL upon logout/signout rather than
    returning to the Landing Page?  I noticed a widget in Add-ons but the
    link to the dev's site pulled up a not registered-type page.

    BTW - I'm asking about a URL since I will be using a non-site URL instead of the LP.  This non-site URL is actually my Landing Page (since I am unable to create an acceptable LP within the confines of SE and my theme - and I'm not looking for another theme - already tried 8-9 of them and like what I have).

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
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      gs I had 3 options:
      1. Help here (no one replied)
      2. Use info I found through a google search at a 'pirate'-site (which I won't do and don't understand why SE can't somehow shut them down)
      3. Asked a dev to provide this - which they are now doing (and for only $50).

      So, I'll post the solution if anyone is interested but my guess is that since no one made a comment, I must be the only user needing to bypass the LP completely (I have a separate website linked to the Login page, and now will be able to return to that website upon signout instead of to the SE LP). I simply have no use for the existing LP and have spent hundreds to customize things to get it to work - only to still be frustrated. I purchased Xara and created my own 'landing page' which does so much more and provides more than any SE LP could have (unless I spent thousands, which I can't and wouldn't even if I could).
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    Recurring Billing for Users to other Users
    Much like we may charge Subscription fees to our Users, is anyone aware of a Plugin that will allow users to do the same (ex. a Group would like to charge fees to their members for different membership types)?

    I've already purchased 1, and looked at 3 other Stores/Marketplace Plugins that don't do this.  I have also contacted the dev of the Plugin I purchased, and although very flexible in Product Types, they don't provide this option, and neither are they planning to (nor are they willing to customize their own Plugin to do this). 

    Yes, I know this can be customized, but I'm hoping for an existing solution (budget is already tied up with other necessary customizations).

    Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations.
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    Header/Footer flexibility/options
    Item#1  It would be useful to allow the global header/footer independently of each other.  There are pages where I wish I could have one with out the other.  Right now (as you know) either they're both enabled or both disabled.

    Item#2  It would be useful to have separate header/footer for Landing Page vs. inside pages, and/or logged-in user vs. non-logged-in user.
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      gs Although it seems Item#1 is more likely to be an option/feature in SE Core, my hope is that the dev of my theme can provide Item#2, so that I may place the theme's footer wherever I wish (especially on the LP and some custom widgetized pages). The primary issue is that my Header loads things I don't want (from various developers) and also slows down the loading of my site (almost doubles from 4-5 seconds to 10ish). Paying (again) for something that should be common-sense/built-in continues to be frustrating. But then again - it wasn't until minivans added the 2nd sliding side door that people thought "duh - why didn't someone think of that before".
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out and providing your suggestions.

      We're not sure if it would be possible to implement suggestion #2 looking at current layout architecture of SocialEngine PHP but yes, we'll forward your suggestion #1 to our team and discuss internal about the possibility of it's implement in coming upgrades.

      Thanks again.
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    Profile Date Fields
    With regard to Profile Fields that are Dates, is the following correct (from a 3rd-party developer):
    "We would like to tell you that in the date format calender cannot be
    shown. As the creation of profile field functionality is coming from the
    core SocialEngine. You may check the same in core profile questions."

    I ask this because I have Profile fields that are "dates", but instead of being entered as dates (such as birthdate), M/D/Y are each input into separate fields using a picklist. 
    1.  This is ugly
    2.  This doesn't work (i.e. Febuary 31 is fine in any year)
    3.  When displaying this Profile field elsewhere (such as start/end in searches) it takes up a lot of space (since it's not an actual "date").

    Sooooo, is this truly a core SE thing that Profile fields that are dates simply can't be entered as a date, and can't be selected using a calendar (which not only look better, but it takes less space, and most importantly it verifies that the date is a valid date)?

    I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this so I know who/where to address this issue.  I just can't believe that SE core would allow something this ridiculous.

    thank you.
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    Storage Quota "Input" field instead of several options to choose from
    Looking for more flexibility for Quotas (preferably an integer/real input
    field rather than a list of selections).  I require settings between
    10GB and Unlimited.  The use of an input field would make the most sense
    and I can't understand why this wasn't already implemented.  Am I
    missing something somewhere?

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      gs Does anyone have a suggestion as pre-selected limits are well, limiting. Why can't the ML setting simply be a numeric field (representing MB).
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    Forum - something more extensive/robust
    Something much more extensive, including indented comments/replies, etc.  If not, then a link/interface to a more robust (xenforo?) forum offering as I must now ask a dev to create one.
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      gs Finally, a great 3rd-Party Forum from a dev I trust (SEAO). Plus it integrates with other 3rd-Party modules besides their own. You may consider this post answered.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out and providing your suggestions. We do have a plan to make some enhancements in our Forums module in future. For now, you may also consider using 3rd plugins available for Advanced Forum features:

      Hope that helps. Thanks.