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      Eugene Josef, I've checked your website with gtmetrix.com.

      While translations files might be slowing down your website I believe it's not the sole problem and not the main one.

      I had no access to the backend so evaluated things from the Waterfall loading report.

      1. It looks like there are a lot of plugins are installed. So plugin loads jquery in addition to mootools
      I think you should limit to mootools or jquery for the landing page at least.
      I would also recommend reviewing what's loaded for the landing page. It might be a nice idea to consider loading a separate small css for the landing page only. It's will be most popular page, but most of functionality won't be available on it. So there might not be needed to load up all js and css there

      2. I think at least on of the images links is incorrect. And it basically loads up an additional landing page. Here is the line for that

      3. It looks like some images are missing

      I recommend to review plugin you have, disable some and re-check the speed. Possibly one of those is creating a bottleneck. Identify what plugin is using the jquery and plugins with big css files.

      On a side note, consider improving the design here
      Some images are stretched, other are missing, placeholder images are also missing.

      Good luck with your work and happy holidays!
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      Donna https://community.onsocialengine.com/post/5863393/weet-me-is-so-slow-slow-slow-because-of-the-huge-translatin-file that was your original post in case you wanted to find it.

      I agree about plugins. It can slow a site to have a lot of them. I suggest to contact someone for optimization. Eugene gave a great answer below. Perhaps he can assist you.
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      SocialEngineSolutions [192291,Fendt] : As we have informed you over email also, there were some language files from the plugins which were not installed on your website. We have now removed those .csv files.
      The other thing you can do is, instead of writing all translations in same file. Make different files for each plugin same like in "en" folder in the other language folder. This will help you reduce the size and speed up the website.
      If you need further help, please contact our support team.
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      Donna Hi Josef,

      Thank you for posting. We understand your frustrations but if you would please, in the future, refrain from posting f-bombs here as we have clients from all over and we want to keep from offending. I edited your post to remove most of that word for now.

      Regarding your issue, have you sent a ticket to our support to check the issue? I don't have the German pack to test how things are on my own development site so it's hard to say what the issue could be. Our team should be able to check things and see if it's an issue with the site, translation, server or something else causing something.

      Have a great weekend!
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