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    Support is stretched.....
    In my opinionTheir support is now stretched to beyond their capacity and is useless. I would recommend using WordPress or some thing else to create your social community. The response I have had from support regarding my SE4 website has been far beyond useless, Matthew, you need to read support tickets from your clients properly!! I have cancelled my subscription due to this and have closed my social website whilst I rebuild it using WordPress, which I believe to be a better and more reliable solution and does have more than enough free plugins, to create a powerful and 'FAST' social website.

    I have learnt a valuable and very costly lesson here, so please if you value your sanity and your wallet, steer well clear of these clowns! There are free and better alternatives out there if you look for them.
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      change Really over super stretched support..upto now,mobile access still messed up,after posting pics on what i saw(like they don't have phones to access their site..Lemmie know when the other side is ready coz am sooo done here,and my wallet is slimmer...but i have a dream
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      William Grant [127,Charlie] I've moved onto WordPress that is far faster than SE4 and is very capable of being a social community, use cometchat for your chat functions, events manager, another wordpress classifieds and connections for the other areas. I will post back here once I have completed the set up. So far so good. :)

      [390,monti] I'm English speaking, have been since birth, with fairly good grammar when it comes to writing, don't you think?
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      Edwin Rivera I can see your frustration and probably is an exception. Unfortunately, I cannot echo your comments because we have submitted multiple (too many) tickets and most of them have been responded immediately or in a timely manner (within 24 hrs). Please provide the SE team the opportunity to satisfy your needs and to serve you better. Please consider that we are all excited with the creation of SE cloud, that we all have provided fabulous ideas to develop the best product and this effort might require to re-deploy resources for a short period of time. Also, please note that the way that they have done it (listening their customers) is remarkable and deserve our respect. There are a lot of people like my team satisfied with SE team and are eager to see the product evolving and well developed. This is how we all play as winners; when we identify opportunities of development and ultimately provide solutions to make it better. At the end of the day it is your choice to move on with other companies (for good or bad) and this it is just my perspective. Respectfully
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    Import members from se4
    Is it possible to import se4 members , i'm very interested in this version of se cloud, costs and ease of use are two major factors that caught my attention.
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      William Grant Any updates? I have today signed up for social engine cloud and want to be able to transfer my user to it asap, if not I will not continue using it. Also have you thought about allowing the use of sub categories, ie parent director is 'everything' then 'feature requests' with sub cats? This would be a really helpful feature for many users
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      Alex Benzer This is very high priority for us and we hope to have an import method ready within the next few weeks.
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      monti THey are working on it now from what I understand. I wish they had a time estimate though, maybe [250,Drew Frey] can chime in.
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