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      gs A general (general because I'm on the PHP side, not Cloud) suggestion (if you haven't already done this): browse through all of the existing Plugins because you may find one that does what you need, or is close enough that you live with it or ask that particular dev if they're willing to enhance it. After searching for many months, and contacting devs with specific questions on their Plugins, most of my (long) list of requirements was met with the 150+ Plugins on my site. I have had about a dozen customized (anywhere from 1 - 50 hours each) so far, along with actually having a Plugin developed from scratch (since there was not other way of doing it). My personal experience has been good with devs customizing their own Plugins (Social Engine Solutions, Social Engine AddOns, Hire-Experts, and seTweaks so far), and major work (some completed, some still in progress) by Social Engine Market on other devs Plugins and a customized Plugin as well. Do your research first, especially if your looking for something more than a few hours. Many people praise a dev for a great job on a 2 or 3 hour customization, which (for the most part) is easy to accomplish by many devs here. It's the bigger jobs (many are MUCH larger than my project) that really show how good a dev is, especially in communication and getting it right on the 1st or 2nd time around (some devs make you wonder if they bother testing anything they code). Wishing you much success!
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      Sieg Yes, there are developers that sell plugins and work with customization. Take a look at
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