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    So...will 3rd party developers be able to build mods for SE Cloud?
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      seTweaks Yes, Once the API is released we'll be able to develop for SE Cloud too.
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    SE is what you make it
    I'm seeing a lot of complaining about SE5 not being what people want it to be. I actually love it so far. I really missed the HTML templates in SE3 and I love that the team is bringing it back.

    I also like the use of AWS. By focusing on a specific source of hardware and services, the team can build a much better application to utilize resources given by AWS. And if you don't know about AWS or have an interest in adapting the great service, then I don't know how you made it this far.

    Minimal functionality is good so far. I don't want SE to do EVERYTHING for me (forum, blog, photos). Creating a great framework can really give the community of designers and developers a chance to build some great modules.
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      Alex Benzer Thanks so much David.

      SE5 is designed to be EXTREMELY customizable. This is why it comes off as a bit simple off the bat. But we are building in integrations with MANY third-party services, opening doors to external social channels that were never open before.

      One of the most common issues we've seen with SE4 sites, and many other niche communities on other platforms for that matter, is the fact that the site owner throws absolutely every last feature in along with the kitchen sink. This overwhelms members and can make interacting with the network fairly intimidating. SE5 is all about focusing on what matters the most - encouraging sharing and interaction between members around their interests.
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      Alex Benzer I'd also like to add that positive, constructive comments like yours above are what fuel our team. They really encourage us to keep building. Thank you!
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