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    Shawn's Feature Requests
    Not sure if any of these have been proposed before:

    1. To be more organized, under "hot" "new" "top rated" tab, the ability to select which category's post to display. For example, to only display the "hot" "new" "top rated" posts under the "feature requests" category.

    2. The ability for admin to create multiple categories, For example, for a community sharing news and tips for smartphones, the ability to create the 1st category based on companies (Apple, Sumsung, Nokia....) and 2nd category based on phone types (for Apple, iphone 4, iphone 5...., for Sumsung, Galaxy S2, S3....).

    3. To echo other's thoughts about the commenting system, a powerful commenting system would be key to the success of a community based on SE5 which is all about sharing and commenting IMO. It should be able to

    A: handle hundreds of comments
    B: handle multiple layers of comments
    C. easily browse first or last comments
    D: ........

    I hope you can consider some of these features. Thanks!
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      Drew Frey Thanks for these awesome suggestions [242,Shawn Ye]
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      monti Shawn, I love and share your suggestions.

      I want the sub category idea as well:
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      Alex Benzer [242,Shawn Ye]

      1. That's already implemented, just not setup here on this demo. The feed widget lets you specify a category and sorting method, and you can create multiple pages with any label you want for each combo of these settings.

      2. Currently the admin can only create one set of categories. But we'll think about a 2-tiered category option.

      3. Totally agree with you. This baked-in commenting system supports flat comments or layered comments, voting or likes, etc. You can also easily replace it with Disqus or Facebook Comments
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