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    SE Cloud - Mobile Theme
    It's come to my attention that the viewing my site on a smartphone is a poor experience. I had not tried it until this morning. 

    The menu is hidden.
    The ability to post an article is hidden.

    Is there a setting that I'm missing or is there someone with some CSS which will improve the experience (adding menu, posting articles)?
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    SE Cloud - How to gamify ?
    I'm not sure how to gamify members. I didn't see a document on suggestions. It would be nice to provide "awards" for members posting and commenting at a certain level. 

    Is this possible and I'm missing something? I see there are points awarded -- but what can we do with the points? 
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      Donna I'm asking the team for suggestions for this. :)
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      Donna we have a tutorial for the leaderboard if that's something that interests you. :)
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      Donna The only thing I can think of right now for points is to have some sort of contests for most points for whatever actions get points. Then let that user be the star for the month. Alternately, get together with various businesses to offer prizes (digital would be easier).
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    SE Cloud - Two Feature Suggestions
    As work starts up again on SE Cloud, please consider the following suggestions (no particular order):

    1. Adding the ability to use drop-down menus.
    2. The ability to add photos (thumbnails) during a creation/edit of a topic.
    3. Admin can add featured marking on the front side of the site
    4. iPad Pro friendly backend (Posts get cut off)
    5. Ability to choose multiple categories to a post

    As always, thank you. 
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    SE PHP 4.9 - Eww
    Sorry to be negative but SE PHP is not what I expected. I downloaded the trial and TMD Hosting was kind enough to install it; however, adding members can't be done through the admin panel, there is no means to set the theme up like SE Cloud stream, adding article URLs (Link) is easy in Cloud and doesn't appear to work in SE PHP. 

    It's as if all of the good things are in SE Cloud - but SE Cloud is limited too because it does not have a blog or forum. Meaning, there is no community in Cloud but I want the article/voting aspect. 

    This is ridiculous. I'm not impressed. I'm going round and round. 
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      PoeticJustice [243281,BerniesTeachers]
      "adding members can't be done through the admin panel" I actually raised this in github with SE as a feature request

      Its a feature needed, and great to hear what new sephp users think.

      I use sephp and its awesome, its by far the best, but your right there is some features missing
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      Donna Hi [243281,BerniesTeachers],

      Cool avatar. :)

      Sorry you are not pleased with the SEPHP 4.9 version. Please note that a script like SE is meant to be a building block for many, many types of websites. As such, it has many features but it won't be 100% exactly what everyone needs because it can be used for so many things and is quite versatile.

      For example, adding links in SEPHP can be done in the feed and in various articles. It grabs links for the feed with Iframely and so far is working fine. I'm not sure if that's what you are speaking of though. If you mean grabbing RSS feeds, our SECloud does have that feature but you'll still want to go through each article you grab and change them some in order to avoid issues with Google for duplicated content. This is the issue with any RSS aggregator though, no matter where you go.

      SECloud is meant to be a Reddit sort of clone. It's great for news aggregation and Twitter-esque sort of posting. Each SE product has it's own unique features to work with. Improvements will be coming for each product as well.

      There are many plugins to do what you need for SEPHP since you have that. Perhaps see if there are some that you like.

      I've an author site running on SEPHP. I need specific things for stories but for now am using Blogs and Groups creatively to meet my needs until I can make something or have something made so that I have a table of contents for stories. Still, I have so much else with this script as opposed to the script I came from and used to work for. I also could never afford to make a site from scratch and get all of the features I have with SE. It is a great building block as it's meant to be. :)
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    Post Template & CSS in SE Cloud
    I'm noticing this site has the same issue in the post template and a few other templates. The wrappers in the sidebar are not being used to make things consistent from the hot template to the post template.

    Here is my fix:

    The CSS also has issues in members widget and a few other places. 

    Here are some suggestions:

    I hope this helps.

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      Donna Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I'll add this to our list for our team to go over. :)
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    Is SE Cloud Stream theme available for SE PHP 4.9?
    The default theme for SE PHP 4.9 is nice but I'd like to know if the SE Cloud stream theme is available for PHP 4.9.
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      Eugene Are you looking for the theme (design) or functionality to make posts like in SE Cloud?