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    FILE Upload
    I noticed you added FILE upload to post on website. When i use it i get an error, is FILE Upload not working or does it not allow you to upload PDF files?
    Please Advise...
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      Kimmie Uploading music works but had a problem with PDF.
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      seTweaks a screenshot of the error will help the staff to find the problem.
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      Tony Perez Itried uploading a 11.9 kb PDF file from my computer and this is what happened.

      The webpage cannot be found
      HTTP 400
      Most likely causes:
      •There might be a typing error in the address.
      •If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.
      What you can try:
      Retype the address.
      Go back to the previous page.
      Go to and look for the information you want.
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    SE Issues on Internet Explorer 8
    Please check into this, i noticed when trying to post a link using IE8 a blank window opens up with error. Doesn't matter what theme i use on my site. For example i couldn't post a link on your site using IE8. It's my backup computer that runs XP and IE8, my others are newer but still SE Cloud should still work on IE8. Please check into...
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    List of Much Needed Tweaks for SE Cloud...
    First off i'd like to say that i love the direction of SE Cloud! With that said here's a short list of things that would make for a better experience and i don't think it'll require much programming but i could be wrong. Let me know your thoughts, i'm sure some of these others might have posted.

    1. Vote up & down should be on main page. Quick access without clicking link and should cause for more interaction through voting.

    2. As author of your own post you should be able to edit it instead of having to delete and repost.

    3. A repost button would be a nice addition on all post, again will encourage interaction. Would be a good way of getting more points when your post gets reposted/shared by other users.

    4. We need control of the point system to set accordingly to our specific site.

    5. On the main page it should be noticable with a glance which posts are videos. Example show the play arrow on main page post, currently that play arrow is only seen when you click the link to open light box. More video play will occur if play arrow is visable from main page.

    6. Category view from main page needs to be split for multiple view of categories for those sites with more than 20 categories.

    7. Members page displays pics in rectangular form which cuts off most users pics because the profile pic is in a square format. Easy fix make members area the same pic size as profile area.

    8. Members area shows all members but you should also be able to search members by which ones you're following for quick access to a particular user you're looking for.

    9. On main page besides just the post title what do you all feel about the description also displaying on the main page but only a short amount of characters then you'll have to click the link to read the rest in light box.

    10. In the invite friends section besides FB and Twitter users should be able to invite via email.

    In closing these are just potential tweaks to what's already there on the site. I have a list of added features i'd like to see in the future but these 10 things would make a better overall experience for the user.
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      Dawid Pacha I like this ideas:

      2. As author of your own post you should be able to edit it instead of having to delete and repost.

      3. A repost button would be a nice addition on all post, again will encourage interaction.

      One comment to point 3: how to solve duplicate content on Home Page?
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      don johnson A way to generate a site map and submitt it to Google, Yahoo and Bing would be nice. That seems pretty basic what its not there now??
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      s.ziyad To this list pls add the following as well;
      1. An integrated social blog - eg tumblr
      2. Google Maps integration
      3. Adsense and Amazon Associate monetizing
      4. Google + integration
      5. Categories; on top mnultiple category system, with ability to add to main menu; i cannot find a way to rename it to Categoeis from 'everything'.
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    Light Box Not Working...
    This effects all post you click on my website, anybody else running into this issue?
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      Rick Von Ruden Here is the problem lightbox was working for SE CLOUD yesterday on IE, but today it is NOT working. I pay for 3 sites and this is not acceptable. How hard can it be to undo what caused this new problem? It must be something that the SE team updated that is causing this new issue. I also submitted a support ticket on this.
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      Kimmie In IE not working for me either. It is working in Chrome and firefox.
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      Tony Perez i even confirmed this with the SE Demo also not working.
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    Facebook Inviter
    API Error Code: 100
    API Error Description: Invalid parameter
    Error Message: 'link' is invalid.

    I am not a programmer, when i created my app from twitter and facebook everything is working good, sharing, etc except for Facebook Inviter. Help appreciated, thank you.
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      Robin [2436,Tony Perez], did you receive sign up from Facebook !
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      gianfranco d'agostino I think I disabled the social inviter, how do I enable it?
      pultroppo disappeared from the menu :-(
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    Trial Period
    I signed up over 45 minutes ago and i can see my website but i can't create account yet. Is that because the site is not fully functional on SE's Cloud? I have access to the backend/dashboard but can't invite nor create account. Anybody else had this issue?