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    RSS Categories?
    Has anybody been able to organize their RSS Feeds into the categories?  I can't seem to find the option, but in the May release the feature seems to be already there.

    May 28th
    • Reworked RSS Feeds:
      • Added Category feeds
      • Added RSS Feed auto-discovery (helpful as more sophisticated readers can now discover feeds from your community)
      • RSS now passes w3.org's validator
      • RSS feeds are available in atom format (change .rss to .atom)

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      pochat Anybody knows how to do this? help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Email members functionality
    Is there anyway I can send an email to all the members of my community?
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      Robin I don't remember to see this feature
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    Howdy all!

    Does anybody have installed the statcounter code?
    It is usually on the index file but I can't find it.

    Any tips is greatly welcome.

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      pochat Hi seTweaks, that works!! thank you.

      One more question, every time the click on a menu (members, new, hot) it counts as a hit. What happens if they just click on images? are those hits too?
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      pochat ok great, I'll try that. Thanks for posting!
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      seTweaks you should place it in the footer template.
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