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      Kirk Washam Yeah, the PayPal problem was on my end. The problem was my hard drive was full on my ec2 instance. Apache wouldn't start because there wasn't enough hard drive space I presume. I provisioned another 30gb and restarted apache and it started working. I will investigate what cause the drive to fill up, or maybe it was just normal usage. Thanks for reply though. Kirk
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      Eugene Quick solution is to check the size of your error log file, back it up locally and clean up. If you have multiple plugins and don't have any rotation for logs you might get quite a big file eating up all your space.

      1. Backup error_log
      2. Clean up error_log
      3. Check which plugins give a lot of warnings/errors in the log
      4. Disable them temporarily and reach developers to resolve
      5. Get admin to set error_log rotation as a temporary solution
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      Donna Hi Kirk,

      You are unable to pay for support? Is it working for you now?
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