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    User Levels
    I know I asked this before in another post but will we have user levels? Like paid, registered, admin, moderator, etc.?
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    Where is the chat, forum, groups, music, etc.
    Will this have all the normal features of SE4?
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      Sebastiaan van Houten Are these going to be plugins like in SE4?
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      Alex Benzer In SE5, posts are the focus, whereas in SE4, member profiles are the focus.

      In SE5, posts can be external links, photos, videos, discussion topics, etc. If you post a link to a soundcloud file or flickr photo, SE will try to autodetect the format and display/categorize it appropriately. This means that members can share content in a really simple way, and they can easily pull it from elsewhere - where they are likely already storing it (their album on flickr, for instance).

      The post feed can be configured by you (the admin) to show only a specific content type if you want, though, and you can create separate pages with different types of feeds on them. This technique would let you emulate what's turned on by default in SE4.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan SE5 is better for share link website, not for building content network. I hope you guys can improve its to satisfy to any purpose. Waiting for the first plug-in and theme...
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