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    Wow, it's getting worse
    sorry guys, it's getting worse!
    We want to know what features you will include in SE5.... to be able to change the theme is nice but won't make me buy SE5.

    By the way... the new theme is a nightmare.
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      Frank you are right [37,Alex Benzer] !
      we all want to know if you will add more features to SE5 and of course what features? you mentioned that SE5 will have no forum, no blogs, and you don't focus on profiles. so what will you add to make SE5 a social community? at the moment it is a linkaway website.
      again, at the moment nobody knows what SE5 is.
      I simply can't give any constructive feedback at the moment as I really don't know what SE5 is.
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      Alex Benzer Non-constructive feedback really doesn't help us in any way. If you want to see it improve, you can tell us exactly what you would like to have different.
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    make soundcloud embeded
    the topic says it all. its not good to send the user to another page. soundcloud must be embeded.
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    SE 5 look & feel = 2015 Feautures = 1980
    so SE5 is not made for artist pages, so its not a community.
    no forum = no community
    I like the look & feel of SE5, but the missing features are a step back to 1980!

    If it's really only a software to share external content it will end up in a nightmare of spam and duplicated content. As we all know: dupicated content is mot SEO friendly
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      SocialTime SE5 is complete mess
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      Matt Macias What features specifically will make SE5 more 2015 and not 1980? Thanks! And don't give up on artistic curation just yet, there are more themes to come!
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      s.ziyad Proper curation capability might help SEO as well as a demand for SE5

      As for spam, my experience with pligg is very bad.
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