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    Show your best stuff first
    When someone writes a comment currently, the content of the post is hidden behind a title. Here is what I recommend: Remove the idea of a title all together. Have the content show up instead of the title. This way the best content will be placed right in front of the user. This will increase interactions greatly. People who come home after work to a social network like this do not want to go hunting for great content. They want it served to them. Moreover, they do not want to read long topics (I believe this is why Facebook removed notes and just has posts). I recommend we move more the the Facebook style. Invite users to make sort posts about their life and maybe attach a link. Forums are an old invention no one likes to use any more. People love Faceook. With all respect, it seems social engine is moving toward becoming a new version of a forum.

    Remember when Facebook removed titles from messages? They said it was because their studies showed that people just fill titles with "Hi." In my opinion, I really think people don't want to bother thinking about a title. Remove the friction between the desire to share something and the ability to do it and you will get more people sharing.
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      Eugene [392,twilightwarrior] Nice idea. But I'm afraid it might not work perfect for every situation.
      The first version of our Questions and Answers plugin has not titles - we simply used shorten text for widgets and browse pages.
      From what we have seen - Browse pages and widgets look much cleaner with titles. Also it's easier to understand the issue without opening it in a separate window.
      That's why we decided to use field "title". It's optional - if it's not set a shorten text from question is used.

      It's pretty easy to see the difference - create 10 (real) questions or posts with and without titles. Titles make easier to scan the page, because they are shorten and more meaningful that the beginning in the post.
      Though, I do agree in some of cases titles are odd.
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    Posting too complicated
    I believe great websites are about what you leave out :). The simplicity of making a post on SE4 was that you only really had to choose what to post. The average user may not want to choose between "Link," "Topic," "Photo" etc. I think Facebook did a great job in their style, give people one box to post in and Facebook auto-detects if it should be a link, a video or a normal post.
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      Alex Benzer Thanks [392,twilightwarrior]. We will work on refactoring the add post modal w/ auto-detection. There's some in place, but it would be better if tabs weren't necessary. Very good suggestion.
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      twilightwarrior Hopefully these comments will be of benefit. Not trying to put down a great effort.
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      Zach Posting is fine, gives options for users to choose from................leave as is!!
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    Not a Fan
    I am sad to see SE moving in it's current direction. I think SE 3 and 4 really helped connect people where this seems to be centred around topics and interests. What do you guys think?
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      Alex Benzer SE5 may not be for you, but fundamentally we believe that people that don't know each other and are meeting online will connect easiest around interests rather than profile data. It just really depends on the theme/concept for your site. With SE4 and SE5, you now have a choice.
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      max hai ragione!!dovrebbero lavorare anche a qualcosa di diverso,qualcosa di innovativo!
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