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    "Please select a valid thumbnail."
    Sometimes when I try to add a post, I get an image that displays in the "add post" dialogue but when I click "Publish" I get this error...

    "Please select a valid thumbnail."

    Again, an image displays in the add post window with the image checked.
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    og:image: for Facebook linking
    Does anyone know how to control the og:image: that Facebook (for example) scrapes when someone types your SE Cloud domain name into a Status Update?

    Currently, when I insert my domain name into a FB update,, it does not populate with an image.
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      Jung Kim I see the og image. From what I remember, FB does cache the link so it take a few minutes.
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    DNS Settings for SE Cloud
    Hey folks!

    Quick question. I've created a CNAME Record for my domain...

    www |

    What do I put in for my A Record?

    @ | (which IP address?)

    I did a traceroute and it came up with

    When I enter that IP, I get the page "Not Found. Sorry about that!" when I go to my domain without the www.

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      Jung Kim here is an older post that should help you:
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    Facebook Connect
    I'm using SE Cloud and cannot get Facebook Connect to work - getting this error "An error occurred. Please try again later."

    Twitter connects perfectly but Facebook does not work.

    Also, it would be great if once connected to FB or Twitter, it would import your profile photo in to minimize the number of users that have a blank profile pic.
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      Ty Bolton 1.) Did you set the app up correctly? 2.) Did you copy and paste the correct APP ID and APP Secret 3.) Did you enter the correct URL's in your app? See if any of these work for you...
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      Jeremy Castro Looks like it worked today! I might have tried it too soon after creating the App on FB last night. Thanks Ty, I gave it another shot and all is good now.
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      Tony Perez [4207,Jeremy Castro] i agree with you on FB import of pic but until that comes you can make upload pic mandatory on sign up so you don't get those blanks.
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