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    Add post. How to remove thumbnail and description?
    Where is possible to edit Add post window in templates?

    I want to remove thumbnail and description option in Link and Post
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      Eugene Jung Kim, just want to make simple as Hacker News.
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      Jung Kim There is no way of removing thumbnails and descriptions. Could you give us the reasoning for wanting to remove them?
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      spade5702 There currently are no editable templates for the add post form, nor for anything else important like the main feed post, css files, etc...

      This really limits what we can do as far as customizing SE Cloud and branding it as your own unique site. I really thought SE Cloud was going to be something different, but anymore I can't help to think of when trying to compare it to anything similar. I'm really not sure anymore if it's worth the money and I really hate saying that because I'll like the concept of it all, just hate the limitations.
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    Hi. When are you going to add multiple languages feature or make possible to edit any text of the interface?