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    Social Engine 4.9 upgrade - How did it go?
    Hi all
    Just seeing how the 4.9 update went for you all.
    Hopefully you didnt do it on your live server, and instead made dev and also staging serviers for testing.

    Anyone encountered any issues?

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      Donna I upgraded a clone of my author site. It was 4.8.13 and I had customized a clone theme, have my own plugins on it. The upgrade went fine for me, no errors seen. Only issue I had was that I needed to clear google chrome cache as it is such a pain browser. I had to "Save" the theme again just to be sure everything was fine. Not sure if that's a required step but it's something I do.
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      SocialEngineSolutions The upgrade went well for us also. We have created a whole new server also with PHP 7, SE 4.9.0 and our plugins on it. There are some CSS issues in our plugin on which we are working.
      The upgrade for compatibility of all our plugins will be released soon.
      SocialEngineSolutions Team
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello again, mikel here.
      I just had a thought... is what I mentioned in my last post normal. Question:. Are the SE script files and apps / modules in 4.8.13 going to be replaced by the new 4.9 files, apps / mods and therefore nothing to be concerned about ? and the site will not be affected..
      thanks again, mikel.
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    Update multiselect and multicheck
    I raised on github here https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/582
    great to here from people on here too.

    I think it be really good for SE to add this feature even as an addition, but giving options to make the signup and browse members to look less messy and more slick

    BAsically same as multiselect and check, but looks much nicer

    and ability to group items , making the group name option not selectable is nicer and makes it easier to find field you ish to select easier

    To me this is the new standard, those who use laptops etc have seen websites like this and just select and they are tags, newer users are not neccisary use to having to hold down cntrl and multiselect. and even when they do, if the slip on the cntrl key, they lose them options selected

    I made a multi check once but it had 30 choices and instead of minimilizing them side by side, it displayed them vertically, making the list super long.

    so i believe these tags are the way forward

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    Please all read regarding Social Engine PHP
    Hi All

    Ive raised some feature requests and bugs over last few months.And to start off lets be honest the top dogs of social network scripts are Social Engine, PHP Fox, and Oxwall.

    But there is some contenders coming along which @Elshara documented in a post that was closed.

    Oxwall looks beautiful and its on the raise, sadly the team doesnt seem to push it in ways of advertising, and their twitter account is like hardly in use (over a year), their market place is flooded with random coders and rubbish apps

    Social Engine - IMO the best, it has all the best Developers, when you look at phpfox, oxwall, and other contenders 3rd party plugins, they dont even come close to the works of Social Engine Solutions, Social Engine Addons, Webhive, Younet, and Hire-experts.
    But, soooo much is out of date with SE, and we are all here making feature requests that should have been implemented a year or 2 years ago. I just feel SE are making it to easy for their contenders to swoop in, or for the 3rd party developers to give up and explore being PHPFOX devs only.
    The best thing SE has, is the 3rd party DEVs, but SE needs to not only commit to its customers, but building a better platform that entices clients in that also generates work for these DEVS.

    PHPfox, i know you have @DonnaScriptTechs and @RaymondBenc now from there, and i hope they will push things forward with SE, but PHPfox 4, is simply beautiful, its upto date, modern, the profile questions and search ACTUALLY work, Like Oxwall, PHPfox can do searches in browse members at a multiselect level, when the original question was single select only, see post here for images #613
    Yet SE have said it cant be done, yet ALL other competitors can.
    They have been using fontawesome for ages, the social signup logo used are not 5 years old like SE.
    But, the DEVs on phpfox are not on the level of devs on SE, is phpfox more locked down, or not so easy to build, i do not know.
    But at the moment PHPfox 4 is making Social Engine look like Phpfox 3.
    Even looking at Younets latest themes for SE and PHPfox 4, PHPfox seems like, theme wise it has more to plays with, where as themes for SE are so problematic

    As Donald Trump said "Make Social Engine Great Again"

    I love social engine and i want it to stay the best, but i feel as a client, that SE are making it so so so easy for competitors to sneak up behind, that when other potential clients compare software, SE will be ignored, purely because competitors have seen the curve ball, and they are staying up to date, some things are tiny little touches, but loads of these touches are making SE appear outdated.

    We obviously dont know how SE is run, but im guessing all the devs for SE internal are all freelancers, they don't have office meetings, they live across the globe, and they are hired on set dates to do fixes or enhancements, and meetings maybe held over skype, rather than in-house team who are constantly updating, fixing bugs etc.If cost is an issue, im sure with all the clients on SE, if you said lets crowdfund all these enhancements, and if people were willing to do it, to make sure they are added, things updated, i can guarantee you people will do it, Id gladly whack $100 down, if it meant these features were added, id rather that than pay $50 for support which im unsure about still based on the past.

    SE don't be afraid to ask your clients, id gladly crowd fund to make SE the top dog, because by SE being better, it generates better work for the DEVs, who we then hire, which makes our site great too.
    SE need to consider also selecting clients to test new releases and bug fixes, When i owned a recording studio, i use to record all time, then when it came to mixing,i couldnt tell the difference as my ears heard everything to much, so it was better having others work as they have fresh ears.

    Same with testing, your fixing bugs constantly that your bound to miss things, so find people with a fresh aspect to test.

    Another thing Social Engine website

    Love the look of the new site, but searching of market place needs to be better.
    Finding plugins by Developer is impossible, even when you find a plugin, it mentions dev name, but you cant click and see their other apps nor can you see there other plugins, like an upsale.

    Also I think it be great if Devs updated things like updates and changes, like a log, similiar to code canyon.even if you leave market place, goto experts, click on expert , view experts profile, then view plugins...... its just way to many clicks to get to a place, when there should be something on their product pages..... too many clicks equals drop offs.In each market place listing, i have not once seen a button saying demo or any links to demos of plugins, some have listed the username and password for the demo, but absolutely now links.Also there should be display options, when you hit the market place all you see is Titles and a funky picture, no small write up of the plugin, doesnt even say the developer until you click on it, as a client there is 100% no way im going to click on every plugin to read about it, there needs to be a short summery of the plugin, just like your old website.
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      Donna Thank you for re-posting this here. Glad you love SocialEngine!

      Just so you all know. phpFox is not bug free. Many are leaving due to the bugs. Many developers, including myself, got fed up with the apps system reverting to the old coding standards which makes the script heavier for people. There are a lot of issues I know of and many others can speak of. I'm moving my own sites from fox to SE .

      We appreciate your suggestions and do have improvements coming. :)
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    NULL entries in MySQL engine4_users_fields_search
    Hi All

    Ive noticed some more major bugs 
    read both these githubs i posted
    but it will affect your community if these are not fixed, may as well kiss goodbye if not fixed and addressed



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      PoeticJustice Further update

      Here is a video http://sendvid.com/8apytcfd
      or download video here https://we.tl/BZzjHcg0ry

      I believe the issue i have detailed out here, was a bug raised back in April 2015 that was closed and not looked into

      SE for browse members is NOT searching the profile fields of each user, but creating a new database in engine4_user_fields_search, but based on the hide on browse members page / show on browse members page.

      THIS KILLS ALL SEARCH FEATURES IN BROWSE MEMBERS, as from the very start everything needs to be set to show on browse members page. If you so much as accidently hide, or hide from testing purposes, it deletes all records of that field, which then becomes unsearchable when you set back to SHow on browse members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      extract from https://www.socialengine.com/features/php/core

      Browse & Search
      SocialEngine allows members to easily navigate your site, discover new content, and find specific posts.
      Browse members
      Members (and optionally visitors) can browse through your entire member list. Results can be filtered by profile information, like location, age, gender, height, occupation, etc. You can also choose to show only members that have a photo and members that are currently online.
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      PoeticJustice to sum this bug up or even major flaw up, here goes

      After more testing I can confirm this, to replicate do this

      Use Gender profile question set to (Hide on browse members)
      Sign up and select a Gender - for this example signup as Male
      Now log in as Admin and click Edit Gender question (Set to show on browse members)
      Now goto browse members
      Search Male

      it will return with NO members found.

      another test could be this

      Gender profile question originally set to (show on browse members)
      Sign up and select a Gender - for this example signup as Male
      Search browse members, goto Gender and select Male
      All Male users will show up
      Goto profile questions as admin
      set Gender to (Hide on browse members)
      then edit it again so Gender is (Show on browse members)
      Goto browse members, select gender, set to Male............... No Males will ever be suggested, every Male who had been signed up, is totally unsearchable, until they edit their profile info and press save.................... or unless users signup after doing this exercise
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    BUGS - Which i have found and all need to be fixed for 4.9
    Hi all
    Im posting all bugs i have found and raised with Social Engine via Github
    I want everyone to be aware now, i fear they wont be fixed which is important so i think everyone needs to be aware, even the 3rd party developers because bugs will affect potential custom work.

    Mobile Issue with Multi Select Profile Questionshttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/536

    profile questions - multi select more issues found when searching membershttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/580

    Yet again another bug - Profile fields section AGAIN -  regards to multilayered questions, which reacts differently on displaying data when search, based on its top level original question, either ignores all 2nd level, 3rd 4th level question/answers, or will display no members.https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/592

    now the one below is spamming tools bug

    I can live without this being fixed for now sacrafice to make sure all above are fixed, but the above are all bugs within the sames sectors, but various bugs in general, and weird behaviour.
    If only one is fixed above, i will be deeply disappointed because its in the same area


    I will say again, please let me test 4.9 on a staging server prior to press release and release, these need fixing!!!

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      Donna Hello PoeticJustice,

      Thanks for posting. We understand your concerns and want to assure you that our Github gets checked by our technicians as part of our routine. When you post several times in the same Github tracker, it causes our technicians delays in getting things fixed. This is because they have to check every report. If you submit a duplicate report, they end up checking the same bug more than once. This takes from production time as they are in testing time. Please be patient and wait for our team to address the issues you posted, without posting duplicated reports. This will help to speed the process.

      In regards to our developer beta release. This is a release meant for third party experts to be able to get their products updated prior to a client version release. This doesn't have your bug fixes in it as it is a beta just to help third parties get updated faster. It does have many bugs fixed but the most recent ones will be in the client release that we make. Our team needs time to finish those bugs. If you keep posting comments and tagging them in it, they stop what they are doing to read your updates. This again will take from development time.

      We are committed to having a great product and to making our clients happy with great websites. Please allow us time to get this product out into production ready status. :) We assure you that your concerns are noted and that we are committed to addressing our bug tracker as efficiently as possible. Right now, staff is quite tied up addressing this beta release and also, at the same time, continuing to address bugs that remain open. If you don't hear a response in the bug tracker, it is because our team is tied up fixing currently marked bugs and will get back to testing remaining open bugs as soon as possible.

      Thanks again.
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    Community of great people and change for better in Social Engine
    I truly am a firm believer who wants to help social engine be even greater than it is, its just there is some things that are truly way outdated that need its trousers pulled up and change
    the more i use SE daily, because i use it daily, i use it such a unique way also.I just notice things, my fear is that if certain things are not updated, its only a matter of time before a new competitor comes along to rival SE.
    Its just like when the movie industry wasn't fully ready to embrace change for motion pictures with sound, as they were stuck in the silent movies age...... then when studios didn't want to embrace Televisions when they came into peoples homes. the radio shows however embraced it and made shows.

    Made studios lose millions as people were staying at home to watch tv rather than go cinema,Blockbuster video didn't want to embrace change of sending films via the post or even digital film renting...... what happened Netflix, and now a company who saw an opportunity that big company was not willing to address took over, not only took over but they fund their own productions.
    Having worked in Music industry and motion pictures industry, ive witnessed how companies dont want to address certain changes, or listen to the people that use or support their products.

    the evolution of Social Engine is with us the users who have paid or paying.
    even small changes or additional content to improve can be great to us the
    consumer as we feel our input is being taken making us feel like a family.
    I have raised some bugs on github and enhancement suggestions. I just feel SE should seriously implement rather than "we will think about it", implement shows us, and gives us hope.

    Im going to give a prime example..... Instagram
    how has Instagram not been made into a specific profile question, i made a github post here https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/565
    On how to make it! It takes like 5-10 mins and would look great to others to have this addition in an update, and its been asked to be implimented ages ago, i know people have asked in tickets, my friend asked way back in like 2013 odd about it
    Instagram is massive, bigger than twitter! twitter is just a platform for companies to use as a complaints dept.
    Yet AIM is there, pretty sure AIM changed there business model to become a service like whatsapp.
    Serious guys ive gave a step by step on how to make the files, yet feel it will never be implemented, and thats very small scale but is a step in direction of change

    Here is a github page where i told a user who raised it another time, as once i gave details how to make the files, they confirmed it works like a charm https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/554

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      PoeticJustice always love [231316,Donna] input purely as I feel she is here to help a better change
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      Donna Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback. Things will improve here. It takes a little time though. We need to get our 4.9 version out before trying to add new things at this point though. :)
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