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    Need option for better SEO
    The SEO options are messed up, google is indexing things in the post description like: username, count of votes, instead of just the post text.
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      Carlos Oporto As far as I see in the source code there is no meta description tags. It should take them from the description of the post.
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      Kimmie Mmmmm. This needs to be addressed quickly....
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    Optimized SEO for Social Engine Cloud
    We need to be able to change the frontage SEO description. It always changes to the last post and not always is that helpful to anyone that founds our communities in Google. You can't know what your site is about at all.
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      Thomas E. Ortiz Where can i find the fix to this because my site does the exact same thing.
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      Jung Kim Hey Carlos, I think you were the one that submitted the ticket. But this should be now resolved.
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    Better Invites for Facebook and Twitter
    Social Engine Cloud need to improve this. Right now the app is really cool. But it would be better if the invite system will be improved.

    Upon signup give the mission so the new user can invite others for more virality.

    Just be able to invite one at a time it's really slow and no one will ever take the work to invite 5 people that way. Other apps can do it so you can choice multiple friends at a time. Is this possible?

    It's just a default tweet "I just joined the @JefeFinal community - check it out!" not really helpful and you can't edit it. An option to edit this in the Twitter tab of the admin panel would be good.
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      Josue Gio +1
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      sunny [5262,Carlos Oporto] you are right. This needs to be improved. Also, after member completes sign up he should have few actions to complete like pop up showing members to follow or popup showing popular topics to follow. This helps them to feel connected with the community otherwise a simple sign up doesn't help us as they simple bounce from the site. I hope SE team will be more active and make the cloud platform more stable and add basic social features.
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    Change Twitter invite Tweet description
    Hey, I want to change the default "I just joined the @JefeFinal community - check it out!"is there an option to do this? This could be implemented in the Twitter Settings in the Admin Panel.
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    SocialEngine Cloud doesn't have usernames
    When are we going to have usernames? I noticed that with the same Name and is hard to know which is which. Are you going to implement this feature, so we can have a username url like:

    Thanks this is a must have in social networks.
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      Alex Benzer It's in our backlog!
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      Drew Frey As it stands now you're assigned a number so you're profile URL looks something like this ::

      So instead of '5262' in your case, I think it makes sense to replace it with 'username.'

      Thanks Carlos.
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    Is there a way to add nofollow to external links?
    I want to add no follow to external links. I tried using Javascript but that only works for client side so Google bot doesn't see the nofollow tag, is there another way? I just want to add no follow to external links made by posts but want to maintain a do follow links in the footer.
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      Alex Benzer Possible to do with jquery when the page loads.
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      seTweaks Google is smarter and it does execute Javascripts too and according to an interview with "Matt Cutts" you can add the nofollow links to the links with JS :

      "We do have the ability to execute a large fraction of JavaScript when we need or want to. One thing to bear in mind if you are advertising via JavaScript is that you can use NoFollow on JavaScript links"
      Matt Cutts

      Source :

      I don't think there's another way to do it and even if google dosen't execute the script spammers may be fooled and stop spamming when they see the no-follow rel.
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    Why there is no username for the members?
    Pretty much every social network have this feature, so a member can have

    Are you going to implement this feature? Is like basic for social networks.
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    Duplicated site in two different domains
    Hi I am seeing my site duplicated in two different domains: and

    In the admin panel I put as my main domain, why is it showing in two different domains, I don't want Google to double index my site or penalise me for that.


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      Hoqule I am actually having a very similar issue with my SE Cloud site.

      I had my short URL name redirected to my site but right now, it seems that BOTH sites are operational and google actually favours the when I search on Google for my site.

      How can that be fixed?