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    I'm between a rock and a hard place.
    I've recently signed up to SEC and have 8 days left of my trial period. I've looked at phpfox and their social network solution is a out of the box and ready to go one needing a little tweaking to serve my purpose. I need to move quickly as know a significantly large (niche) group of people who are wanting to leave Facebook and phpfox (together with a Facebook type theme) would make the transition for my users quite simple and user friendly and will give them the 'feel' they are used to. I've also looked into hosting via AWS. However, I like the SEC idea but feel that the development side still has a long way to go to enable me to offer a FB type network to my potential customers. Any suggestions are most welcome.
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      s.ziyad If you are sure that you have large enough niche you can exploit by a facebook style product two advices - 1) Take SE PHP and an already existing FB styled theme - then go on building on it. 2) Buy hosting from the worlds fastest hosting framework you can afford and hire a tech person who can tweak hosting and code for you for 2 years. 3) sorry there is a 3rd advice - work on your project day and night for 2 years without expecting any funfair. | there are many Social scripts of SE PHP price range - same quality - BUT its only the SE guys who keep up with a consistent commitment to their product.
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      Carlos Oporto I think that Social Engine Cloud is more for a Pinterest type Social Network. Facebook works in a different more private way where you can´t see all the content of other members. In any case I don´t think that you can make a site can compete with Facebook with an already existing product like PHP Fox, VBulletin 5, or any other.

      Facebook is a multimillion dollar invested company with a propiertary framework and a lot of really great engineers working. So it would be better to make "niche" social curated network, there is room for that now.
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      Shane Liddell Well, my trial period is over and it's decision time. Due to the somewhat slow developments here, I've decided to go the other route with self hosting on AWS. I cannot see SEC being ready for my purposes for some time as it's still very early in their development days. I believe that SEC will be ready for what I need, probably back end of this year at the earliest, but more realistically mid to end 2014. They need to get developers involved to develop plug-ins, templates etc, etc, now. Purely a business decision on my part and I cannot wait!
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