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    Twitter logo - need feedback please
    Hello friends, after i have enabled twitter service on my website , when i go to compose new message page the twitter icon appears on the bottom to publish my message also on twitter ... i think this is an error first of all because why should i publish on twitter a private message ?
    Please give me some feedback if this is happening also for you ...thank you !

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      Gabry If already posted this i will like to ask ... is any way to disable the ADD Link, photo etc. ? I know i can hide them by css code, but maybe someone has another idea. Thank you !
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      Donna This appears to be a bug. Have you already submitted it to our Github issue tracker?
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    Default email notifications ... confused !
    Hello everyone, i have a question about choosing the default email notifications.It is normal when i do not check an option in admin panel to still appear for the member in settings page to choose it ?
    I am not using some options on my website like video channels so i have not check it but it still appear for the members to check it if they want to receive email notifications for video channels.I will like to make the options that i am not using to disappear from the users page settings so they can't see it and check it ... how can i do this ?
    Thank you !
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      Gabry Yes this is the problem ... i have disabled the options ...i saved, clear cache and then i created a test user and went to the options, but i can still see them and i am able to check them ...thank you for your time , i hope [81,SocialEngineAddOns] team will solve this problem ... take care and thank you again , best wishes !
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      Gabry Hi Donna , thank you for reply and sorry for not being perfect clear on this ...same too, wake up and had the morning coffee ready for work .. i have put 2 pictures about my "confusing" issue .. like i said an example is video channels feature that i am not using on my website (SEAO Adv Video Plugin) ... i have disabled in CP> Settings> Default Email Notifications to send "auto-emails" for Video Channels, but if the users are going to Settings> General> Notifications they can still see those Video Channels options and can enable them .. but i don;t want the users to see those options because i am not using them ... my problem is, if i disable those options in CP , why they still appear for the users to enable them ? (this issues also for the Core or other plugins... video is just an example)
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      Donna Hi Gabry,

      Can you please include screenshots to be a bit more clear? It might be too early for me reading this (5am) but I'm not 100% clear.
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    Assigned network not able to choose other network?
    Hello friends, i need some feedback's on this problem please.
    I have created 2 networks and also 2 profile type called Listener and Disk Jockey.
    I have setup the listener to be auto assigned to listener network and disk jockey to be assigned to the disk jockey network after sign up.
    All is good except that the users assigned to a network can't see the other network if they want to join it.I went from a profile to the networks page and is saying in there that "There are currently no avaliable networks to join."
    I will like to auto-assign the dj's to dj's network and listener to listener network after sign up, but also let them choose to join the other network if they want.
    I did not check it the option " Yes, hide membership for this network." so it should be visible to others.
    How can i do this ?

    Thank you !

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      Donna I believe you will need a customization in order to auto-assign and allow them to choose. The auto-assign is to allow members to be automatically placed in a network based on questions they answer. The network that is auto-assigned cannot also be a choice to join. The "hide network" hides it from showing who belongs to that network from everyone except admin. Hope that helps. :)>-networks
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    Will the GIF's feature be a headache ?
    Hello everyone, i will like to have an opinion about the new profile image GIF support.
    Imagine that you have on your website 100 active users day by day and all of them having animated image for profile picture.
    For example if you will access member home page where you can have the widgets with new,popular,online users and also the Wall , i think it will be a big headache to look on that page with all those images moving in there.
    Don't you think that will be nice to have an option in Admin CP to disable using GIF's for profile picture if we wish ?
    I have made a test only with 4 users and few test posts from all and already my eyes ware tired to look on the page and is quite annoying.

    Thank you and please give an advice, have a nice day to all !
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      Donna Hi everyone!

      I also prefer to disable animated due to epilepsy concerns for some of my members on my own site. I'll add a feature request for our team to look at this.
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      SocialEngineAddOns Using our GIF Player Plugin, GIF file can be played on demand (onclick or mouseover) and duration can also be set for which GIF image should play. For more info, visit the plugin description page here:
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      Stepan Would there be a possibility to have GIF images activate on hover? For example have a static image displayed and only animate it when a user hovers over it? I have seen it on some social website forgot which. Not sure if this will require a separate static jpeg or if you can stop gif from animating and only load the first frame.
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    Redirect to "www" or not ?
    Hello, i have noticed that sometimes the website works different if is
    or not redirected to use www , for example a plugin can give error or
    not working properly if the website is not loading with www.
    What is your opinion about redirect, is good to insert in .htaccess the redirect code and use or ?
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      Eugene It's a good practice to set redirect to non-www version (or to www version). Make sure that only one domain version is actively used. There might be multiple problems if you use both version at the same time, for example, if you logged in www domain you won't have the same session in non-www. And if you set Facebook/Linkedin login they wll threat www and non-www as 2 different websites. That mean there might be issues with redirects after the login.
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      Donna Good question. I use a redirect to send all to my non-www url. I have google set up to use the non-www as well.

      However, looking at this article, if I want to future proof my sites, I need to change to www as the non-www can mess up caching and static content on active sites.

      Thanks for posting this topic! It will be interesting to see other feedback.