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    Domain name address
    When signing up for the cloud is the web address our own. Meaning domain.com or are we forced to use a domain.com.socialengine.com

    Can I use my own registered domain?

    This is a BIG what if for me?

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      SportzHype In the admin under "Site Info" it will show you how to get your own domain name to avoid having the socialengine.com portion in there. Just went through this a couple days ago for our site.
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    Google Adsense
    I already use SE PHP but am looking to try to cloud. However google adsense is a big part of it for me. Can we integrate our google adsense accounts into the SE Cloud? Thanks for the answer!
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    Is there going to be sufficient documentation for SE Cloud as there was not much support documents for SE4
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      Drew Frey Hey Mike, here's some template documentation I think you'll find useful. More documentation on the way:

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      Mike Looks like another dead SE forum where nothing gets answered. all I see is questions on this beta. Disappointing
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    Cloud Statistics?
    What kind of plan do we get with the SE Cloud? Is it unlimited storage and bandwidth? If not what are we getting? When do we get that email saying you are using up too many resources and need to up your cloud? What are the plans if not unlimited?
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      Drew Frey Hey Mike.

      We're still finalizing space and bandwidth limits for Cloud, and while we haven't started measuring these limits yet, with our current tier you'll receive 20 GB of storage, 100 GB transfer capacity, and unlimited members. It's unlikely that you'll hit these limits even with an active community, but Cloud will accommodate heavy traffic communities.
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      Mike Thanks for the answer! This would be a nice start up as I have a certain niche and might not reach that for awhile.
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    Do beta testers get a discount
    Do us beta testers get a discount if we want to use SE cloud?