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    Photo uploaded via URL is broken
    Since the last update with the new theme, submitting images via URL is no longer working correctly. When I paste in the URL it no longer grabs the image and shows it in the post form window. After I submit the image it shows a broken image icon in the main feed when the images are set to Large
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    Post ad management and placement
    I think cloud could use a back end ad management page. This would be more beneficial for the board theme if we were able to post ads directly into the main feed and have an option to make them the 1st, 2nd, 7th, etc, post. Or even have the ad show up after a set increment of post that way they would show up after every set number of post. There could even be an option to add them to the gutter via widget.
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    #hashtag auto complete
    Wouldn't it be nice if there were an auto complete for hashtags like there is for the @member?
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    Like post bug on board theme
    When the board theme automatically loads more post after scrolling far enough, the like button becomes dead and no longer works. I'm assuming this is a javascript conflict with the infinity scroll?

    Test this with chrome and ie9 and I have the same results
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    How can we increase the thumbnail size for the post images in the feed?
    The current thumbnail size is set to width 255px.. I like to make my thumbnails larger, but doing so with css only stretches the image and causes it to become blurry. It would be nice to have a setting that we could have in the control panel to manually adjust this size
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      Robin I think you should use jquery to change size.
      In one of my post I insert an image, it shouldn't be complitate to change also sizes
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    Enhanced Tagging System
    Tagging post should have more control over organizing the content on the site. Each tag should be handle somewhat like a site member. This way user can click on any individual tag to view similar tagged post and have a choice to subscribe/follow that tag as well.
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      Robin Now I understand It's find for me... at this moment
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      Robin I never seen tags working in my site. Please can you share a screenshot in order to open a support ticket.
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      Carlos Oporto Right now it works like the tagging system in Tumblr, but it could be useful that users can have access to that information like a discovery function.
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    Links are dead in data-gallery-mode popup window
    All the posted links and hashtag links in the title, description, and comments are dead when using the data-gallery-mode. Any fix for this?
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      Jung Kim Thanks for finding the bug. This will be fixed in our next push. Meanwhile you can fix this by adding the following lines at the bottom of the "gallery viewer" template (I hope the code shows up correctly!):

      $(function() {
      // auto-link
      $('.auto-link').each(function(index, el) {
      // auto-tag
      var autoTag = true;
      try {
      autoTag = Revolution.Site.PostsTagging;
      } catch( e ) {}
      if( autoTag ) {
      $('.auto-tag').each(function(index, el) {
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    /sign-in page needs a set width apply to the login form on the board theme
    You can see what I mean on the example site:
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    Hide HTML from users not logged in
    It would be nice to have a way to wrap HTML in a way that will hide it from those not logged in and vice versa
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    Infinity load for board theme on iPad
    The infinity load sort of hesitates loading the next set of images on the iPad and sometimes stops loading new images all together. The masonry script pinterest and other sites use seems to load smoothly though.. is there a way to fix this?
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      spade5702 I just tested this on a android tablet and it seems to be fine, just an IOS problem. One feature I do think you guys should consider though is maybe adding a loading bar that shows while loading more post. It sometimes takes longer to load on the tablets and some visitors may become confused and think there are no more post
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    Can we have access to the gallery mode template?
    I was wonder if we could or soon will have access to editing the gallery template like we do with the single post page template. I like being able to customize the gutter on it and I almost can't use this great feature because I can't do so at the moment. And does anyone know why hashtags don't render as links in the gallery ajax popup window?
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    Hot vs New?
    How do post make it to the Hot page? I'm going back and forth from the new and hot post pages and they are exactly the same and every post is in the same place as if the hot page were a duplicate copy of the new post page
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      Drew Frey [969,spade5702] are you still seeing this problem? Essentially, 'trending' pieces of content make it to the Hot page. If a piece of content has a lot of comments, views, votes, etc, it will make it to the 'Hot' page.
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    Zoom problems on iPad
    I noticed today that the layout for the iPad is back to the default theme layout. I do hope this is the approach you guys are taking because I feel there is no need for the current mobile theme on tablets. However, when visiting my site on a iPad I can no longer zoom in on the pages and the screen looks zoomed out. I even tested this out on this site and its the same thing.
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      Jung Kim We have fixed this. Let us know if you have any issues still!
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      Drew Frey Thanks for letting us know [969,spade5702] . Working on it!
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    Photo url submission
    Every single image I try to submit via URL gives me a "forbidden" errror
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      Drew Frey Hmm...ok. Working through it. Thanks for bringing this up.
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    Hashtags links missing
    When using the data-gallery-mode the hashtag iinks are not working in the gallery popup for each post