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    What Social Network Should We Integrate Next?
    LinkedIn or Google+

    Which one would be more helpful to you?
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      Edwin Rivera LinkedIn is imperative and I would prioritize it over other social networks- Some of our networks will target specific niche markets (i.e. professionals) and the integration with Linked in will be imperative for our success. Please include it in the Sign-in process, the Invite friends section and other areas that can be integrated as Facebook/Twitter.
      Thanks for your continued improvements and outstanding job with SE Cloud. We truly appreciate it.
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      s.ziyad [250,Drew Frey] tumblr ......! every site needs a blog !
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      Drew Frey Thanks for all of the feedback guys!
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    Moderators can see "social engine" logo in the admin panel.
    i'de like moderators to see the sire logo in the admin panel rather than the SE logo. no offense, you logo is great and all. :)
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    Photo Post - MULTIPLE PHOTOS
    it would be so cool if a user could upload multiple photos in one post. like a little gallery. even if it was limited to 4 or so.
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      Alex Benzer Do service do you (and your users) use to store photos? Dropbox? Google Drive? Instagram/tumblr?

      Might be really interesting if we integrated with a storage service to let you post photos you're storing there, rather than desktop uploads. Thoughts?
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      Rick Von Ruden I suggest you fix the IE9 photo upload bug first.
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      Soundman i think instagram is the way to go.
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    SE5 Access to 3rd Part Developers
    Hello SE Team,

    How can we access SE 5 to start developing for it ? I know the API is not launched yet and I'm talking about the custom themes.

    Will you give access to the developers ?
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      Alex Benzer So currently, you can easily download one of our stock themes, make any changes you want, and re-upload it. Or you can just edit it right within the theme editor - but if you want to separate it from one of the stock themes, it's smart to make a copy this way.

      In the next few days, we'll be publishing a full doc explaining all the widgets you can use within the themes, their parameters, syntax, etc. This should really open up the theme system to designers/developers, and should enable you to create almost anything you want. We'll be rolling out more widgets in the coming weeks, as well as a more formal API.
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      seTweaks [37,Alex Benzer] [38,Shaun Harding] [250,Drew Frey] [52,Jung Kim] Please let me know about this.
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      Hire-Experts I'm sure that Webligo will provide special access for SE Cloud for 3d party developers. Hope to see them as soon as possible so we'll be able to go ahead and develop great things for SE Cloud platform :)
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    Need feedback: Likes vs. Upvotes
    I have a question for everyone. For your SE Cloud site, do you plan to use up/downvotes or likes for reactions to posts and comments?

    We are trying to know what we should make the default for new SE Cloud sites. Thanks!
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      monti I would use likes because i don't want any negativity. a user getting down voted heavily will probably never come back again.
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      Kimmie It should be "likes" only. I have chosen to use up/down voting for my site and came up with a cool way down votes are to be used. At least I think it's cool ;-).
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      Soundman i like the up/down arrows.
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    Cottonic Theme for SE 4
    Cottonic is a well designed and detailed template and a welcome / landing page with a trendy design style. template includes 4 different color schemes, blue, red, green and pink and its designed for all types of social networks.

    Click on the link below for more information :
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    Shawn's Feature Requests
    Not sure if any of these have been proposed before:

    1. To be more organized, under "hot" "new" "top rated" tab, the ability to select which category's post to display. For example, to only display the "hot" "new" "top rated" posts under the "feature requests" category.

    2. The ability for admin to create multiple categories, For example, for a community sharing news and tips for smartphones, the ability to create the 1st category based on companies (Apple, Sumsung, Nokia....) and 2nd category based on phone types (for Apple, iphone 4, iphone 5...., for Sumsung, Galaxy S2, S3....).

    3. To echo other's thoughts about the commenting system, a powerful commenting system would be key to the success of a community based on SE5 which is all about sharing and commenting IMO. It should be able to

    A: handle hundreds of comments
    B: handle multiple layers of comments
    C. easily browse first or last comments
    D: ........

    I hope you can consider some of these features. Thanks!
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      Drew Frey Thanks for these awesome suggestions [242,Shawn Ye]
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      monti Shawn, I love and share your suggestions.

      I want the sub category idea as well: https://community.socialengine.com/post/1005/sub-categories-for-posting
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      Alex Benzer [242,Shawn Ye]

      1. That's already implemented, just not setup here on this demo. The feed widget lets you specify a category and sorting method, and you can create multiple pages with any label you want for each combo of these settings.

      2. Currently the admin can only create one set of categories. But we'll think about a 2-tiered category option.

      3. Totally agree with you. This baked-in commenting system supports flat comments or layered comments, voting or likes, etc. You can also easily replace it with Disqus or Facebook Comments
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    They said there was free beer here
    *lol* just wishing it was beer thirty already 2 more hours to go! Happy Wednesday! *cheers*
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    Three content focus samples SE5 designers to consider


    Newsfeed of;
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      s.ziyad People who voted for the story should be on display, i guess.
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    October 2014 Release Notes
    October 30th
    • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly assign image dimensions for animated .gif images breaking the "board" layout [#cloud]

    October 28th
    • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly return a "Page not found" for sites that had "member url" functionality enabled and the user chose to use an underscore in their url. [#cloud]
    • Increased the member limit at which we disable weekly email digest from 3,000 to 4,000 [#cloud].
    • Added a bit of helpful text around digest notifications that exposes the limits that were mostly hidden before [#cloud, #admin] 

    October 21st
    • Fixed an error that would improperly display email subjects that contained non-ascii characters in some clients. All emails will now be property sent in UTF-8 encoding  [#cloud]

    October 18th
    • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed imported items author name, author url and author picture. It is now correctly displaying and linking back to the original import source (youtube, facebook, rss, instagram, or twitter) [#cloud] 

    October 14th
    • Documented ability to specify a category id for the feed widget. [#site]
    • fixed a bug in post by email functionality that would duplicate the post content when creating a new post from email message. [#cloud]
    • Best for last: changed the link that was used in the domain display to link directly to the item instead of domain's home page [#cloud]

    October 6th
    • Fixed a bug in mini-feed widget that would incorrectly display "from (deleted)" when using auto-import feature, the display is now identical to the main feed. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where member's website and social details were hidden [#cloud]
    • Removed sign-up for our built-in affiliate program and instead directed people towards our affiliate program on cj.com [#site]

    October 1st
    • Fixed an issue where the feed widget did not respect pagination when using the "featured" data-type. [#cloud]
    • The fields in the edit member form are not longer auto-populating. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where unapproved members would appear in the new members widget. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where the follow button would appear in the hovercard, even though following was disabled. [#cloud]
    • Disapproved members profiles are now visible, but includes a message that they are no longer active. [#cloud]
    • Added a new support top-level page to making finding support resources easier. [#site]
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      Edwin Rivera Team- I am wondering when do we expect major changes on this platform and re- focus on product development vs just fixing issues with cosmetic changes. We do really desire to develop strong communities and our businesses as you evolve; however we can not do it if your goals are not in alignment with our needs. I am customer since 2012 and I am not fulfilled to launch our community.
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      seTweaks Is there a technical limitation in the application/database that won't allow you to make posts editable ?
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      Rick Von Ruden Sure would be nice to see the SE Cloud development roadmap very soon. I really want to start a new cloud site but am waiting until I can see SE development plans for SE Cloud. Need member ability to edit posts and comments before I try SE Cloud again.
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    SE Cloud Maverick Homepage (coming this fall)

    SE Cloud Maverick HomePage

    I tried several times to find a way to create a great homepage without the inconvenience to create a new template or to use invitation mode.

    "At the end I found it with only few CSS & Jquery changes" 


    - Full Screen Size
    - Sign In or Create Account (instead Invitation)
    - Search
    - Use your current homepage
    - Few CSS & Jquery
    - Available for Board Theme

    Let me know if you're interested!
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      Robin Dear followers,
      If you use Board Theme you can try to add this jquery in the header to get a similar aspect.

      <script type="text/javascript">
      $(document).ready(function() {
      if ($(".profile-link").length != 0) {
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "40px");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "fixed");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background-color", "#F8F8F8");
      else {
      $("html, body").css("height", "100%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "100%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "relative");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background", "url('http://media.ieverythingtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/W8IdvVk.jpg') no-repeat fixed center center / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .left").css("display", "none");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("position", "fixed");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("left", "40%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("top", "50%");
      $("#page-hot #content_wrapper ").css("display", "none");
      $("#page-hot #footer_wrapper").css("display", "none");

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      Nainou I m interested can we have this
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      Kimmie Like it.
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    Motivational Wallpaper
    Credits : http://theultralinx.com/2013/04/13-motivational-wallpapers.html
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    [250,Drew Frey] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer] Just wanted to start with you guys are always the best and have always attended to all our needs. So please do not take this in the wrong way. I run my site like I do a business, and just like you probably do I want to know when something might happen. If all possible, could you please help SportzHype and all other SE members by giving a heads up when the site will go down and a rough estimate of how long? I rather plan for it, then get caught of guard. Thanks and have a great weekend!

    SportzHype Team
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      Jung Kim Thanks for the feedback! Apologizes and I agree 100%. We will be working on a solution for this.

      Anyways I am excited about this push. We have some pretty awesome features! :) We'll be blogging about the features shortly.
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      Kimmie Yes, that would be helpful. Thanks.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Agree.. An email or anything.. Just a heads up :D

      Love what I have found for now tho..
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    Hey guys. Our site is now live!
    Hi. Our launch date is just around the corner: 3*1*13.

    We are extremely excited and want to give a huge thanks to the seTweaks Developers for helping bring VoiceBee to life literally. (Special thanks to Ali. Thanks my new friend).

    Just to let you know, our BEE gets happy when you click on the video, request invite, or place your cursor on him. Yeah he's a HAPPY BEE and we are doing the HAPPY BEE DANCE TOO because I am officially following my dream.

    Thanks to the SE team for providing an amazing platform.

    Hope you enjoy your visit to VoiceBee ;-)

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      info Your site is amazing [1007,VoiceBee] , I wish you luck and success!
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      seTweaks You're welcome Kim, It was nice working with you and I hope you'll have a great success with the site.
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      SportzHype [1007,VoiceBee] Love the landing page, also all the details that people take for granted that you did was awesome... small things like the footer of your site "© 2013 VoiceBee About F.A.Q Help Blog Guidelines Safety Tips Copyright Terms Privacy Press Advertise Facebook Twitter Youtube" many more things we loved, just remember us little guys when you blow up! :) Great work.
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