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    How to add a back to top button on your network?
    Just add this code in Page template/footer. See live at http://aquanetviet.socialengine.com/

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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Update: this code is hosting in SE cloud.
      <!-- Back to top -->

      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/249/132757.js"></script>

      <!-- End Back to top -->
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      Drew Frey Great tip [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] . Maybe this something we should incorporate out of the box?
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    Is it possible to remove SE references in "View Source"...trying to w...
    I see references to socialengine.com in the Google Analytics code and se5revolution in a lot of places. Thanks for the consideration.
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      monti I agree. This is extremely important to me, it has to be 100% white label.
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      s.ziyad on my site just one place shows it. will be good not to have it.
      <script type="text/javascript">
      var _gaq = _gaq || [];
      _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-29066696-1']);
      _gaq.push(['_setDomainName', 'socialengine.com']);
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    Integration with LINKED IN is also imperative
    We have successfully integrated Facebook and Twitter with SE-5. Please ensure and I suggest that you also include "Linked in". Some of our networks will target specific niche markets (i.e. professionals) and the integration with Linked in will be imperative. Please include it in the Sign-in process, the Invite friends section and other areas that can be integrated as Facebook/Twitter. Thanks for your continued improvements and outstanding job with SE-5.
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    New SE5 Template 2nd Screenshot
    Here is a second screenshot of my Template Mockup
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      seTweaks You're stating that this is your mockup but Its not. this is a mockup from "Barton Smith" which was published on 2009 and I believe you can't publish it without his permission and it is against SE rules too to publish a copyrighted material.

      Here is the original page : http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Facebook-Facelift-Home-Profiles-_-Publisher/314489
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      J-Kay Justin, i wi buy your Themes/Designs :) Thats nice
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      Drew Frey This seriously looks awesome.
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    Mobile Plugin
    Make SE5/cloud compatible with mobile!
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      Drew Frey Couldn't agree more. We're working on nailing this right now!
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    SE5 theme for SE4
    I really like the theme of SE5 to use it on SE.
    I asked before if this theme is available but nobody answer me so i decide to start and make it myself.

    Let me know what do u think of it. thank
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    User Levels
    I know I asked this before in another post but will we have user levels? Like paid, registered, admin, moderator, etc.?
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    App for Android and iPhone?
    Will this new version of her application for Android and iPhone, iPad.
    And will it pay?
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      LionHeart this would be a great.
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      Drew Frey I've seen quite a few people talk about the need for an integrated mobile experience. Thanks for bringing this up [103,Jean]
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      faisal like, https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/id539124565?mt=8&affId=1736887
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    I am noticing some GREAT DEVELOPERS, (Skayz, Hire-Experts) on this Beta Test and that's an indication to me of some very interesting plug-ins, modules, add-ons and themes.

    Hey Testers... This would be a great time to give some direct input to what you would like to see in those custom designs.

    Don't be shy. We want SE5 to reflect the direction Social Networking is moving with a cleaner, faster, in-obstructive presence yet each owner displaying there own unique look and identity without looking like the cookie cutter.
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      Matt Macias I know we're certainly excited to see what these great teams will come up with once the API is released. We'll be featuring iPragmatech very soon on our blog, and they have some great thoughts!
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    I would like to see "Board"
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      Alex Benzer We'll load it up on this beta soon [113,Carlo Paguyo]! Hopefully this week
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    Looking sweet
    On first looks very slick and cool, load times are awesome 10/10
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    Thanks guys for allowing me to test the beta
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    Welcome Donna!
    Greetings all! We have some exciting news for everyone. We’d like you all to join us in welcoming the newest member of our team, Donna Bryant. Donna will be joining SocialEngine as our Chief Evangelist and we couldn’t be more excited.

    Keep an eye out on the blog and in the founder’s community and say hi when you see her around!

    Welcome aboard Donna!
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      James Clark We are excited to have Donna as part of the SocialEngine team. As Chief Evangelist, starting out she'll be working with our developer and user communities to ensure we're providing content, knowledge base articles and getting feedback incorporated into our business processes. We've got plans/ideas, but we also look forward to Donna's input into how she can best support our efforts.
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      gs Welcome aboard :) Wishing you much success here and looking forward to reading what you'll be adding to the SE experience.
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      Eugene Hey Donna!

      It's nice to (virtually) meet you. Could you let us know what is your current plan as a Chief Evangelist?

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    August 2014 Release Notes
    August 28th
    • Fixed an issue that would continue summary and item update emails even if user's account was turned off (by un-checking verified) [#cloud]
    • Updated page copy, added pictures, and added an open job position to the SocialEngine Jobs page [#site]
    August 15th
    • Fixed an issue that allowed users to enter profile address urls longer than 16 characters.  Added front-end validation to notify users of the limit [#cloud]
    • Updated documentation for mini-feed widget to be correct [#site]
    • Removed ability to modify urls for a lot of built-in pages, as the internal routing depends on those urls to not be modified [#cloud]

    August 12th
    • Fixed an issue with some sites incorrectly parsing utf-8 characters in link previews [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from turning facebook functionality back on by either removing their V2 FB app or entering a V1 facebook app [#cloud]
    • Modified the wording and visual style to more accurately indicate the severity of utilizing Twitter and Facebook logins with the custom domain [#cloud]

    August 8th
    • Fixed an issue that prevented invite tweet from being posted [#cloud]

    August 5th
    • Fixed an issue that prevented facebook posts from ever being imported [#cloud]

    August 1st
    • Fixed an issue that did not correctly remove the links to private messaging if private messaging was disabled. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue with custom templates that would break the page if a textarea element was added. [#cloud]
    • Updated the twitter hashtag/keyword importing functionality and made it a lot more robust. [#cloud]
    • Replaced Company link with the Blog link in the header. [#site]
    • Fixed summary emails under certain conditions not being sent out. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue in the board theme that prevented the (more...) link from showing up in the longer comments [#cloud]
    • Updated initial welcome email to include a link to the newly created "Getting started" video [#site]
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      Rick Von Ruden Any chance of getting the member edit posts/comments this month? My cloud site expires 9/15/14, and if this does not exist before then, I will be cancelling my cloud site.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Thanks. I need the feature, http://community.socialengine.com/post/1625969/option-to-view-full-and-minimize-button-in-posting-area. Please check and consider to add this to SE cloud!
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Getting started video, where can I find it? Great update :D
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