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    Need a check box or something like that for featured post function
    Hi creators,

    Featured post function is very important for SEC, as we can use the feature for advertisement posts or important posts. To make a post as featured, we (admin) have to go to Post/Edit post and check in the check box. I think it will be better if we have the check box when admin post an article. 
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    June 2014 Release Notes
    June 23rd
    • Fixed an issue auto-imported RSS feeds only adding one item, instead of 10 per feed. [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue auto-imported RSS feeds sometimes not having post descriptions, even though they had content [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue with the online members widget not properly showing guests [#cloud]

    June 19th
    • Fixed a problem with link preview not working for certain sites that require cookies to access content such as New York Times [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue with auto-imported images from twitter not showing up in iOS [#cloud]
    • Improved the way our deploys are done to minimize the downtime [#cloud, #site]

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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Why is it not possible to have addthis or shareit share buttons in the gallery viewer ?
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      Lacey Wallace I'd like to see a bigger "Create Account" Icon... or is there any chance it could just say "Sign up!" in big letters?
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen There is also a bug with the comment from posts>li when you have set the posts to external and not internal. When you push the comments count, you should be able to jump to the page post and see the comments, but you are jumping to the external page. So to have posts go external is not useful
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    May 2014 Release Notes
    Hey guys, this will be a ongoing monthly thread with latest cloud/website notes.  Updated whenever we do a new push.

    May 30th
    • Fixed a bug that did not respect 'optional' flag for including photo field in signup, forcing it to be required if it was displayed [#cloud]
    • Applied various fixes to our asynchronous workers to improve stability [#cloud]

    May 26th
    • Added an error message when uploading a photo that was too big, also increased the size of uploads from 2Mb to 20Mb [#cloud]
    • Further enhancements to the mobile-friendly themes after our fixes on May 20th. Related to sign up buttons, avatars, etc [#cloud]
    • Fixed verified flag for newly created users on cloud to actually require verification [#cloud]
    • Fixed a bug that would in certain cases prevent verification and forgot password emails from being sent out [#cloud]

    May 20th
    • Fixed a bug that would not update search after you edited your post/user profile [#cloud]
    • Fixed a bug that duplicated search results, results now paginate correctly and do not duplicate [#cloud]
    • Modified viewport used in the mobile version of the site to not be 0.1, making everything else gigantic, its now much easier to make style modifications to mobile theme. [#cloud]
    • Fixed compose button in private messages [#cloud]
    • Digest emails for post replies now correctly link to the post [#cloud]

    May 13th
    • Revered the product page due to poor conversions of the new design [#site]
    • Fix unapproved post bug. Now posts that get set as not approved will no longer show up in the list of posts [#cloud]

    May 9th
    • Feature: Added link to our public bug tracker under support drop down [#site]
    • Feature: Updated site showcase, removing a site thats offline. If you have any cool sites we should be showcasing contact support@socialengine.com [#site]
    • Feature: added FAQ item on how to recover your account. [#site]
    • Bugfix: Closed tickets stay closed, previously you'd be able to reply but our support wouldn't be able to see the reply [#site]
    • Bugfix: Removed bogus notification number in your cloud site if your account was disconnected in a certain way [#cloud]
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      Odell Thanks for the updates
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      Rick Von Ruden Why not do blog posts for cloud fixes like you do for php. Some cloud subscribers don't come here. Also I don't see any responses on your bug and suggestions site for cloud.
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      Rick Von Ruden Thanks for the bug fixes and mobile fix
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    Wahoo! Instagram connection now available
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      Atelier Gavriel Ok for instagram, thanks - please update us when we can do the same for members - its important for us. Regarding FB - can we pul a feed to our network from our facebook group page? it seems like its only FB connect... and last question -how come the share feature doesnt show any options in it ? is it a bug or somthing i am doing wrong ? thanks for your time :)
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      Atelier Gavriel can i let my community members also connect or is it only for the community administrator ???
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      s.ziyad [1007,VoiceBee] [52,Jung Kim] how do i connect the site to FB Page? - its connects to my profile.
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    API - We need it.

    Application programming interface

    An application programming interface specifies how some software components should interact with each other. Wikipedia
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      BumpShaman This would help tremendously with developing our own mobile apps, correct?
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    Congratulations to SE5 Cloud on 1200 Members
    Congratulations to SE5 Cloud on 1200 Members!!
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    Small tip: Add a contact page in your cloud site
    Hello creaters,

    I would love a official contact page for all of our SE cloud site, but now we have to wait. No problem, I will share with you a small tip that can help you to create a contact page for your site. Follow these steps.

    1. Go to your admin/page template/add new template. Fill the page title as "Contact", Page name "contact.html", page URL: "http://WWW.YOURSITE.COM/contact"

    2. Go to the site http://kontactr.com/, register a free account, follow instruction, copy and paste AJAX Widget code into the "content" field of the contact page. Notice: paste the widget code between "".

    See my example below:

    If you want to contact us about anything relating to the site (or anything unrelated for that matter) then you can use the form. We'd love to hear from you...

    3. Go to the footer template: add the link of the contact page "http://YOURSITE.COM/contact" in footer. If you do not know how to add link in the footer, check the topic http://community.socialengine.com/post/132086/how-to-add-link-in-footer.

    It's done. Check it lives here, www.aquanetviet.org.

    Good luck to you:)
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    What's on the way?
    Any chance of a little info on what your planning for SE Clould as far as plug-ins and features go.
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      Nainou The answer will be very helpful. We need to work close together to give feedback to improve the new upcoming features.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Would love to know this my self, as I am going to create a new theme from scratch.
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      Kimmie Great question. Answers would be helpful.
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    Ability to preview audio files before downloading?

    I think it would be beneficial to be able to preview an audio file before downloading it. Maybe put a small music player below the attachment?
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    Option to view full and minimize in posting area
    I think SE need to add an option for view full and minimize in posting area like the screenshot. It's very difficult to view and edit a long article in the small box, and the problem is that when we "miss click" outside the post box, it will lost all things we add before! It's make me confusing.
    Anyone have a same problem? Any solution for that?
    Thank you
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      BumpShaman Curious if there's any thoughts on this from Team SE...
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      s.ziyad yes, i do face the same issue. we need to check how other sites solve this problem.
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    Wahoo! FaceBook Invite Is Now Working ;-)
    Very excited because I have been without this feature and now it works. It even work for PRIVATE SITES!

    Thanks SE.
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    Many Ning Members Moving To SocialEngine
    We've recently seen a lot of Ning users email us or switch platforms entirely over the last few weeks. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear more about what made you pull the trigger and move to SocialEngine. :) Thanks guys!
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      Kimmie [15205,Jule] , I would definitely recommend SE Cloud. It is what we have chosen and I'm absolutely in love with it. I have no development skills and work with an affordable designer [73,seTweaks] . If you can change to SE Cloud I think you will be really happy. The admin panel is user friendly and you also get SEC support. I literally tell people I have an IT team because of the support they provide. For me, support responses are always within 24 hours and my problem is always resolved or put on the list to be resolved and they come through. So I hope you give SEC a chance. If you have questions or want to msg me please feel free to do so.
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      Alex Guillaume Ning or SEC are a great tool when you begin a social network. But when you want a lot of optimizations, SE PHP is a great tool... to date. I really look forward to launch my new social network and to ask my 16000 Ning members to switch to it. Hope this time it will be the last time I loose most of my network when moving from one platform to an other. (SocialGo -> Ning -> SE php)
      PS : Developping a complete SE php, runing fast, with some optimizations, and good pluggins... cost me about 5000$. :-(
      For the same platform, home made in 2009, would have cost me 150 000 to 200 000 $ !!! :-)

      So ask me the question in 6-12 month... I'll tell you if it's a good idea or not to switch to SE !
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      Joan Hi Drew, we're total newbies and we initially had about 6 ideas for social sites. We settled on one and then had a trial with SE and Ning. We thought SE was great all along but went with Ning 'cos they offered a paid access solution with a ready hosted platform. SEPHP was not something we felt we had the skills for at the time and we just didn't want the hassle or cost of self hosting. It was a very stressful time! Cut a long story short Ning just didn't deliver. It was ridiculously slow, clunky, uninspiring, boring, the community manager was as much use as a wet rag and in the end it just didn't excite us. SEC on the other hand does. It's fast, intuitive, great design, great team, great support, priced just right and just a great place to be. We're using Cloud and we love it! In January the Ning Community manager left to go elsewhere (please tell us he's not coming to SE!) Before he went he posted that Ning had "big things" planned but he couldn't say what it was, blah, blah, blah. So maybe the recent interest from Ning customers might correspond to whatever the "big thing" was, not working out? Anyway we've solved our paid access problem (we think) simply by using a Paypal Subscribe button and we'll launch on SEC soon. We won't win any design awards or anything but we're taking a longer term view on the SE team. Kind of like betting on Dyson, early on against Hoover. So thanks Drew for the often insightful community input and the rest of the SE team for their hard work in delivering a fantastic product. Keep focused 'cos you've got the beginnings of a great company.
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    Hi [37,Alex Benzer] [250,Drew Frey] [38,Shaun Harding] and everyone in the community..

    I think in the ADMIN when we create CATEGORIES we need to be able to add bit of more details to be more SEO effective.