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    Hi. When are you going to add multiple languages feature or make possible to edit any text of the interface?
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    Feature/Idea-"Watching"- Feed, Main Menu and Page Template

    Now we receive a notification of the posts that we are "watching" and when someone has made a comment. However, I think that a better approach will be a page where user can review the posts that is watching for comments or simply to review those posts in a later date. Please include "watching'' as a feed (data-type), at the main menu bar and as page template (ADMIN section- similar to new, following, hot etc.). "Watching" will be seen have similar design as the "following" or "new" in the board theme and the stream theme.

    Please keep doing your great job, keep us posted and launch new features when they are fully developed. We are all excited with the momentum gained and the bold direction of SE Cloud. Thanks for your continued support!
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      Edwin Rivera @Robin I had to submit a ticket on November 29th to add the feature. [52,Jung Kim] mentioned that this feature is not available and it will be added as requested feature. @Jung Kim Do we have updates on this request?
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      Robin Did you get something?
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      Robin I've tried but until the watch is in the post template I cannot filter in the feed. Let see with more time what can done.
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    A wink for French SE Cloud Fans
    Stop a moment to work and enjoy yourself!
    Today from my natal city. Cancan tonight!
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      Drew Frey I remember walking by that 6 years ago when I was in town. [2440,Robin] , you are one lucky man. :)

      La belle vie!
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    Peel this page
    Dear followers,

    You loved it in SE PHP now you can get it in SE Cloud too!

    See the example:

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    Is this all for SE CLOUD: Any development plans?
    Did you once and for all complete SE Cloud? Why is there no development plans shared with us?
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      Jung Kim Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response. Our team has been out for the Thanksgivings holiday. I personally ate too much on Thursday and have been knocked out from food coma most weekend.

      The past couple weeks we have been working on small feature sets and a lot of minor bug fixes. We hope to push this to the production server this week. We are also working on some of the must have features while making the SE Cloud completely stable. Our team is watching this community site closely so please keep those feature ideas and bug reports coming!

      The majority of the time and effort of our developers is being used to make the API. We getting very close to sharing the details really soon. The API will open doors to our 3rd party developers and also help us internally to bring new features in a more stable manner faster. This is very exciting for us.

      CC: [89,Mark Peterson] [499,Sam] [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] [2724,Ty Bolton]
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      Jeremy Castro I am very optimistic about this application. I used SE PHP in the past and it seems this team has nailed this evolution of their product. It's interesting because I can't find much info about on their site. I took the risk because I know they put out a solid product before. I have the same concerns mentioned by [2724,Ty Bolton] below, especially because we don't own the code and host the site. Also, I would love to see what plans there are for us to monetize this thing!
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      Mark Peterson I have the same question too.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    Just wanted to wish everyone a joyous and happy Turkey day. Pray you enjoy your Holiday and special time with family and friends.
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    iPhone Menu Enhancement
    It's amaizing what you can do with this SE Cloud!
    A slide out menu like in the Facebook iPhone app ...

    I would propose to have the possibility to create page for Mobile only and new Home...

    I really recommend this example from Aldomatic:
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    New SocialEngine PHP Theme - Transformer
    Transformer convert your SocialEngine into a whole new fresh design with great details and a user friendly interface. the clean design of the theme is easy on the eyes and users will enjoy browsing your community. Transformer is also a responsive theme and optimized for IPad and all tablets. Mobile theme and FREE 60 days support is included.

    To view more photos or purchase the template visit the following link :

    What do you think ?
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    I like the updates SE did tonight!
    I can finally use IE9 to upload photos, and I like the new post format.
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      Rick Von Ruden I did not test the mobile theme until after I posted the above. All I can say is the mobile themes need lots of work, but I love the desktop changes, and know it is only a short period of time to get the mobile themes correct. Keep up the great work. P.S. Lists will be an extremely important aspect of my mobile members so please ensure lists can be accessed via the profiles. Thanks
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      Alex Benzer Thanks [1134,Rick Von Ruden] !!!
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      Drew Frey YES! Glad you like it.
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    Would it be possible to give admins the ability to set point(s) amount?
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      EWonzen It would be great to have customizable Badges, Points, Leaderbords, Challenges, or other social engagement tools, do you have plans along those lines?
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      Kimmie And what features gives members points & how much? Didn't get points for posting this topic.
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    Admin should have unlimited up voting!
    if your logged in as site admin you should be able to up vote posts as much as you see fit.

    when i want to bring attention to a members/or my post , a high vote count would entice members to....
    1 - vote more
    2 - read the post
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      Drew Frey If you're talking about making a post 'sticky' as an admin (so it rises to the top automatically) we have been talking about that functionality internally. Glad to hear that there are others out there that feel the same way.
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      Soundman I may want to vote something down a few times too.
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    Each theme should have an "images" folder
    As I don't see any way to add images to a theme, I would suggest that you add an "images" folder for each theme.
    The images from this folder should be seen also on the admin panel, with options to Add new images, and Delete-Replace for each image (*when you "Replace" a image it should keep the name of the replaced image, not take the name of the newly added image, this is for CSS purposes, to not change the link to that image).

    Maybe the images can pe placed under "Appeareance" > "Template Images", like "Page Templates" that are different for each theme.

    A Drag and Drop for images would be nice too.

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      Eugene As a quick workaround it might be a good idea to have images list in manifest file. The same way as theme files are listed. Currently it's hard to get theme in a package. Non-tech person won't be able to install it.
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    Feedback Friday: Why Did You Decide To Build an Online Community?
    Online communities are great ways to engage your current customers, potential customers, raving fans, your biggest supporters...you name it!

    But what made you decide to pull the trigger and start one from scratch?
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    Live Examples (SocialEngine Cloud)
    Since SocialEngine Cloud is live it looks like people already started to build communities with it.
    If anyone wants feedback, critics, suggestions (and possibly first members as well) share the URL of community you are building and let us know more about it.