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    SE Cloud - How to gamify ?
    I'm not sure how to gamify members. I didn't see a document on suggestions. It would be nice to provide "awards" for members posting and commenting at a certain level. 

    Is this possible and I'm missing something? I see there are points awarded -- but what can we do with the points? 
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      Donna I'm asking the team for suggestions for this. :)
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      Donna https://www.socialengine.com/support/cloud/theme-doc#widget-members-leaderboard we have a tutorial for the leaderboard if that's something that interests you. :)
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      Donna The only thing I can think of right now for points is to have some sort of contests for most points for whatever actions get points. Then let that user be the star for the month. Alternately, get together with various businesses to offer prizes (digital would be easier).
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      Eugene Emeka, you have sent us 2 emails requesting help, but have not replied to any of our answers asking for any details.
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      Donna Hello Emeka,

      What things do you need help with? If you need customizations, you can get some here, http://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/developers , from the developers on that list. If you need something else, perhaps our tutorials can be of assistance, https://www.socialengine.com/support/cloud/faq .
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      Sieg Hi Emeka,

      Do you need help with what?
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    Support Tickets Response Time
    How long does it generally take for someone to respond to new support tickets? I opened one 3 days ago and one 2 days ago and I still haven't heard back from anyone.

    Any ideas?

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      seTweaks Make sure you have enabled "Support Notify" from your account so you'll get notified by email when support answers to your tickets: https://www.socialengine.com/client/edit . Also, SE Cloud support is available on weekdays only so if you open a support ticket on Saturday or late Friday, support answers on Monday. This is for SE Cloud only. SE PHP support is available on weekdays and weekends.
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      Eugene [131308,Stepan Mazurov], is there something wrong? Previously SE team required 3rd party developers to reply support requests within 24 hours. Our team still follows this rule.
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      Rick Von Ruden I don't even know if they have anyone on staff right now that knows the se cloud code since they haven't done any updates on the cloud product since July.
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    Setup a SSL Certificate for SE Cloud
    I need help setting up a SSL certificate on my community, does anybody know hot to do this? 
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      Stepan Mazurov We do not currently offer ssl for custom domains (your .onsocialengine.com domain is available over ssl). You can set up ssl using a proxy service, such as CloudFlare: https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/
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      Dave I have a VPS with my hosting service and they installed a ssl certificate for a very resonable cost. Perhaps if you are still in need, you should consider contacting your hosting company to see if they can help.
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    Photo Album plug in - basic
    I am on the trial version of Social Engine Cloud. My primary objective is to allow photo sharing and chat. I was able to get a basic cometchat function to work, but I can't seem to find a basic albums plug in for SocialEngine Cloud. Is there a free basic albums plug in?
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    What's new with CLOUD Addons etc ?
    Hey all

    I have a few active socialengine clouds, which helps to reduce the cost of building the site, and all the customisation needed. However, I find there's not enough change and I want to keep adding value to my growing audience.

    What's in the plan for this year in terms of themes or other widgets and services ?  There seems to be nothing added since December, and only one widget CometChat.
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      seTweaks We have a SocialEngine Cloud Theme in our store :
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    Dear Support,
    Please guide me re-activate my suspended account!
    What Im gonna do?

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    Quick question about media files in SE Cloud themes
    When developing a cloud theme, how can I reference to a media file in the theme package ?

    For example I have a CSS file in the package and I want to link it in the header template. What would be URL to this CSS file ?
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    Best way to advertising on SE cloud
    I am wondering the best way to monetize the traffics to our website. 
    We are using SE cloud. Anyone?
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    Social Engine Addons vs YouNet ( Plugin Vendor Comparisions)
    Hey Guys,
    Would greatly appreciate any feedback and your expertise !!

    We ( social engine newbies) are looking  to create a sophisticated artist and event management portal.
    - would require advanced membership / advanced events / advanced everything.

    We are looking to go with a plugin vendor for THE LONG HAUL to realize our vision.
    The plugin vendor needs to be reliable , have latest updated features and help support us along the way.

    We have narrowed it down to SocialEngine Addons vs YouNet

    Question1 ) Is it possible or normal to use 2 different plugin vendors integrated with our database / web portal ??
    Question 2) Please let us know what you think of the information weve got about these 2 plugin vendors.


    SEA Pros
    - Lots of features which we could use
    - they have subscription plan for installationa nd support 
    * any idea if its worth it?

    SEA Cons
    -Only supports AWS hosting 

    -AWS hosting panel is complex and pricey along the way
    *We want to go with fastcomet or TMD - they do not support it

    -Their support is lacking and cumbersome to build a relationship or help us to decide which plugins and subscriptions we want to buy

    They have great testimonials from subscribers 
    -They have YOumusic plugin
    *any idea if this a stable plugin ?
    - They dont have live support - no is unreachable
    - Dont know if they are the right partners for the long haul
    Any comment / feedback and help wou;d be greatly appreciated to help us make a decision
    Thank you so much !

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      Eugene > SEA Cons
      -Only supports AWS hosting

      Why is that?

      If you are starting a new community - don't install "all advanced" plugins you can find. Install bare minimum, get members -> add more plugins as you go.

      If you are starting with less plugins you will get the following benefits:

      1. You will rely on 3rd party support less.

      2. Functionality will be more streamlined and easier for new members

      3. You will have less website sections, meaning existing sections will be more popular. There is nothing worse than a view of stagnant community section.

      4. You will be able to keep community members engaged by asking them what they need to add and adding some of those features.

      Take a look on reddit features. It's pretty empty, yet that's one of the most popular self-sustained communities.
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    Documentation to develop a theme for SEPHP 4
    Is there a place to read about documentation to develop a theme for social engine php?
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [28851,AlexM], thanks for reaching out. Yes, we've got a support article in our KB section on this topic that you may check out here: http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/portal/articles/1638325?b_id=4311

      Hope that helps! Thanks.
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    Can anyone help me with advice?
    I'm desperately trying to change my cover image on site. Any suggestions?
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [181584,Sabrina A. Samone],

      If you're trying to refer to some 3rd party cover photo related plugin, we suggest you to contact the respective plugin developer regarding your query / issue.

      If this is something related to core SocialEngine PHP features, I would be able to help you if you can just share a screenshot of the feature explaining the problem a bit more in details. Thanks.