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    Users Login With My Account
    This is a pretty weird a serious problem that already happened with me and now after upgrade to 4.9.2 started to occur again.

    Sometimes users relate that they login as my user when using the website. The system become a few slow when they refresh their pages, my avatar appear instead of their avatar. 

    This seems to happen only when I am logged in also and yesterday this happened between me and one of my administrators. I really dont know how to track this issue, since after a refresh everything return to normal. I really need a help since this is serious risk for my website and community.


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      Gabry Hi, well this is just an idea , i don't know if is really from here but it comes in my mind ... what kind of cache are you using ? If you use a custom cache and not file based , try to use for some time the file based , maybe is a fault from the cache that you use now and the website is serving the cached files in a bad way.
      Second, if you are on a VPS with WHM/Cpanel, try some 3'rd plugins for verify if your system is vulnerable to viruses or some kind of injections, attacks or scan your system files to see if is clean.
      I am thinking that you said it happen also in the past and now after upgrade started again ...and as nobody else reported this kind of problem maybe is coming from your settings in hosting and not from SE script.
      The same if you have WHM/Cpanel try to check if your SQL server has some problems and also Optimize the tables for your SE database with phpMyAdmin if you have access.
      Can you give us your website for visit ?
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      Donna Do you have any integrations on the site or any sign on customizations?

      Do you use the "log in as user" feature and are the users that are able to log in as your user the same ones you may have logged in as?

      Are these users able to access the admin panel?

      Did you contact our support to check this?
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    Problem after updating Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, Us...
    hi  my frindes  i  get  Problem after updating  Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location Plugin  from   SocialEngineAddOns   

    when i  open    http://cumds.com/members

     i  get  this  message 

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/cumds/public_html/application/modules/Sitemember/widgets/browse-members-sitemember/Controller.php on line 252

    and  when  i open    http://cumds.com/profile

    iget this  message

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_column() in /home/cumds/public_html/application/modules/Sitemember/Model/DbTable/Views.php on line 48

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      cumds Thank you for updating the issue has been resolved

      Good luck
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      gs I can't speak for SE Staff, but typically they direct you to the 3rd-Party Dev to resolve issues with 3rd-Party Plugins. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
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      SocialEngineAddOns [154,cumds] The above issue will get resolved on upgrading the Advanced Members Plugin to it's latest version '4.9.2p3' on your website.

      You may contact our support team here in case of any further issue: socialengineaddons.com/contact
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    Add new photo and others (privacy and comments options)


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      Donna I've added the bug issue for the blog with no privacy settings selected.
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      Donna I'm checking on the image you have embedded as I thought it was fixed in our 4.9.3 but that might be something else. I will update this thread once I see further.
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      Donna Please explain the issue in more detail for us, noting the improvements we mentioned for user privacy that are coming in 4.9.3. If this is that issue, it is already being worked on. If it is something else, please describe further.

      Please when explaining, if you can explain with some written text that would be great so we can read the issue and then check photos. As the photos are breaking our security lock, we will need to remove them soon as Google and other browsers are getting very strict now. If you could, please load photos to a secure site.

      Thank you!
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    Vertical Menu
    Just thought I'd run my Vertical Menu observations by everyone and see if I'm the only one experiencing this oddity...

    Chrome: (Icon only)
    When I hover over to the right of the menu the scroll bar momentarily appears and disappears after a few seconds. If I try to grab it with the mouse (before it vanishes) and try to pull it down it wont move...but, if I use my down arrow key it'll scroll down.  If I try to click below the scroll bar and attempt at bringing it down, it thinks I'm trying to click on a menu page and redirects.

    Chrome: (Icon and Label)
    No scroll bar and no way to get the menu to move down...even with the arrow key. 

    Firefox: (Icon only)
    When I hover over to the right of the menu the scroll bar momentarily appears and disappears after a few seconds. If I try to grab it with the mouse (before it vanishes) and try to pull it down it wont move. If I hover over the scroll bar and push the down arrow key, the label that pops up and the page scroll but not the menu.

    Firefox: (Icon and Label)
    No scroll bar and no way to get the menu to move down...even with the arrow key. 

    I'm pretty sure that's not the way that menu was built so could I get some confirmation either way, please?  

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      MDNobles [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] I have checked your menu and it works perfectly when scrolling down. I actually have to zoom the screen in first before the scroll bar appears and is necessary, but after that it's a smooth scroll.

      [231316,Donna] ...

      Kevin Andrews (TMDHosting Staff 2017-06-01 14:51:40

      Hi MDNobles,

      We have reviewed your issue and we can inform you on the following:

      We recreated the issue as you explained but with a slight difference. The scrollbar did not disappear on our end. Everything else was just as you have specified:

      - clicking under the scrollbar redirects.

      - the scrollbar does not move with the mouse clicked on it.

      - the scrollbar moves with the down and up arrow key when pressed.

      We tested this from "Opera" browser.

      We are more than glad to assist you with any further questions and concerns.

      We remain 24/7 at your immediate disposal.

      Best Regards,

      Kevin Andrews
      Genius Support Team
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      MDNobles Hi Raymond...

      My Laptop's resolution is set at 1920 x 1080. I have extended my desktop to a second screen with the same resolution and the problem remains. Furthermore, I dropped my resolution to 1600 x 900 and 1024 x 768 on both the laptop and secondary screen and received the same results.

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      Raymond Benc What screen resolution are you running on your laptop? If connected to an external screen, does it change the behaviour of the menu?
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    showing no members on line to chat
    My site the other day was showing members on line the wrong numbers of members on line.

    Now it’s showing no members  so we can’t im chat does anyone know why ? and what wrong

    with im chat

    we cant chat now to friends on im chat
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      Donna Hi,

      I recall answering this recently for someone. I'm not sure if it was for you or not. The IM chat shows based on the task schedule settings. Our team had mentioned in github for another client to check those settings and if it still didn't work after changing the settings, and if you are using the most current version of our script, to please contact our support for assistance. You would need active support in order to send us a ticket for help.
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    New users unable to sign up?
    Has anyone had this issue on PHP? Every time we've tested it we get a different error code. First the captcha stopped displaying, we fixed that, now a user can get to the final steps of the sign up process, and then it fails for the user and says to contact the system administrator. 

    Anyone else experienced this?
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      Donna What errors are you seeing with development mode enabled or in your error log?

      Are you using third party plugins?

      What version of SEPHP are you using?

      What version of PHP is on the server?

      My live site and demo are not experiencing issues and my local installs are not but it's possible there is some other step you have enabled that I have not in my testing so it would also help to know your sign up routine (settings).

      Thank you!
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    3rd Party SE PHP plugins issues when updating to SE 4.9.1
    Hi All

    Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing issues with any 3rd party plugins, that have been updated for 4.9.1

    Im seeing a few issues with some plugins, and thought id see what others are experiencing, Is it be great for us all to test and confirm such bugs
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      PoeticJustice Would be awesome If 3rd party devs, gave a change log like devs do on envato codecanyon etc.

      I love change logs as you can see bug fixes, and tweaks, and then judge if the update is warrented.

      My live server is yet to be updated, Just a few bugs noticed,
      I only use [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] and [81,SocialEngineAddOns] and [196,Eugene] products

      but thought it be a great thread so others could test bugs related to 3rd party plugins, as github is purely for SE and not 3rd party
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      Donna This post is fine and might help clients avoid issues with upgrading. Just please everyone keep it civil as the original post is. I know things can heat up when sites break due to third party issues. We are aware of this continuing problem and have contacted experts to get their products updated ASAP. We'll be watching this thread as well.
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    Can't seem to delete/edit categories.
    I can't seem to delete or edit categories in the Groups and Events modules.  In other modules I can edit and delete categories but not in these modules.  The error I get is:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on null in xxx/public_html/application/modules/Event/controllers/AdminSettingsController.php on line 178

    Anybody having similar issues?  

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      Donna Hi Matt,

      This issue is fixed for our next release which shouldn't be too long before we release it. If you have active support, our support might be able to provide a patch if it's not an involved fix (meaning if it doesn't require a lot of files to edit). You could send a ticket to our support from your client account if you do have support. If not, we hope the release will be within the next few days. It depends on testing another fixed bug.
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    Duplicate profile questions in php
    I wanted to create several networks based on the members state. So when creating the profile questions I created a select box with all 50 U.S. states. I then duplicated the profile and made 8 separate member types. I now noticed that when connecting to the network that state shows multiple times.

    How can I remove the duplicate profile questions?
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      Brandon Buchanan I figured out how to fix it last night to work for my network needs. You create the question once with ADD Question. And then when you want to add the same question to a new member type you select ADD QUESTION then select DUPLICATE EXISTING and select the question you created. If you decide to edit this question later. It will actually give you a notification that it will edit the question each time it appears.
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      Brandon Buchanan Did you copy the entire address? For some reason only a portion was hyperlinked.

      I created a member type.
      And wanted to use STATE as the repeated question for all memeber types. Reason for this is because STATE will be used to determine the network for each member type for ad campaign purposes.
      After I created a member type I created a new member type and duplicated the profile. And changed everything except the STATE.
      All member types were created and was ready to create my networks.
      When creating my networks I noticed that STATE was shown multiple times. Which creates the question of which STATE do you select.

      Another way to see the multiple duplicates. Is when creating a new question in profile questions. You can select Create New or Duplicate Existing. Under Duplicate Existing you will notice multiple duplicate entries.
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      Donna Oh I think I see what you mean. In admin when I'm setting up a Network and choose for them to automatically be in one based on the selection, these all are in a long list and there's no way to see which profile type they go with. Is that what you mean?
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    Cache and Maintenance Mode Error

    I am facing a weird issue that started in the last week. I am unable to set my website in development mode using the "normal" process of click in the button in the admincp. When I click nothing happens like if the button is now working, but what is more strange is that the cache setting is displaying information from all cache option take a looking in the following screenshot:


    The normal is that the option of memcache, by example, only appear if the radio button is clicked but it displaying with even when file is enable. Someone already had this issue? I already deactivated all plugin and this issue still happening.

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      Donna Are you able to manually set it to development mode? I see the flush cache setting is not showing for you. Did you have it set to memcache before? Did you try manually clearing cache?
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    Fix: SocialEngine 4.8 and Facebook login
    We got problems on different SocialEngine installation recently due to Facebook API update. Facebook login stopped to work, no errors were in logs.

    A fix for this is found here, http://socialenginecamp.com/question/view/1091/social-engine-4-8-and-broken-facebook-login

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      Eugene @Donna there is the same issue in the newest SE 4.9 beta 1. Could you forward it to devs so it can be implemented? It will be great to add some checks there so in case of problem something will appear in error_log
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    BUGS - Which i have found and all need to be fixed for 4.9
    Hi all
    Im posting all bugs i have found and raised with Social Engine via Github
    I want everyone to be aware now, i fear they wont be fixed which is important so i think everyone needs to be aware, even the 3rd party developers because bugs will affect potential custom work.

    Mobile Issue with Multi Select Profile Questionshttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/536

    profile questions - multi select more issues found when searching membershttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/580

    Yet again another bug - Profile fields section AGAIN -  regards to multilayered questions, which reacts differently on displaying data when search, based on its top level original question, either ignores all 2nd level, 3rd 4th level question/answers, or will display no members.https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/592

    now the one below is spamming tools bug

    I can live without this being fixed for now sacrafice to make sure all above are fixed, but the above are all bugs within the sames sectors, but various bugs in general, and weird behaviour.
    If only one is fixed above, i will be deeply disappointed because its in the same area


    I will say again, please let me test 4.9 on a staging server prior to press release and release, these need fixing!!!

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      Donna Hello PoeticJustice,

      Thanks for posting. We understand your concerns and want to assure you that our Github gets checked by our technicians as part of our routine. When you post several times in the same Github tracker, it causes our technicians delays in getting things fixed. This is because they have to check every report. If you submit a duplicate report, they end up checking the same bug more than once. This takes from production time as they are in testing time. Please be patient and wait for our team to address the issues you posted, without posting duplicated reports. This will help to speed the process.

      In regards to our developer beta release. This is a release meant for third party experts to be able to get their products updated prior to a client version release. This doesn't have your bug fixes in it as it is a beta just to help third parties get updated faster. It does have many bugs fixed but the most recent ones will be in the client release that we make. Our team needs time to finish those bugs. If you keep posting comments and tagging them in it, they stop what they are doing to read your updates. This again will take from development time.

      We are committed to having a great product and to making our clients happy with great websites. Please allow us time to get this product out into production ready status. :) We assure you that your concerns are noted and that we are committed to addressing our bug tracker as efficiently as possible. Right now, staff is quite tied up addressing this beta release and also, at the same time, continuing to address bugs that remain open. If you don't hear a response in the bug tracker, it is because our team is tied up fixing currently marked bugs and will get back to testing remaining open bugs as soon as possible.

      Thanks again.
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