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PHP Feature Request

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    Handling Menuitems
    Its such a basic thing like If there are multiple member levels people would like to customize who can view what menu item. There is no answer from any of the socialengine related forums at all. Please do post if there are any effective methods to achieve too.
    Amarnath S Gauravarjanam

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      SocialEngineSolutions [220495,varshaan] Yes, as Donna said, it seems to be useful suggestion. And also, there can be 2 aspects:
      a. If the menu item is coming from a plugin, then there is a setting in the admin panel of the plugin to enable / disable viewing of that plugin based on member level (menu item will not come in case if viewing not allowed), b. You have created a new page and new menu and you want to limit the menu item of this page to some Member Levels, then instead of creating pages from Layout Editor, you can use our "Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/page-builder-and-shortcodes-plugin/" to create pages which has option to Hide / Show menu item of that page to specific member levels.

      Let me know if this helps, otherwise if you need it customized you can contact our team at: support@socialenginesolutions.com
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      Donna Hi Amarnath,

      Thanks for posting. This is the only official SocialEngine forum and this is the first time I've seen you post it here. :)

      This sounds like a good improvement if a member level does not have permission to view or post in that plugin then the menu should not show to them.

      Is that what you mean or do you mean something else?

      I am not sure if this plugin does what you want, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-menus-plugin and tried to search for more "menu" plugins but didn't find any. It is possible there is another one that I missed. You could check with the expert that made the plugin I linked to see if it allows for viewing based on member levels and I'm sure they will let you know.
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    Subscription / payment enhancements
    I'd like a few enhancements to subscriptions and payments.

    Member-visible subscription payment expiration.

    Ability to give someone a subscription for a period of time.  I have people that pay me by check, and I have to go in and manually edit the database.  Or, alternatively, the ability to have a "I will pay by check" and have a 7-14 day account expiration on that.  Anything to make the flow of subscription payments easier to manage.
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      Donna Hi Bob,

      Thanks for posting.

      Do you have any mockups (a screenshot perhaps) of how you want something like this to look?

      Have you checked for plugins that might already do this? There are some plugins for members and subscriptions in the marketplace.
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    How to serve Login Pages with HTTPS?
    Chrome and Mozilla started a few ago a new procedure that mark some pages that has information like credit card number or password as insecure.


    This will make in essence any pop-up login form useless when loaded in a non-secure https page and considering that is impossible in a Social Network force every external source to load using HTTPs this represent a big new challenge.

    Some of my pages started to display a insecure tag this week and my users started to ask why this is happening. I remember that phpfox has a feature that allow certain pages with senstive data like admincp, the login page and profile management to be loaded using https, so I would like to ask how can we implement something similar to Social Engine?

    I am trying to solve this using a rewrite rule, but was unable to solve until know. 
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      Donna My host just changed my author site to https and it works fine. The only thing I've not done is the redirect for those that might come from the http. http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/2036045-how-to-protect-your-site-using-ssl-and-https?b_id=14386 please see if that tutorial helps.
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      Donna I'll have to update that tutorial. For enabling this, which I just did for my site, instead of /application folder, change the .htaccess in the main folder wherever you have SocialEngine installed such as public_html if you don't have it in a subfolder.
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    Posts plugin with advanced posting features
    We would like to request SE to include Posts plugin as its standard feature in the next release. We were forced to go to 3rd party developers (Radcodes) to get the Posts plugin. Which would have been fine, but it is a stripped-to-the-bone plugin that doesn't even have TinyMCE and image embedding capability.  
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      Kyle Hey [228034,Mereja.com] Thanks for the feedback. You can put in feature request over at https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues and our technicians will take a look! Also, in the meantime you're in good hands with [196,Eugene] the team at over at Webhive.
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      Eugene If you are looking for something more visual check our Media Projects plugin http://webhive.com.ua/store/product.php?id_product=43

      Post can look like this
      Or this http://webhiveteam.com/demo4/whmedia/view/239/healthy-chicken-enchiladas-recipe
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    Different levels of 'Admin' to access portions of Admin Panel & Pl...
    After a year of testing (yes, still working on setting up the site) it just hit me - it seems there's no ability to allow different levels of Admins to use Admin Panel.

    Would this be an SE Feature Request or rely on Developers or both?

    For example, it would be great if Plugin access could be limited by Plugin (probably an SE issue due to (UGH - I CAN'T EVEN TYPE 1 ENTIRE POST WITHOUT TYPING PROBLEMS ON THIS FORUM - MY GOSH - CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS?) the requirement prior to accessing a Plugin .  Another useful item (probably up to the Dev/Plugin and SE) would be access Tabs/settings within the plugin - there are often some settings that could be made by lower-level Admins since they are not primary configuration settings per se, but rather more User-type settings (enabling a Sponsored or Featured icon for example).

    Any thoughts?  Thank you.
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      (deleted) On another side note, I tried this and it works but I did not find it practical. You can go into your database and get into the menus table and disable all the menus you do not want to show up in the AdminCP. I just went into the modules in the AdminCP and copied all the URLs and stuck them in text file so I could copy and pates it directly if I ever wanted to make any administrative changes to any SE or module core settings. Basically all that was left was the moderation tool items for each module or the items to add or change the public settings and features of a module. Since site moderators can basically moderate content live right on the site and I just really wanted customer support to access just account information which is why I talked about using a PHP generator.
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      (deleted) I ll tell you what I did.... I used a program called PHPMaker 2017. Basically you can have it connect to your database and it will read all your tables and select what tables you want and it will generate a nice custom interface for your SocialEngine database. It has different theme options and uses the bootstrap framework for design you can can customize it many different ways. It has its own login system so you can setup each user with access rights for different tables and options to just view a specific field or change/delete, etc. For mine I am working on having it directly change the SE users table so customer support people can view account info and make basic account changes. It works very well actually if you are like myself and have no programing knowledge at all. This program will generate all the very hard work and then I can research and used trial and error to get it how I want it. You can basically use it to generate a GUI admin panel for all tables in your SE database. So if you want a "Moderator Panel" for just moderators to have access to just user content then I am sure that could be done with this program. That is actually my next task with this program. I will make a little video tomorrow of what I am working with it and how it looks. Ill post a link to a youtube video tomorrow when I have it done and you can see for yourself of how it can work
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs] , Thanks for your suggestion, we have added this at our end for internal team discussion regarding its implementation in our future releases.

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    Buddypress Importer
    I have a old buddypress community that I would like to transfer to Social Engine. There is some importer plugin, even that outdated, or the whole process should be done manually?
    I am interested in to import not only users, but also, groups, status updates and others content.

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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Leandro, We couldn't find a tool for importing a Buddypress community onto SocialEngine along with all the content, but there are some third party plugins available from our third party developers which can be used to import the members only from a Buddypress community. But still we suggest you to contact our third party developers from http://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/developers to check if there is any tool or another possible way that allows the import of the whole content.
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    Header/Footer flexibility/options
    Item#1  It would be useful to allow the global header/footer independently of each other.  There are pages where I wish I could have one with out the other.  Right now (as you know) either they're both enabled or both disabled.

    Item#2  It would be useful to have separate header/footer for Landing Page vs. inside pages, and/or logged-in user vs. non-logged-in user.
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      gs Although it seems Item#1 is more likely to be an option/feature in SE Core, my hope is that the dev of my theme can provide Item#2, so that I may place the theme's footer wherever I wish (especially on the LP and some custom widgetized pages). The primary issue is that my Header loads things I don't want (from various developers) and also slows down the loading of my site (almost doubles from 4-5 seconds to 10ish). Paying (again) for something that should be common-sense/built-in continues to be frustrating. But then again - it wasn't until minivans added the 2nd sliding side door that people thought "duh - why didn't someone think of that before".
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out and providing your suggestions.

      We're not sure if it would be possible to implement suggestion #2 looking at current layout architecture of SocialEngine PHP but yes, we'll forward your suggestion #1 to our team and discuss internal about the possibility of it's implement in coming upgrades.

      Thanks again.
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    Site Stat Analytics Algorythm
    Hi all, I am looking for a better back-end site stat report. Something that shows how many users, males, females, different age group and how many different religious denominations are on the site as my site is religious site.

    Is this something that can be developed by SE developer? If so I am willing to pay for this as it's critical for my site.
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      seTweaks I would like to see your wireframes. Please send them to us when they're ready and we may be able to help you with it.
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      Eugene This can be developed, but the huge difference will be in details. What exactly you need to track and how you want this to be output.

      My advice - make some wireframes (without any styling) with examples how you want it too look. And provide more details about how exactly you are going to use those stats.
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    Storage Quota "Input" field instead of several options to choose from
    Looking for more flexibility for Quotas (preferably an integer/real input
    field rather than a list of selections).  I require settings between
    10GB and Unlimited.  The use of an input field would make the most sense
    and I can't understand why this wasn't already implemented.  Am I
    missing something somewhere?

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      gs Does anyone have a suggestion as pre-selected limits are well, limiting. Why can't the ML setting simply be a numeric field (representing MB).
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    Forum - something more extensive/robust
    Something much more extensive, including indented comments/replies, etc.  If not, then a link/interface to a more robust (xenforo?) forum offering as I must now ask a dev to create one.
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      gs Finally, a great 3rd-Party Forum from a dev I trust (SEAO). Plus it integrates with other 3rd-Party modules besides their own. You may consider this post answered.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out and providing your suggestions. We do have a plan to make some enhancements in our Forums module in future. For now, you may also consider using 3rd plugins available for Advanced Forum features: http://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/plugins

      Hope that helps. Thanks.
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    "Use As" for posting content, etc.
    The ability to post content "as" something else (other than the logged-in user) would be helpful.  Although this may be more of a 'hook' for 3rd-Party devs to tie into, it may be useful to those that only use SE by itself as well.The purpose is to enable users to post as themselves, or post as the Group (with the ability to select which group of course).  I assumed this ability was common in SE (and other CMS) but I've realized it isn't. My guess is that some of the 3rd-Party devs would then build from this since some of them have Plugins to expand on the "group" concept, but allowing more advanced group functionality, or the ability to have groups & pages (named "Pages" or whatever the Site-ADMIN wishes them to be called), etc.  The ability to "like" and post content as being done so by  the "group" or "page" instead of "me" is very beneficial.  Other thoughts/suggestions/enhancements to this idea are welcome.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out. We've gone through your query but we're sorry to say that we do not have any plan to implement this currently. But as you've mentioned that there are a few Advanced Groups and Pages systems available as 3rd party addons in market. So, you may use those plugins for this purpose as some of those provide such features. Thanks.
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    Wishlist (PHP): a global [site_title] placeholder to use in ALL Mail Templates
    I'm looking at the Email templates. Right away, I want a placeholder for the site name. Something like [site_title] or [site_name]

    What would be the value of that placeholder? Whatever is entered into the Admin > Settings > Site TItle part of the Admin area of the site.

    Then, in the mail templates, the [site_title] placeholder is available for each and every mail template. 
    Subject: You have received an invitation to join the [site_title] social network.

    Or, in the body of the emails, change the phrase our social network to 

    You have been invited by [sender_title] to join the [site_title] social network. To join, please follow the link below:

    This placeholder will make it possible to have more personalized emails without the site creator needing to go through each mail template to enter the same information again and again and again. 

    Just pull it from one place in the general settings for the site. Easy peasy!
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      Stepan Mazurov I think this is a great suggestion. Its not too difficult to implement, but there is one issue. All of our mail templates are stored in the database, including the placeholder parameters, so we can't make any guarantees that they weren't modified by plugins. Upgrading old templates will be tricky. We might just add a new extension point that lets 3rd party plugins modify placeholders as well.

      Thank you for your suggestion.
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      seTweaks Your suggestion will get more attention from the staff if you post it here : https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues
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    Custom HTML Block

    Lego my blocks

    This is a feature request. I want every future post on this network to have the title "HTML Block". Who's with me?

    I'm sure you get the point and I can't imagine this has not been brought up before. Again, ease of use for the admin of site running a site is the focus here because they are the primary customer.

    Imagine having the menu editor where each of the menus were called "menu" and only after clicking edit you could see the related information. Some would bear with it but I am sure would welcome individual naming of these elements. No developer would want to work with a program that would not allow you to name certain elements for easy categorization if they had the choice. Naming items saves time and avoids confusion.

    Another key benefit in naming items

    Another benefit of naming items is the possibility that these items once uniquely named could find a storage area in available blocks allowing for their reuse. In other words, they could become "custom blocks". If I wanted to use an "HTML Block" with custom htlml currently I would have to copy the code create another "html block" and paste it and save it in a similarly named "HTML Block"

    Only Social Engine benefits from being able to have their custom named boxes used over and over. This limits an admins creativity and innovation in being able to customize their site with their own custom uniquely named "HTML blocks"
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      Garfield Yay!. Custom named HTML Blocks are slated for Social Engine PHP 4.9!
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      ScriptTechs Data66 This is a great idea. Hope it gets implemented.
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      Garfield I spelled Custom wrong in the heading. Just acknowledging that. Also the first line in this post is not serious. It was meant to make a point about the inability to name the HTML Blocks. I would edit all this but my editing time expired on this post.
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    Give Admins the same editor Members use for blog posts

    Provide a Modal Editor with true power

    As I created this post I have an editor that allows me to upload images but the admin on any Social Engine Product does not enjoy the same ease of use. They need to go outside of the editor to upload an image and copy the url to paste in a low featured editor.

    This is not asking for a new feature as much as using existing technology on the site in other places. The admin is the person who will be using the site most to customize their network. However, when it comes to the editor they are given a shovel while members get a backhoe. If you can give members a dump truck then at least provide an Admin with the same power, not more not less.

    Not all potential members are coders and while a good job has been done to make the interface non-coder friendly. A wysiswyg editor is a staple of user friendly success that has been used by Wordpress to great effect. The admin is no less important a user than a regular member and in fact may actually be the critical person to focus on for user adoption because if it doesn't work for them there will be no opportunity for members to use social engine because they may go looking elsewhere for something as simple wysiswyg editor to help manage their network.

    I myself use an outside editor for the "HTML block" which is more powerful than "rich text editor". The admin rich text editor doesn't even have image upload so it's power is severely limited if people want to upload pictures from their desktop and onto their network. Using images from outside sources while quick and easy may lead to content with dead image links if those images are ever removed. 
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      Dave Thank you Garfield for mentioning "not all members are coders". I have tried to make mention of that for some time now. Although not absolutely specific to your situation, thanks for bringing it up. Is the editor you use compatible with SE? And can it be integrated easily? Cheers.
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      Francisco Ramirez It's a great idea.