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    Display Total Membership Users

    I am trying to raise funds for my community using the membership system from Social Engine and I would like to display to my users the quantity of active memberships and the total raised the month. There is some way to create a widget for this purpose?
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      Eugene This is a really good question.

      We have created different stats pages for few clients to track activity. What exactly do you want to track (posts, comments, likes, friendship requests, etc.)?
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    4.9.xx Plugin List is Alphabetical but Isn't?
    I'm sure this isn't an SE issue (which is why I'm asking here first rather than initially posting an issue @ github).

    What is actually controlling the order in this list?  For example, I have some items that are not alpha (based on the displayed information) but are (if only looking at the Plugin name).  Example is HE - Credits and HE - Virtual Gifts - the first is in alpha based on 'C' and the second based on 'V' but due to the 'HE' before it, it looks out of order.

    When this new feature was discussed (not sure if here or github or both), I mentioned this would only be userful/accurate if it was consistent - and SE would have to require Devs to be consistent (which they may have been).  I suggested that being alpha would be helpful if the Dev name preceeded it (which based on my list, SES and SEAO are doing, but 4 other devs are not).  So this new 'alpha' order isn't really alpha due to Devs still doing whatever they wish to do. 

    Not sure what ADMINs would prefer about the sequence.  Although I prefer to be alpha (with Dev name preceeding Plugin name, in order to keep them grouped together), others may wish differently.  So I guess I have a two-fold question here:
    A)  Specifically, what is this order based on
    B)  What format do Devs prefer (Dev + Plugin names or just Plugin name)?

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      Donna As a site owner, I prefer them to be Alpha order. Yes, it is hard to find plugins if they are not. I don't add a lot of plugins and only use the ones I make but I have seen client sites with many plugins and it is very hard to find things without sorting.

      As a dev, I prefer them alpha as well - Dev name with product name. Or at least dev abbreviation with product name.
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    Real social networks and where we going wrong
    I was thinking in to create this post some months ago, but every time that I start to write it something happens and I need to stop. Lets see if I can complete this mission today :)

    In first place what I will explain below may not be appliable to your social network, each niche has its own rules, so if you think that there is something interesting about your public please share in the comments.

    I am managing a community for 3 years and I learned much with my users and in a discussion I started to talk about what we may improve and the main answer was be more Facebook or Twitter. In the same moment I said "What?!?". 

    This was not the first time that users asked me to make the website more like Facebook or Twitter, but was the first where my members started to agree among them that the website should be more like Facebook or Twitter. I asked them to be more specific, but no one was able to give a good answer. Here i decided to analyse what make others social network be popular even when people are not using them.

    I started to analyse different social networks and I found some interesting points. I will not share everyone here because if I do this topic may become huge, but the main point is the simplicity.

    Did you noticed that Facebook, Twitter or any other bigger networks doesnt have a section to album, video or music except if this type of content is the central element of the community? Did noticed that most social networks has a really simple layouts with few navigation options?

    Social network softwares (like SE) are made to be useful to most different website users, but I learned that this doesnt mean that we need to "display" all features. My users really share images, but there is no necessity of the album section, my users also share videos, but rarely need to go to the video section. So here is the point, sometimes the high number of sections and features give confuses users rather than showing that the site has many options.

    So think that is really essencial for your network, sometimes just hide a section that is not used will give to your network a new fresh air that is was needing.
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      PoeticJustice I may do not different when I start out.

      Before I start, branding is literally key to me as I have helped brand clothing labels etc in the past.

      So the name and logo has to be on point. And if I can't obtain ALL the social media handles or .com

      Then I'll scrap the name completely.
      Keeping name below 15 characters is something I aim for to secure a twitter handle.

      Also when building a social network to me I want to build a brand, not a social network.

      I don't want to be referred to as "that social network for cat lovers" "that social network for cake maker" "that social network for type writer collectors"

      I want to be a name.
      So I try to market the social network as an addition to a service.

      And when deciding on features, I work from a white board.... and I roll the features out on stages.

      I would be silly to buy 20 plugins because they sound cool then upload to site, and be like enjoy all these features.... that would be mad of me to do.

      So would plan to release features in stages, so the community is like "dammmm these guys mean it, constantly working and giving us new features" "omg all these new features what could be next" hashtag excited hashtag bossstatus

      Work out your target audience and just hit them, use all big social networks for hashtags and Engadge with the people you want on your site.

      Insterestingly I read the other day

      AirBnB = No Real Estate
      Uber = Has No Cars
      Facebook = Creates no content
      Amazon = Has no stores
      Bitcoin = no currency and no physical coins
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      gs Great post and comments by Sieg, Mikel and Donna.

      Yes, I learned this lesson decades ago (but still have to hammer it into my head) when demoing software for clients (which is what converted me from sales into consulting - finding out what's needed first).

      Different content for different niches. Sometimes the answer hurts ('you mean all this time and money I spent isn't what you want??? - oh you're right - I never asked you what you wanted in the first place did I'). But sometimes in an effort to 'cover the bases' we simply add too much that no one (or too few Users) uses (at least not in the way we think).

      Always good to regroup and think/plan our sites better as to what we're trying to accomplish. Are we trying to show what's possible with software or are we trying to honour our Users' interests and grow our community by focusing on something we (and they) are genuinely interested in (and if so, what tools/apps/processes best address these needs).

      This is why I appreciate many of Kyles posts here at SE too - they often bring me back on point when I stray off the beaten path.

      Thanks for posting :)
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello.
      Mikel here. owner of www.majuuna.com
      Please if I may ad something to this discussion. Just 2 real points:
      Like you I did some research of my own a long time ago. I checked facebook and mentally took it apart to see how it works.
      1: Absolutely right, keep your network simple. don't overload it with apps / modules.
      2: Yes facebook is huge with a few members :o) but what I found was that although facebook is simple yet its strength is not the subject matter. The only thing keeping facebook alive is the members. I know that many people leave facebook all the time but many times visit (just like myself) time and again. The reason is although I have left facebook all my friends are still addicted to and use facebook because their friends are on facebook.
      So the hardest job for any new social network is to convince people that you have a community worth joining by attracting members as individuals. What I have just realised is I have to attract groups of people. Groups of friends or people with common interests. The best way to achieve this is to create mini groups, blogs, events, movies reviews, forums and other groups on your network such as photography, sports, cooking, auto. I am soon going to be launching a fresh marketing campaign to attract new members.
      My target to start with will be the obvious, food, drink, cinemas, activities. Targeting these social locations could be a great start.
      I am not going to create flyers, I'm going to get printed napkins, serviettes, as most places serve food and drink it could be a way in as these are placed on tables or on bars and everyone uses them.

      Well enough said.
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    About Me on members profile page
    Does anyone know how i would let members add HTML to about me, So members can add autoplaying youtube videos etc in About Me,

    As younet has now done away with Advanced Layout Editor there not updating anymore it’s a real shame as my members loved it so now members have no HTML.

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      francesco pillininini If anyone comes up with this plugin i would buy it! :)
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      PoeticJustice Sorry to hijack this a bit, as this is an important point that you have touched on.

      I have very strong opinions on profile signup and data etc.

      I may raise this also as feature request on git hub. But as I love @SocialEngineSolutions Im also going to give them the idea of a plugin.... because I would buy it.

      Start off, the profile fields default widget is not great.
      It shows all the data entered on signup, unless admin chooses to hide it, to which affects the actual users profile when viewing own profile, because they loads of warnings saying (only you and admin can see this)

      Admin viewing all profiles sees the horrible warnings of (only you and admin can see this)

      And in browse members this same message is displayed, if you decided to show that data on browse members,

      which affects the tables.

      So a plugin called Advance Profile Fields Widget would be awesome, when adding the widget it shows all the prole questions, and you simply tick what want shown on that profile type page.

      If only Name and about me is ticked then thats all you see.

      That would be the best plugin ever, because I hate that there isnt a widget purely for about me tied to the about me specific profile question.

      @SocialEngineSolutions If you make this, I will buy it.
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      PoeticJustice [271,francesco pillininini] I must say that [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are the best if you have a query, then message them guys
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    GIF Player Support
    I opened a ticket for this improvement in the core, but is possible that 3rd party developers would need to improve their wall/activities feed plugin. Here is the ticket:


    Now that SE support GIFs there is a problem of with timelines with several GIFs running at same time. This make the feed being a few messy and to solve this some Social Network started to use GIF Players. A GIF player is a button that only make the GIF run after being clicked. There are some libraries with a few work, only being necessary to create a class to identify that the image is a GIF. Here is a library example:

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      SocialEngineAddOns Using our GIF Player Plugin, GIF file can be played on demand (onclick or mouseover) and duration can also be set for which GIF image should play. We have used mootools library in our 'GIF Player Plugin'.
      For more info, visit the plugin description page here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/socialengine-gif-player-plugin
      Working of this plugin can be checked here: http://demo.socialengineaddons.com/
      ( Test Account: test1@seaddons.com/123456 )
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    One of My Favorite Features in 4.9 - Banners!
    I love banners! It's such a nice feature in 4.9. http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/2770246-banner-manager?b_id=14386

    There's so much you can do with banners. Some tips are in that tutorial but I would LOVE to know how you're using banners.

    What ways have you come up with to use them? Are they spicing up your community?
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      Penny Room Host Are banners supposed to be included in the new upgrade? I don't have them.
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      Mikel Coreclark GS has some great ideas with banners.
      On my site I'm going to do a ' Missing Person' like ads but i can use banners. Banners has opened up a hoe world of potential and new thinking.
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      gs Well, not sure if this is helpful since it's using 3rd-Pary Sliders/Slideshows, but this is how I plan on using them (btw - I purchased 3 different Plugins and ended up customizing one of them).

      Although they can be used in the traditional way (displaying images with/without text & CTAs), my goal is to use them primarily for advertising purposes - especially for specific content pages and allow them to be customized per content page for specific content. This allows Group1 to display a different banner/slider than Group2 sees on their page (or Events or whatever). So, although I plan on including ADMIN selected banners/sliders at various locations, from a monetization standpoint it seems better to allow Group/Event owners (or in my case since I'm using SEAO Plugins - Causes/Campaigns and Businesses) to sell advertising space on their own pages (profile, event, blog, photo albums, whatever) so it's a win-win (we both make some revenue).

      The primary purpose of my site is to provide Causes/Schools/Teachers/Veterans/1stResponders/etc. many methods of raising revenue, and this is just a no-brainer since many businesses want to reach specific eyeballs, and this seems to be a great way of doing so.
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    Please all read regarding Social Engine PHP
    Hi All

    Ive raised some feature requests and bugs over last few months.And to start off lets be honest the top dogs of social network scripts are Social Engine, PHP Fox, and Oxwall.

    But there is some contenders coming along which @Elshara documented in a post that was closed.

    Oxwall looks beautiful and its on the raise, sadly the team doesnt seem to push it in ways of advertising, and their twitter account is like hardly in use (over a year), their market place is flooded with random coders and rubbish apps

    Social Engine - IMO the best, it has all the best Developers, when you look at phpfox, oxwall, and other contenders 3rd party plugins, they dont even come close to the works of Social Engine Solutions, Social Engine Addons, Webhive, Younet, and Hire-experts.
    But, soooo much is out of date with SE, and we are all here making feature requests that should have been implemented a year or 2 years ago. I just feel SE are making it to easy for their contenders to swoop in, or for the 3rd party developers to give up and explore being PHPFOX devs only.
    The best thing SE has, is the 3rd party DEVs, but SE needs to not only commit to its customers, but building a better platform that entices clients in that also generates work for these DEVS.

    PHPfox, i know you have @DonnaScriptTechs and @RaymondBenc now from there, and i hope they will push things forward with SE, but PHPfox 4, is simply beautiful, its upto date, modern, the profile questions and search ACTUALLY work, Like Oxwall, PHPfox can do searches in browse members at a multiselect level, when the original question was single select only, see post here for images #613
    Yet SE have said it cant be done, yet ALL other competitors can.
    They have been using fontawesome for ages, the social signup logo used are not 5 years old like SE.
    But, the DEVs on phpfox are not on the level of devs on SE, is phpfox more locked down, or not so easy to build, i do not know.
    But at the moment PHPfox 4 is making Social Engine look like Phpfox 3.
    Even looking at Younets latest themes for SE and PHPfox 4, PHPfox seems like, theme wise it has more to plays with, where as themes for SE are so problematic

    As Donald Trump said "Make Social Engine Great Again"

    I love social engine and i want it to stay the best, but i feel as a client, that SE are making it so so so easy for competitors to sneak up behind, that when other potential clients compare software, SE will be ignored, purely because competitors have seen the curve ball, and they are staying up to date, some things are tiny little touches, but loads of these touches are making SE appear outdated.

    We obviously dont know how SE is run, but im guessing all the devs for SE internal are all freelancers, they don't have office meetings, they live across the globe, and they are hired on set dates to do fixes or enhancements, and meetings maybe held over skype, rather than in-house team who are constantly updating, fixing bugs etc.If cost is an issue, im sure with all the clients on SE, if you said lets crowdfund all these enhancements, and if people were willing to do it, to make sure they are added, things updated, i can guarantee you people will do it, Id gladly whack $100 down, if it meant these features were added, id rather that than pay $50 for support which im unsure about still based on the past.

    SE don't be afraid to ask your clients, id gladly crowd fund to make SE the top dog, because by SE being better, it generates better work for the DEVs, who we then hire, which makes our site great too.
    SE need to consider also selecting clients to test new releases and bug fixes, When i owned a recording studio, i use to record all time, then when it came to mixing,i couldnt tell the difference as my ears heard everything to much, so it was better having others work as they have fresh ears.

    Same with testing, your fixing bugs constantly that your bound to miss things, so find people with a fresh aspect to test.

    Another thing Social Engine website

    Love the look of the new site, but searching of market place needs to be better.
    Finding plugins by Developer is impossible, even when you find a plugin, it mentions dev name, but you cant click and see their other apps nor can you see there other plugins, like an upsale.

    Also I think it be great if Devs updated things like updates and changes, like a log, similiar to code canyon.even if you leave market place, goto experts, click on expert , view experts profile, then view plugins...... its just way to many clicks to get to a place, when there should be something on their product pages..... too many clicks equals drop offs.In each market place listing, i have not once seen a button saying demo or any links to demos of plugins, some have listed the username and password for the demo, but absolutely now links.Also there should be display options, when you hit the market place all you see is Titles and a funky picture, no small write up of the plugin, doesnt even say the developer until you click on it, as a client there is 100% no way im going to click on every plugin to read about it, there needs to be a short summery of the plugin, just like your old website.
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      Donna Thank you for re-posting this here. Glad you love SocialEngine!

      Just so you all know. phpFox is not bug free. Many are leaving due to the bugs. Many developers, including myself, got fed up with the apps system reverting to the old coding standards which makes the script heavier for people. There are a lot of issues I know of and many others can speak of. I'm moving my own sites from fox to SE .

      We appreciate your suggestions and do have improvements coming. :)
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    Browse Notification
    Each day I see more and more websites requesting to send notification through browser and now that even mobile browser support this type of technology I would like to ask if there is a plugin or developer working to allow social engine to send notification using this system?
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      SocialEngineSolutions Hello Leandro,

      Yes, this is a new technology. Our team is working on release a plugin for this feature very soon. We will update you when the plugin would be released.
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    How 3rd party developers are harming themselves
    This is not a exclusive problem from SE, but here this type of problem is worst than another script that I work with.

    Is really common that 3rd party developers compete with each other with their products, however with several people offering plugins that include features that are more core features than an addon is almost impossible to utilize plugins from two or three different developers. And there is still the problem when developers create a plugin that is not compatible with others plugin from themselves.

    Some of problems that I face everyday.

    - Each developer has a own way to develop plugin and when you need to customize it you will face a serious headache. SEAO themes will work only with SEAO plugin, since Younetco plugin has CSS class and ID with their company name (YN). This is one of reason why themes from developers that dont develop plugin always have some type of problem with 3rd party plugins.
    - Younetco doesnt have a good pages plugin so I need to use the version from SEAO, however Younetco has a good Advanced Vídeo with a feature that SEAO doesnt have. Can I use the Younetco plugin? No. Why? Because the Younetco version doesnt integrate with SEAO pages and I need to pay a money truck to this.
    - Some months ago I acquired the feedback plugin from SEAO and also nested plugin. Can I use the feedback plugin? No. Why? Because their plugins are incompatible and the feedback plugin only work with the default SE comment system. Guess who will be disabled?
    - SEAO doesnt have an advanced blog system. Can I use the younetco? No. Why? Because there is a credit plugin in development from SEAO and doesnt make sense invest in a plugin that will not be supported.
    - Recently I acquired the Mobile/Theme because the responsive template doesnt work so fine as it should. The numbers of items in menus from Social Engine create a poor UI and this is the reason why is better to use a plugin to simulate the mobile vision. Can I use my advanced video with mobile/table plugin? No. Why? Because they are incompatible.

    Notice that I am neither talking about the native apps that are in most of case a ripoff. USD 79 by month for support with a starter fee of USD 299 (599 if you want to publish in you own store) is not the kind of thing anyone can afford to pay even more with Trump raising the price of the dollar. Can I use the Ipragmatech mobile version or younetco version? No. Why? Because they are incompatible.

    I really would like that SE and their 3rd party developers could agree on some points.

    1- If you release a plugin it must be compatible with your own plugin.
    2- If you are creating plugins dont make them problem to purchase plugins or themes from another developer.
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      Marc @Leandro and @Gs, I feel your pain too!
      We have SE since 2009, in fact we started with SE 3 migrating later to SE 4. Over the years, we have seen the very beginning of some of the developers that we, owners, can name strong and reliable. The non-compatibility with themes/plugins is a real headache!! I really understand both of you.

      For us now it is clear: Socialengine Solutions and SEAO are the best (Hire-Experts are great too) however, we are a little "upset" with SEAO (we have seen them born) because they really PUSH site admins to only have their plugins, and theme, and this is something we dislike because as site owners we would like to have the freedom to choose which plugin fits best for us, for our projects. But they are very, very good developers then, we do not mind to continue "suffering" :)

      As per Blogs, we can say there is no better plugin than the one from Socialengine Solutions. When we saw it...we said OMG! It has beautiful design, well coded and it is very complete but....guess what? We also have Mobile-Tablet plugin from SEAO and...we can not have Blogs on mobile because it is not compatible! Well, only their plugins and SE basic plugins are compatible. So we have Blogs on desktop and no blogs at all on mobile. And same story with other plugins.

      So my wish for 2017 would be that some developers work more on integration of their plugins with 3rd party ones, by default I mean. Because of course any integration can be possible paying lots for customization. I mean by default.

      And btw...Hi @SocialengineSolutions (as you are also part of this conversation) You already know how much we love you! Excellent plugins, 10+++ customer service, and very, very good developers. Keep with the good job! ;)

      Hi @Donna

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      Dave I would add to the above remarks, make sure your plugin is tested and works before releasing them. Also, do not charge me for support for fixing your own plugins. I'm tired of 3rd party developers selling me support for their own scripts. If you design a plugin and I buy it, I expect you to support that plugin - period! Where's the incentive for 3rd party developers to provide a bug free plugin, when they can make a fortune selling support? Do they build in an obsolescence that kicks in after 60 to 90 days?
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      Sieg I post my first review in the new marketplace. I dont know if is a bad review, I mean the plugin doesnt work to me (that use a latin language with several accents) but work for others so I am not sure if this is the best way to review a app. By my experience and considering other scripts that I worked with the main reasons why someone complain about a plugin is: I - Bad Support, II - Plugin compatibility with plugins from the same developer, III - Plugin compatibility with plugins from others developers, IV - Lack of Development Standard and feature standard (where I include design problems like a plugin where logic is completly different from all others plugins like Younetco RSS Feed), V - Scam (where I include omission of important information about the plugin that would make a client not buy him).

      I think that more than a Thumb up/down or star review we could make a more granular control of problems. Bad support by example is a problem of developer and not plugin by itself. You can have an awesome plugin with a real bad support that would make any client to avoid it. The points II, III and IV are plugin problems that users can contribute throuhg a list (like the github ticket) of issues that the developer can solve or not.

      Just notice that I am not suggesting a public support system in the marketplace for itens II, III e IV, I just think that if I as a client have an important information about compatibility of plugins (and I have several) I would be happy if this would help others users to avoid the same problem that I have. There is nothing worst that buy a plugin and after a couple of hours working with it discover that it will not working properly for you. Another member here saved me from spend some bucks with a Younetco plugin that work completly different from any other plugin developed in the Social Engine Marketplace. I think that we all want that developers still working to provide better plugin with a minimum of issues to all users.
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    How to disallow users to select some languages

    I am facing some problems with my website language. Actually I am targeting only brazilian users since this is my country and I would like to establish my website firstly in my country before to move on. The problem is that how there is a English language (the default language from SE) sometimes english speaker signup in my website and I have to try to explain to then why there is a lot of content in portuguese but not in their language. I would like to know if there is an option to turn off a language for user selection? I can't just delete the English folder because I have some developers that work on my website and they only speak English. I am looking for something like an option to turn off the language selection for some user level.
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      (deleted) I was not sure if you had multiple language options you might want selected. But naturally just has Donna offered... just remove the language selector from the registration from in the same file listed below.
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      (deleted) I would say to set your primary language as the default and then see about editing a few files in


      If you only want to display set language options on the sign up form you can do the following

      Find the code:

      if (count($languageNameList) > 1) {
      $this->addElement('Select', 'language', array(
      'label' => 'Language',
      'multiOptions' => $languageNameList,
      'tabindex' => $tabIndex++,

      Change it to:

      if (count($languageNameList) > 1) {
      $this->addElement('Select', 'language', array(
      'label' => 'Language',
      'multiOptions' => array(
      'en' => 'English',
      'en_US' => 'US English',

      As you can see you can add a list of the language options you want able to be selected during the signup process. This will only change the signup form so your developers can go into their account settings and change their language to English. Or you can even remove the language selection options fully from the signup form and from the member account settings and then just manually change the developers account language in the database. But of course you cannot delete the English language files, this just removes the options for everyone to only select the options you want and hides the others from selection but still enables you to manually assign the languages in the database.

      Will this work?
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      Donna I don't see a way to disable language selection. Perhaps installing Bing Translate in the site would help with the English folks to be able to read the language on the site, as a temporary solution. I suppose you could hide the language selector from the template.
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    Block certain domains in links
    Sometimes I see spammers sharing links to malicious websites and I would like to know if is possible to block links to certains domains.


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      Eugene You need to block those spam accounts, not their posts. From my experience those are often automated bots and not real people. Which is good as bots are easier to trick.

      SE has some really simple trick for email on signup. But we have created a plugin Honeypot for this purpose(it was required fro custom projects to prevent spam). It has few different tricks to catch the bot on signup. And multiple hopeypot trap fields used randomly, so it's harder for the script to pass the signup.

      It works pretty good and we even had other SE developers purchasing this plugin for their clients and demo websites.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [862,Leandro Rocha] , Currently you can block only censored words on your users' profiles and as well as on any plugins you have installed. You need to enter such words in the field "Censored Words" from "Admin" > "Settings" > "Spam and Banning Tools" section of your site. But it is not possible to block any links to certain domains and you would need to do code customization at your end to achieve this feature.

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    Social engine supports a lot of languages but still i used to like the SE3 version where you can create a  language even when its not associated with a locale, and you can set it manually .
    Its a potential big market for languages that even facebook and twitter dont support
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Tafida , Language association with locale was done in SE version 4 & before that language was not associated with locale. After introduction of this feature, whenever a member select any language as Locale in his General Settings, so in case if the language pack of that particular language is also available and installed on the site, then that language would automatically becomes his default language for the site. So, associating language with locale should be considered as an improvement and this does not have any drawback. I hope you understand my point.

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    Social Engine is becoming worse each day pass
    Do not misunderstand me, but each day Social Engine is getting worse every day in comparison with their competitors:

    Just to know in a straight comparison with phpfox:

    1- Social Engine is more expensive. PHPfox out of box has more features that the Social Engine with a lesser price;
    2- Social Engine is heavy, so heavy that page load usually takes 5 or 6 seconds. PHPfox loads in 2 or 3 with same quantity of addons;
    3- Social Engine use an almost outdated technology with Zend Framework 1 and Mootools.
    4- Social Engine almost doesnt have is community to exchange experiences and ideas;
    5- The marketplace is a mess with several outdated plugins;
    6- The showcase is a mess with several websites that neither exist;
    7- There is no expectation of some improvement. There are no ideia about the next major release SE 5.0;

    If one year ago I knew it would be so disappointed with Social Engine, I probably stayed with phpfox. My experience just is not being worse because there is the Social Engine Addons Deleoper, otherwise would not have come here.

    Please Social Engine Team, show what you are made of. If you need help, just ask. 

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      Florin "Social Engine is heavy, so heavy that page load usually takes 5 or 6 seconds" I agree and this is a real problem. On top of that, I will suggest to SE to create some quality standards and best coding practices for the MOD Developers and try to enforce them in the Marketplace.

      The Forum component (out of the box) is very poor. I think this is an important element that will attract people to join niche communities and not creating groups on Facebook. The moderation tools are very basic and, the performance is bad. Try to import 1 million messages in the Forum , from 150k users and you will see it. We had to spend lot of energy and money to integrate SE with IP.Board as a decent alternative.

      My last feedback will go to the mobile experience. 75% of our community members are using mobile. But all the mobile versions out there (and the mobile apps), default and add-ons, are far from doing a good job. Why:because the mobile framework is overloaded with unnecessary application logic and heavy presentation. The code is not optimised for mobile. I will strongly suggest SE invests in a mobile first experience and this will really give it a strong competitive advantage.
      • 1
      Donna Hi everyone! Thanks for posting and for this feedback. We definitely want to hear your concerns and appreciate your time in posting. We want to assure you that we are working to improve. I’m working to get you more information which might come by way of a blog post if possible. We do expect to roll out some improvements within the next two weeks. We have a release also coming soon and are working towards a release for v4.9 as well.

      As you all know, I’ve been brought in from phpFox and am the Chief Evangelist on the SocialEngine team now. This should help to bring information, documentation and other forms of help so you know that you are not alone and we do truly care about every one of our clients.

      In addition to these helpful posts with feedback for concerns, we would love to see some new posts about things we are doing right so we know when we’re going in the right direction. Both ends of the spectrum help us to improve things for you all.
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      Eugene While I agree with some of your points, I can't agree that phpfox is better. We have tried development for both platforms (and tried other platforms as well). At this moment SE is still better than alternatives within the same price range. They have that momentum before competitors and currently largely due to the amount of 3rd party plugins.

      > The marketplace is a mess with several outdated plugins

      We have provided suggestions how to improve this. SE promised us some new marketplace for some time, but I believe there were some issues with that. The main complexity here I believe is the amount of plugins out there.

      > Social Engine is heavy, so heavy that page load usually takes 5 or 6 seconds. PHPfox loads in 2 or 3 with same quantity of addons;

      Zend Framework isn't something small, but it's configurable. But Zend Framework is stable and can handle the load if configured correctly

      > The showcase is a mess with several websites that neither exist

      We have a similar problem. A lot of interesting projects hide the platform they are based on (for numerous reasons) and require NDA before the development.

      > There is no expectation of some improvement. There are no ideia about the next major release SE 5.0

      SE team promised the update to ZF3. I believe we will hear if they are serious about this in the next update on their blog.

      My overall conclusion that even that SE has it's own cons it's still better than available alternatives. But without serious updates (ex. migration to ZF3, jquery, etc.) that won't remain forever.
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    Licensing and license checks
    (if this is already out there, please let me know where - thank you)

    Months ago I sent a list of useful (well, to me) information that should be considered to be included in the Marketplace for each Developer and each Plugin.  I wish they would post a survey here to ask because I'm sure there are many great ideas out there that I didn't mention.

    One new item that has come to my attention is the way Devs license their products with regards to:
    - domains & sub-domains (and folders below them)
    - License verification at time of Plugin install and/or verification during page loads

    The above may also have to become some type of integration with SE Core itself to balance legitamte Admin's needs (flexibility and not constantly wasting time checking licenses during page loads and preventing plugin features if something is amiss) and the Dev's needs (preventing pirated software). 

    My thinking is that if SE Core included some of the license functionality/flexibility then the 3rd-party devs could tie into that rather than they way some of them do this now. There is a lot of vagueness and inaccurate information provided by some Devs (such as 'we only check upon installation' which is later found to be false; 'folders are included' but they aren't; one or two domains (with specfic limitations on which is allowed to be dev or prod), etc.

    The point is, I'm hoping that the new Marketplace and future updates to SE provide what both Devs and Admins require.  Sometimes I feel like I'm working with 1990 software tools and am getting very tired of it.  Heck - I can't even type this post without numerous interruptions while physically typing.

    Also, I'm hoping that SE does something about growing the community here and creating more interractions between Admins.  It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.  Heck, 30 years ago most BBS had more interractions. 

    Sorry for the rant, but after a year of this (plus almost 2 years of checking out everything I could SE related prior to that) I see very little change and am wondering where/what the future is here.  Don't get me wrong - I'm obviously not switching to something else, but that shouldn't create what seems to be complacency throughout many areas of SE.
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      Dave I am in complete agreement with Eugene. On many occassions I have visited this forum for answers to a problem or to see if anyone else is experiencing difficulty. There really doesn't seem to be very many "users" here. I'm finding that answers to questions are being answered primarily by developers or coders who understand the language used in any particular solution. In other words, I am neither a developer or a coder and therefore find myself by myself when it comes to simple solutions. I'm wondering where all the users are that have purchased SE and probably many plugins? Is it possible they have formed their own group somewhere? Like gs mentioned, navigating the world of SE has taken me more than a year to configure by myself. Perhaps there should be a discussion about forming a SE user group? What would it take and who would use it is the question. Thanks for listening!
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      Stepan Mazurov We have a ticket tracking this on our public bug tracker: https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/327

      Additional discussion is welcome. Trouble is, its hard to balance license requirements (such as domain, environments, hosts) while also keeping an unrestricted code base. Any licensing scheme needs to be run in plain PHP (no closed source), be effective, and not get in the way, and I cannot find any examples of such systems in place. They typically sacrifice one or 2 of the requirements in order to meet the other.
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      Eugene > It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.

      Agreed. I remember there was a really active developers community few years ago. It might be a good idea for SE team to show how active SE-based community could look like. It requires an attention of a real community manager and not SMM person posting social media related stuff (ex. http://thehive.onsocialengine.com/)
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