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    How to add a payment gateway other than 2CO and paypal?
    I was using 2CO but they said they will not allow service for our website.
    Paypal don't allow India to India (Indian currency).
    So I was thinking to add any other payment gateway.
    Earlier I asked but they said only 2 payment gateway supported as of now on SE.
    But yesterday I checked socialEngine Addons website they have use something else.
    So Just wanted to know Can I or I cant? incase I want to use other payment gateways.

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      SocialEngineAddOns [246165,Ankit Bhardwaj] Required payment gateway for your SocialEngine community can easily be integrated using our "Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect / PayPal Adaptive Plugin" ( https://www.socialengineaddons.com/advanced-payment-gateways-plugin ) This plugin comes pre-integarted with Stripe, Stripe Connect, PayPal Adaptive, MangoPay, PayUmoney and Paynow payment gateways.

      For futher queries on this, please contact us here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/contact
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    cPanel .ftp backup using JetBackup by JetApps
    Wanted to share an excellent experience with a great product. 

    Brief background: Host has been backing up site automatically for over a year, and there was always 1 weekly and 4-5 recent dailys.  Somewhere along the way, this changed due to less available space on my VPS (although I always made sure there was 40-50% available which originally was enough).  Anyway, due to a recent issue, I required a restore and found out they were only keeping the most recent day (plus weekly).  Manual backup have not been working in the past 2 weeks due to a cPanel issue.  Sooooo... I finally addressed something I started to but never completed.

    Solution.  JetBackup to the rescue.  I purchased a Windows-based app a while ago to backup directly from .ftp to .ftp, but it was simply too slow.  JetBackup (a 'whopping' $4/mo) is incredible.  They installed it to cPanel/WHM for me (at no charge) and I may no backup whatever I wish - manually or on schedule - and it's quick (just as quick as my cPanel manual backups used to be from .ftp to .ftp).  So, no I can schedule my own offsite backups however I wish (some daily, some weekly, some (like databases) several times a day. 

    The pre-sale questions and early questions after installation were responded to and answered in between several minutes to 30 minutes.  So, support is excellent.  Flexibility is awesome.  Speed/performance is fast.  Easy to setup/configure and monitor what's going on.  Oh - and @ $4/mo it's a no-brainer (my Windows-based backup cost around $300 plus updates plus support). 

    So, in case anyone's looking for their own cPanel backup solution, JetBackup should be on your list to checkout. 

    What recommendations do you have for your VPS/Dedicated Server configuration (not asking about clusters - that's an entirely different ballgame)?

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      Donna Nice tip! One more tip from me is to make sure your site is offline when backing up or it can cause corrupt backups. Best thing to do is schedule when the site is less active, set it to maintenance and then do the backup.

      I use cazaratech hosting who has automated offsite backup free with their plans. VPS is only $5 per month and cloud is I think $19. Self-contained vps and cloud so you aren't sharing anything with other sites. I don't use cpanel as it takes too many resources and I prefer to keep those for my sites.
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    Will the GIF's feature be a headache ?
    Hello everyone, i will like to have an opinion about the new profile image GIF support.
    Imagine that you have on your website 100 active users day by day and all of them having animated image for profile picture.
    For example if you will access member home page where you can have the widgets with new,popular,online users and also the Wall , i think it will be a big headache to look on that page with all those images moving in there.
    Don't you think that will be nice to have an option in Admin CP to disable using GIF's for profile picture if we wish ?
    I have made a test only with 4 users and few test posts from all and already my eyes ware tired to look on the page and is quite annoying.

    Thank you and please give an advice, have a nice day to all !
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      Donna Hi everyone!

      I also prefer to disable animated due to epilepsy concerns for some of my members on my own site. I'll add a feature request for our team to look at this.
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      SocialEngineAddOns Using our GIF Player Plugin, GIF file can be played on demand (onclick or mouseover) and duration can also be set for which GIF image should play. For more info, visit the plugin description page here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/socialengine-gif-player-plugin
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      Stepan Would there be a possibility to have GIF images activate on hover? For example have a static image displayed and only animate it when a user hovers over it? I have seen it on some social website forgot which. Not sure if this will require a separate static jpeg or if you can stop gif from animating and only load the first frame.
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    How to use the avatar of your member as shortcut icon?
    A nice improvement to make your page more friendly.
    Place this code inside your HEAD

    <br>$(window).load(function () {<br>  var avatar = Revolution.Viewer.avatar<br>  var name = Revolution.Viewer.name<br>  $('head').append('<link href="http:' + avatar + '" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" />');<br>  $(document).attr('title', 'Welcome back : '+ name);<br>});<br>


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      HIFI SE that is cool.
      Also check out the post I added about Avatars as App Icons!
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      MessyOne Very cool!
      This for SE-Cloud or SE-PHP?