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PHP Release Notes

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    How are you preparing for the 4.9 release?
    As our 4.9 is just around the corner, I thought I would open this thread to see how you all are preparing for release. This thread is also mentioned in our blog that should come out today. :) 

    Do you have your upgrade plans all set up?

    How are you handling customizations, plugins, etc?

    I'll post a link to the blog in the community once it's out as well. It's a pre-release post with some info on anticipated release dates.
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      Sieg I confess that I was expecting something like a demo or a release date in the yesterday blog :|
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      beanorama Confused. I've received several emailed offers to pay now for the 4.9 upgrade. I've got a license already and I don't recall paying for upgrades.
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      gs With great anticipation, excitement, and hope :)

      My situation is very different from most because I'm still in development mode (yes, after over 1.5 years - mainly due to countless bugs with 1 particular Dev's Plugins). But I was planning on moving to production 2017-QTR1, but held off due to the imminent release of 4.9 which I need primarily for the (hoped) page-load-speed reduction using PHP 7/7.1 and Zend security updates. Although I have many SE Modules, I only use Core (obviously) and Photo Albums (every other feature/functionality is replaced with 3rd-Party Plugins/Theme). Thus re: 4.9, I have little concern with SE, but great concern with 3rd-Party Devs. In fact, the only thing I care about with 4.9 (besides hopefully no negative impact to my site) is PHP 7/7.1 compatibility and the Zend security updates. I don't even care about the new Theme as I won't be replacing SpectroMedia. So, all of the new features and functionality are of no use to me. But, this has been my plan from day 1 with SE - I only need SE because the 3rd-Party Plugins I require are built on SE.

      - Plugins/Theme: Contacted 3rd-Party Devs for all Plugins I have to find out their estimated time-to-update their Plugins after 4.9 is released (especially since they've probably already had a version of 4.9 for them to work/test on to get a head-start with their Plugin/Theme updates)
      - Customizations: For the most part, I have asked Devs over the past year to be sure customizations are compatible with PHP 7/7.1, but obviously they couldn't guarantee SE 4.9 compatibility until they had 4.9, but there's not much that should be impacted by 4.9 (since all customizations are to 3rd-Party Pluigns, not SE directly) so for the most part I should (hopefully) be in good shape with customizations
      - Since my current server OS doesn't support multiple versions of PHP, last December I tested an updated server OS with xVarnish but ran into serious performance issues with Logging In and also 1 Plugin (2-4 min page loads). So, that option is out. I plan on setting up a separate server with PHP 7/7.1 and porting the existing site to that for the 4.9 updates and all testing (along with 3rd-Party Plugins). This way that is independent of my current Dev site/server. Depending on how things go and when, either the Dev server OS and SE site will be updated (SE 4.9 and all 3rd-Party Plugins), or the upgraded SE w/Plugins (on the 2nd server) will be ported back to the server1 (after server OS and PHP updates) and continue from there.

      There are many sub-steps involved, but that's the general idea. Again, please keep in mind that since I'm still not into Production that I have much more flexibility and less urgent potential issues than most SE ADMINs.
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