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Cloud Feature Requests

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    SE Cloud - Mobile Theme
    It's come to my attention that the viewing my site on a smartphone is a poor experience. I had not tried it until this morning. 

    The menu is hidden.
    The ability to post an article is hidden.

    Is there a setting that I'm missing or is there someone with some CSS which will improve the experience (adding menu, posting articles)?
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    SE Cloud - Two Feature Suggestions
    As work starts up again on SE Cloud, please consider the following suggestions (no particular order):

    1. Adding the ability to use drop-down menus.
    2. The ability to add photos (thumbnails) during a creation/edit of a topic.
    3. Admin can add featured marking on the front side of the site
    4. iPad Pro friendly backend (Posts get cut off)
    5. Ability to choose multiple categories to a post

    As always, thank you. 
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    "List" Options In Cloud Board Theme (Private, Followers, Etc.)
    Hi, I would love to see a feature in Cloud Board Theme that would allow users to set privacy settings for who can view individual lists (boards). Such as private, followers, everyone, etc.

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      Donna Hi Dave,

      Interesting feature request.

      Note that the privacy or permissions would be set globally, meaning not for just one specific theme. Noting that, please let us know more:

      Can you elaborate on the "ETC" permissions you want to allow? I mean privacy in regards to permissions.

      How would you want this to work?

      Where would you want the setting to show (example: In the member's settings; on the lists themselves; both places; someplace else)?

      Is there anything else for this that you foresee needing?
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    Migrating PHP content to Cloud
    So I noticed this have been a long time request from members and a very long time of promise by the SE team (2012) to be done. http://community.onsocialengine.com/post/1407/import-members-from-se4
    Please make it happen already. Nothing takes 4 years!

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      Rick Von Ruden Well, I guess I will give you a history lesson of SE. Back at the beginning of cloud it was known as SE5 and was going to completely replace the php script. They planned on adding the same features that the php script had over time. The current SE customers and developers rebelled against this idea. In order to replace the php script they needed to be able to migrate customers to the new platform but since they kept both, they never wrote the script.

      So SE ended up with a weak social cloud platform and a php script that needed serious upgrading basically a complete re-write. So they sold it to the new owners instead to cut their losses. Both platforms, cloud and php require serious work to stay feasible in the future, and I have yet to see the new owners commit to this. That's why I no longer use either SE cloud or php. I wish you luck.
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      Eugene You need to ask for API that will allow to write data. If there will be an API call to register a user - there will be 3rd party plugins/apps for the migration in no time.

      NB. Does SE Cloud fit you needs better than SE php?
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    Socialengine Cloud in Spanish
    Hi! It could be great if Cloud version could be turn in spanish language.
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      Eugene Not sure about SE Cloud. But you definitely can translate SE PHP version. I think there even were few language packages available.
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    Full Site Features
    We wish to see all the features that the SE Cloud offer & that is:
    Videos, Music, Blog, Groups, Events, Polls, Chat, etc...

    Is there a way to add any of these to the cloud site?

    I'm still in my trial period and really would like to know what my options are on these features?
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      Rick Von Ruden There are no plugins for se cloud. You can post you tube and vimeo videos. You can post music from soundcloud and of course music videos from the 2 video sites supported. That's it.
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    Crowdfund SE PHP5 with PHP7 and Zend 3 support?
    This may be more of a philosophical issue for SE management on how they
    wish to approach future upgrades, so I'm just tossing an idea out there
    to get anyone's response (SE, developers, Site-Admins).

    As a developer (not SE developer) I realize that updating (to PHP7 and Zend3 support or similar) an application like SE is a major major undertaking, which involves man/woman power (many hours), what I call drying time (measured in weeks/months not man-hours - to give things time to be tested/analyzed/diagnosed/integrated/fixed/dust-settling, then repeat), all of which consumes a lot of finances over a lenghy period. (This is a general statement - it's obviously quite complex to implement such a project).

    I feel like (as a Site-ADMIN) that we're left in the dark when it comes to future plans of SE, and thus we must respond reactively rather than proactively.  I've never been in such an environment where I have no clue what's coming when or how to prepare for it.

    Sometimes I wish that SE would simply calculate an estimate for this (ugh - I can't stand typing here - man, please use something different for onsocialengine.com) - and say to us Site-Admins & Developers "here's the deal... it will take us X months to develop/roll-out and the cost will be Y.  See our Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or TryCelery.com/Pre-Order page to jump in so we can see who really wants this and how badly".  This way SE can see what type of interest there is (anyone will 'like' or 'up-vote' something, but it's when you ask for $$ that you find how serious they truly are), and we as Site-Admins & Devs can understand that there's an option, but it's based on the community's response as to when/if it will be built.  I sincerely feel expecting SE to foot the bill is unfair, and quite frankly feel that if they're expected to pay for it all, it will never get done.  After all, what does SE as a company gain by spending a fortune to create something that may never be paid for (by Users through sales & upgrade fees)?

    Yes, a Survey could be used, but again - that's not a 'true' result due to many people not completing it, and probably skewed #s due to 'sure - if it's free I'll take it' mentality.

    I also feel that beyond SE, some Devs might consider doing something similar to offset some of their costs.  I'd much rather share some of the cost of upgrades to be sure they are developed, rather than be stuck with old software/technology (or lousy/no Plugin options) due to SE and Developers not having the $$ to update anything.  We're all in this together, so let's act like it. 

    I want to be part of a growing/thriving community and there's a cost to that.  There's also a cost to NOT having a growing/thriving community (and I prefer not to be a part of that but I feel I may have no alternative which stinks).

    Any thoughts (besides I'm nuts)? 
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      Eugene > After all, what does SE as a company gain by spending a fortune to create something that may never be paid for (by Users through sales & upgrade fees)?

      Upgrades should not be free for website owners. It's a serious procedure where a lot can go wrong.

      Migration to ZF3 is a serious investment that will not pay off right away. But as a developer I see that such migration will give a lot of benefits:

      1. Speed. ZF3 is considerably faster and uses benefits of php7.
      2. Security. There are no more security patches for ZF1.
      3. Availability of plugins/scripts/solution. This is important. I remember when SE3 has chosen mootools (it was approx. as popular as jquery back then) - a lot of plugins/extensions appeared every week. It's much easier to incorporate something existing, actively developed than dig into old no longer developed library code to implement something trivial (I'm looking at you, cerabox library and CSS Scafford).
      4. Renewal of 3rd party plugins. It will be a shock, but it might be just what SE development community needs. There is a lot of no longer updated plugins, search directory is a mess. Clean re-submissions for new platform version might introduce some additional verification rules (possibly even minimal QA from SE team).
      5. Availability of developers. Give it a year and will will be really hard to find companies/developers familiar with ZF1. Who will want to learn an outdated tech to jump in? Fresh dev. blood brings fresh ideas. That's the thing you need for thriving dev. community.
      6. Chance to re-do some things. It's pretty much impossible to incorporate any serious change in the core right now (feed, layout editor, plugin system, advanced caching, etc) as this will break a lot of existing things. Version 5 may be a good chance to implement such changes as 3rd party developers will need to upgrade plugins anyway. And clients will also be aware that things are to be changed in v5.

      But most of those benefits from the migration aren't the main thing. Those benefits were on the table for quite some time. Right now there is no other choice - we have reached ZF1 "end of life".
      So I hope SE team is up to the challenge and there is plan and schedule for this work. I'm sure 3rd party developers will gladly assist (so SE team can concentrate on the core itself and may not touch any plugins for the start). Give us early access - we will update our plugins and provide improvement suggestions for the core.
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    Pack social engine Spanish
    Por favor necesito saber Donde puedo el Obtener el paquete en español para motor sociales, me parece Que esta es la versión 4.8. muchas graciasSaludosAlex

    Please I need to know where I can get the pack in Spanish for social engine, I think it is at version 4.8.thank you very muchregardsAlex
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    I need a membership and non membership template for paying members and non payin...
    How can I get a paid for networking site and non paying doesn't seem possible
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      Stepan Mazurov Cloud doesn't currently offer any sort of membership functionality. We're slowly working towards enabling that, but its still a while away
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    Ads and Events
    I have been running a Photo Critique community using the Ning platform for many years. We are offering Photo Critiques for free and then use the community site to advertise photography events and courses. You can view the site at http://photocritic.digitalphotographycourses.co.za

    I adore the simplicity and cleanness of the Board style - SE Cloud. I also like the Social Media Integration a lot. It has massive potential for photography communities. 

    However to run a full fledged social community there are a number of very important functionalities missing from SE Cloud like... 
    • Events
    • Activity feed
    • Message Broadcasts
    • Ads
    • Chat
    • Forum and Discussions
    Before I invest any time, or money on your awesome platform I would like to know if you are in the process of developing the above features? I cannot see anybody run a successful social community without it. 

    I know the SE php4 platform offers such features, but it seems a little bit outdated. Plugins and addons are extremely expensive compared to much more powerful and responsive buddypress themes. I am also afraid that the PHP platform will go the same way as Ning. I hold my thumbs for further development of the Social Engine Cloud! 

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      Chris Ofana It like the SE PHP, has more features than the SE CLOUD when will SE CLOUD start having those great features like SE PHP and plugins and I want to know if the integrity theme will work with SE CLOUD and if it will keep the same Clean Themes.
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      Eugene Danie,
      I completely understand your concerns as to SaaS websites. They are super-easy to install, non-expensive and look nice out of box. However as with Ning you have risks as you don't own the content and don't have access to the server itself. If something is broken or any company is going out of business (I guess that's happening with Ning right now, who would guess that 2 years ago) - you and your users are locked in.

      I have not seen any plans for features you have listed in the SE Cloud roadmap. The only chance for that will be a more powerful API, so a pool of 3rd party developers can expand the features set, but doubtfully that's happening anytime soon.

      Buddypress is WordPress-based, and WP is a great platform for small website or a blog. But let the userbase grow and it will require a lot more costs for maintenance and development. And don't get me started about security. WP websites are favorite targets for automated bots (thanks to a huge amount of free or cheap outdated plugin). It's a serious challenge to follow spaghetti codebase and keep all things up to date.

      Money-wise I think you should give SE PHP a try. But don't get all plugins/features you listed at once. Start with main features. For Photo Critique community that probably would be some plugin to work with media (like our Media Projects plugin or similar) and some plugin for discussions (forum, Q&A or groups), plus a nice responsive theme.
      You will also need a good VPS hosting option (from 20usd/month + setup).

      With SE php you will get Ads, Activity feed and messaging in-built (starting package).

      In a month or two you can get other plugins (Events, Adv. Events or Schedule), something for the maintenance (like Moderator toolbox). As to the Chat - consider 3rd party service instead of the standard plugin (it's pretty basic, but heavy).

      SE PHP can look nice, but it will require careful pick of theme and widgets for the landing page. And in case of a trouble you will have considerably more options as you have full access to server/data, but that's a bigger responsibility as well.

      It's a tough decision. But it looks like you have already made a good choice (getting out of Ning).

      So good luck
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      seTweaks I second Eugene on SE PHP. SE Cloud has limited features. WP management is a hassle and Security issues happen a lot. BuddyPress compared to SE PHP is not rich in features and plugins. SE PHP has a lot of themes and plugins and you can make any modifications to it and you will own your data.

      SE Team is already working on a new update, a new theme for SE PHP, a new website and a new centralized marketplace. Regarding your concern about SE PHP being outdated, the platform code is very organized and clean ( Much better than WP's spaghetti code ). It's actually a good framework, It's not just a Social Network. You can build any service you want on top of it and for the front-end check out our store and our Integrity Theme. It's more modern than default themes.

      Integrity Theme : http://bit.ly/IntegrityTheme

      @Stepan Mazurov Could you tell us when will we see the new site? or the beta?
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    Permalink for comment
    Guys, is there a way to get a permalink for some particular comment on SE Cloud? It looks like even on the activity feed the link goes to submission and not the comment itself.

    I think it's pretty easy to add this one if it's missing, but it will improve user experience
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    "More posts below" indicator
    Often when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you don't really know if there are more posts below or not. Since there is a short time lag to display additional posts some people may assume that there are no more posts below. 
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    The ability to post the new GIF/MP4 videos
    These small file size GIF videos are becoming the most popular things on social media. Right now if you copy and paste the link of those types of videos, it will say "bad request".
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      Eugene If you are looking for something like that for SE PHP - our plugin Media Projects supports both http://webhive.com.ua/store/product.php?id_product=43

      Note, mp4 support might require additional setup on your server (depends on ffmpeg version you have)
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    Drop down Template for cloud
    Hi all, 
    anyone know how to create a drop down template in the header like "categories" above? For example, I create a template call Entertainment but when you click on it you see a drop down of categories like "games, Music, Videos, Pictures" but when you click any of them it would take you to that page.
     Help Please
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      Alex I must express a very warm thank you to Stepan and Mike for saving me a lot of headache you guys really pull through for me, i didnt know much about coding and you guys clear it up for me. I must say thank you again.
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      Alex Wow thanks a lot Mike but one more thing how can i link my pages to the drop down because it is non responsive it shows error page not found, for example when i click on music from the drop down i want it to take me to the music page template that i have created, help please.
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      Stepan Mazurov Alex if I understand correctly you want to replace the word "Categories" with "Entertainment"?
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