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Cloud Bugs

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    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs in my Cloud...

    I'm just trying to setup a basic little community on the cloud.  I just want to invite people, or perhaps upload a file, and the buttons just sit there not doing anything.  Tried every browser in existence.  Is this normal everyone?

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      Donna Hello,

      Thank you for posting and sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. Would you please send us a ticket from your client account so we can help troubleshoot with you? It could be something added to your site causing a javascript issue; a browser setting (Firefox and Chrome are very picky lately); or some configuration issue.

      A tip, if you want to see what's happening on your site or on any site, you can right click and choose "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" to see the processes happening. There will be a Console tab and Network tab. Click those to see any errors or issues happening. Sometimes, it can help point you to the exact problem.
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    Notifications in SE Cloud
    I believe it's a pretty old bug.

    If I posted something in any topic here and receive a reply I get 2 notifications:
    1. Somebody replied to your post
    2. Somebody posted in topic X

    And two emails as well. It's pretty easy to resolve (add a quick check and keep notification #1 only if there are two of them). As otherwise if you participate in discussions - you get too many duplicate notifications.

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      Stepan Mazurov I get the same thing, its a bit annoying for sure. I haven't had a chance to look at how exactly this is implemented, but the whole system is very hard to test, which is why I avoided looking more into it (in addition to it being fairly low priority).

      I wasn't aware that this was ever brought up before - we typically do try to fix small issues like this for long term (1 year) clients. This is the first time somebody else has mentioned it, and that its a problem for them.
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      Donna I get the same thing. I wasn't sure if it was a feature or bug as I'm new. Thank you for posting. I'll ask the team about this once I start my day. :)
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    URL rewrite of SEC is not optimize for Google or other search engines?

    I found SEC URL rewrite does not seem to optimize for search engines. As you can see in the photo, SEC show the title of the post with nonsense characters compare to another.

    Please check and fix the issue. Thanks.
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      Marcus Yetter Hi, this appears to be an issue with special characters not being transferred correctly. You'll notice that as soon as you use a special character, such as â, the word gets truncated in the URL. We will do what we can to fix this issue.
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    Bug: Insert link to a post
    Hello there,

    I found an error that when we insert a link to a post, it will not be opened link in new window even we ticked on the box.

    Please consider to fix it. Thanks.

    PS: I will continuously report bugs when I found any in our platform. 
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      Marcus Yetter [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] this bug is now fixed. Thank you for your patience on this.
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      Marcus Yetter Hello, I apologize for our failure to respond to you on this issue. Thank you for reporting this bug. We will take a look at it and get a fix out as soon as we can.
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    URL Link preview on news feed
    How far is socialengine on fixing URL link preview on news feed?
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    (Bug) Cannot post a video from youtube!
    Hello, today I cannot post a video from Youtube on my SEC site. Please fix it!
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      Stu Carter EG mentionee this in the Bug Tracker:
      [quote]Hey guys, I was able to fix this issue on my own.

      You need to add the "iframe" tag in "Member Level settings" section of this plugin in "Allowed HTML Tags" field, just as shivani stated above.

      HOWEVER, you have to make sure you add it multiple times, one for each member level. The problem I had, and I bet you had the same problem, is that I added the iframe tag for default members only. I'm an admin, so of course, videos wouldn't show up for me.

      Hope this helps.[/quote]
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      Stu Carter Why is it working now? I cannot embed or paste direct link in a blog to a Youtube video.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Update: the feature is working now!
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    Website not sending emails?
    I tried sending a fogotten pasword email to myself but doesnt seem to be working, I have checked my spam folders etc and the google settings all seem to be in order.
    Any ideas?

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      Stepan Mazurov That is odd, we checked and emails are going out. If you open up a ticket at www.socialengine.com/client with your email address we can take a look!
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    Edits to Landing Page aren't Registering
    Has anyone had a problem with edits to the landing page? Any changes I make do not register on that page.
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      Stu Carter I agree there is confusion with use of the term "Landing Page", and "Home Page" within SocialEngine.

      Home page for a web site will be at the root /index.htm (or php), or /default.htm (or php).
      Social Engine has made an assumption that we want Facebook-like web sites, and by default directs registered members to their "User Home" pages. This might be a good idea for a Facebook, but a news site would want all members to see the Index page as often as possible. Additionally, a site should be linked to at the root level, that is, as many links as possible going to domain.xx/ . When members pass links to "domain.com/members/home, it may dilute the strength of the domain.

      I am now trying to get SEphp to stop with the redirects to the members pages. Apparently I need to change some php code, and the provided tutorial has not helped.

      Landing Page. I believe this term is more appropriate in marketing. Such as you have a special contest and the link sends people to a special "Landing Page", devoted to the contest. Every web site has a home page, and I would hope all my visitors see that first.
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      Edosasere Egharevba Anybody out there?
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      Edosasere Egharevba I am referring to the main portal page (index). I am unable to open a ticket as my coverage has expired and cannot renew it at the moment.
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    Restore Original
    Why isn't there are 'Restore Original' button in the control panel for the Clean Theme when editing templates?
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      seTweaks There's a clone button, you can clone the templates before editing them but now you can restore the theme by copying the original files of the theme from SE installation package via FTP to your server.
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    Like button on albums and on photo album does not work
    Hi Community!
    I have a problem when I try to like a photo inside the album or try to like a album. It is not working, do nothing!
    It is courius because in the landing page I am able to like photos but not when I am on Albums views.

    Please help with that. The social network it is not having activity becaus that...

    I was testing the like function on core.js with alert() and it got
    (type and id) it looks like somewhere on the send function is doing
    somethink wrong.


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    Mobile bugs: photos from Flickr does not show

    I found the issue that the photo links from Flickr does not show in mobile. You can check an example with the link in my site, http://aquanetviet.org/post/1605265/c-u-c-d-b-s-t-nh-ch-t-nh-t-so-v-i-c-c-ho-t-ng-ngo-i-tr-i-kh-c

    Please take a look and fix the problems. I would be better if we can add photo from computer to the cloud site instead the photo link.
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    Vietnamese font error after update release
    Hello, my site has a big problem in Vietnamese font after you release update.
    Please help me to resolve the issue.
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      Stepan Mazurov Thanks for the notice, we're in the process of fixing it and it will be resolved in a few minutes.