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    Image quality issue in feed
    Here's an example of the image quality issue in mobile devices.

    An item in posts list page :

    Same item in single post view page :

    Notice the image quality diferences? I understand that images should be lighweight in the list but maybe a better image quality and lazy loading images will be a better solution.

    Maybe the thumbnail creator script in SE platform is being too aggressive in quality adjustments and compression.
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      Stepan Mazurov Yup, we know about it. The issue is pretty deep seeded and hard to catch all cases of, it is something we have plans to fix entirely. The screenshot is also 2x of what the user sees, so the issue is amplified.
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      seTweaks [131308,Stepan Mazurov]
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    Option to create Template Files in SE Cloud admin panel
    We're working on a new SE Cloud theme and it's almost done. I had issues with the development process and I would like share it with SE developers and management.

    Working on themes will be more streamlined if we cloud create layout and page templates from admin panel instead of creating files in local server..

    With SE Cloud template engine, local development is impossible. If I work on a new project on local server, to view the changes in source code every single time instead of simply pressing a F5 key, I have to take these steps :

    1) Locate local directory
    2) Compress the directory
    3) Open SE Cloud admin panel
    4) Go to theme choosing page
    5) Choose file
    6) Click on Upload
    7) Error message ( Because of duplicate package )
    8) Choose file again
    9) Confirm overwrite & upload
    10) Refresh  page

    Another way is to use the built-in text editor. The editor is fine for small modifications but starting and working on a new project with that editor is impractical. To simple create a new layout file I have to :

    1) Download the package 
    2) Locate the local directory
    3) Unzip the package
    4) Create the file
    5) Modify package.json
    6) +10 steps I mentioned above

    I have to repeat these tasks over and over and switch between local and online servers continuously.

    SE Cloud is a great platform, full of potentials and with a nice template engine but developing on it for developers is tedious and full of unnecessary tasks for achieving simple goals.

    In the era of live reload, command line composers and packagers, single line app deployments and IDEs with automation plugins, SE Cloud development process is falling behind. Is there any plans to improve this ? The ability to create layout and template files and a better text editor with auto completion will make the process easier.

    Our new theme for SE Cloud will be published soon and I hope there's enough SE Cloud customers out there and we can continue developments for this platform.
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      seTweaks Another thing I noticed is the image compression. I understand that you have to keep the storage and bandwidth costs down but the current image compression level is -very- aggressive. It reminded me the days when I was developing for dial up internet connections.
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      Stepan Mazurov you can create layout templates by not adding a URL. Only issue is that it gets assigned a UUID instead of a name, so you would need to access it using that.

      > Is there any plans to improve this ?

      Yes, we have plans much to what you're describing. I come from front end development and know the pain well. In addition to using existing tools and as close to live reload as we can get, we're hoping to expose more of the inner workings of widgets via handlebars/mustache templates. No promises as we're still in planning stages and plans can change.
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      seTweaks [131308,Stepan Mazurov] [176007,SocialEngine PHP MGR] [65008,Kyle] [132620,James Clark]
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    Is there any gamification plugin for SE cloud?
    SE PHP has many plugins for gamification ( activity points, badges, gift, etc...), I am wondering if third party developers already have such plugins for cloud.
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      Stepan Mazurov Not currently. We have some ideas for gamification you can read about if you click on "product roadmap"
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    Is there any way to read .pdf file on site without downloading?
    Hello, I would like to read .pdf file on site without downloading it to computer. Any one can help me to make this feature working? @Stepan Mazurov please consider to add this function to our SEC platform. Thanks.

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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Hi Stepan, it's would be great if we can view pdf file right on browsers. It will keep our readers on our site for a long time. You can make it easy to read as we click on a topic post. When we click on the title of a .pdf file type post, it will open in the browser, just simple like this http://www.fspublishers.org/Issue.php?categoryID=130. Thanks.
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      Stepan Mazurov You mean for file-type "pdf" to not force the download, but instead have browser's built-in pdf viewer take care of it or do you mean something like scribd, where the pdf loads as an embedded item?
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan [131308,Stepan Mazurov]
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    Store plug in for Cloud
    Are there any plugins for social cloud? I have see the @hire-experts store plugin and would love something like that but am I right they are only for php.
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      Stepan Mazurov While there isn't a dedicated store plugin, some SaaS stores offer widgets that you can embed on your SocialEngine cloud site. For example, Shopify offers a widget app that you can embed easily on a SE Cloud site: https://apps.shopify.com/shopify-widgets
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      Alex I am on cloud and having no plugins support is killing me. We need SE to open up cloud for developers
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      Rick Von Ruden There are no plugins for Cloud and probably never will be.
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    Kickstarter-like plugin seems still absent in socialengine
    i think crowdfunding will be a new model in many potential applications, kickstarter.com inspired us a new way to develop new businesses, but its social functions and performance are still very poor than socialengine can offer, in wordpress platform, there is a crowdfunding-oriented developer (http://ignitiondeck.com) who has developed and merged several gorgeous  crowdfunding plugins to sell as their business, but i think "wordpress + buddypress" are still weak in its computing of social performance and functions, compare to above, socialengine is an outstanding genius qualified to develop new higher level crowdfunding plugin, but it seems that Kickstarter-like plugin is still absent  in socialengine, maybe i have seen one or a half   .. but there are still many miles to catch up with ignitiondeck.com, i wish SE developer can follow potential trend to build crowdfunding related plugins. 
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      Eugene We have done crowdfunding plugins for few custom projects (for the same client).

      Currently we are considering releasing a plugin for this. But if somebody is looking to get this working asap - it can be done as a part of a custom development.
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      seTweaks I've seen Groupon style plugins for SE. It's similar to Kickstarter.
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    Looking at SE PHP...
    Looking at SE PHP for our next project.  Any suggestions for hosting?
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      seTweaks Hi Kim, we provide fully managed SocialEngine optimized servers with 24/7 monitoring with some freebies : http://setweaks.com/socialengine-hosting-servers/
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      Hire-Experts Hi! I would recommend you optimized SocialEngine hosting from Hostiso. It includes: server, optimized specially for SE (With more capable and bigger size RAM and powerful processor), optimized SocialEngine and Plugin for it, free of charge CDN, DOS-security and clients support 24/7. More detailed information you can find on our website: http://www.hire-experts.com/socialengine-hosting
      It also must be noted that if you migrate to our partner's hosting, you receive bonus of 100$ which you can spend for acquiring Plugins or to pay for Subscriptions (http://www.hire-experts.com/pricing)
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      Kimmie Thanks seTweaks and Hire-Experts. Will check them both out...
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    Need a check box or something like that for featured post function
    Hi creators,

    Featured post function is very important for SEC, as we can use the feature for advertisement posts or important posts. To make a post as featured, we (admin) have to go to Post/Edit post and check in the check box. I think it will be better if we have the check box when admin post an article. 
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    Community or demo site?
    I see no activity and news here, though the most users come here to see what's happening in SocialEngine community. This site has been created as a demo site for SocialEngine Cloud but as you see many users ask questions and look for solutions here. That's why we think it is important to make it place more friendly with real discussions and news. So we'll start publishing recent news & plans from our team here. Hope others(3d party developers) join us.
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      Stepan Mazurov Totally, go for it. I'll try to clean up obvious test posts and comments.
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      Eugene Absolutely agree. It's been requested dozens of times. You could see developers community flourish when there was an actual community website.
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      seTweaks I'm in. I've been participating since the community started. I've seen [196,Eugene] many times replying to questions too.
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    SE Cloud Access for developers
    Are there any news about SocialEngine Cloud access for developers? We are asked from time to time about theme demo.
    Access was promised for more than a year already.

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    Integrity Theme - The most flexible SocialEngine PHP theme
    Our new theme, named Integrity is finally released after months of working hard on it. Integrity has so many options in admin panel to customize it how you like and of course has a nice and modern design!

    More details and screenshots : http://setweaks.com/socialengine-themes/integrity-theme/


    Highlight features of Integrity Theme :

    - 7 Different color variations

    - Responsive Design and sliding Mobile Menu

    - Optimized for iPad and other Tablets

    - More than 50 Admin Panel options

    - Customize almost all elements in the Landing Page

    - Drop Down Menu

    - Menu Icons with 90 Icons to choose from

    - More than 30 Google Fonts

    - Custom CSS section to add your own styles

    - Sticky Mini Menu

    - Hide/Show Main Menu for non-logged in users

    - 2 Newsfeed styles

    - Supper easy installation with a few clicks

    - Leverages caching to reduce database queries

    - Free 60 days support


    More details and screenshots : http://setweaks.com/socialengine-themes/integrity-theme/

    Let us know what you think !
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      Robin Just bought it ;) let see
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      Robin Wonderfull! "Nice work"
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      Daniel Hello there Setweaks!!!
      I´m using this perfect theme... I just need a little thing here.

      I would like to use some image in the background of that gray BG in landing page... The one wich is located behind "Sign Up" and Sign In big buttons!

      Take a look at this screenshot: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/448720/e3e7a09c7c935530967ffb7616525ccf

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