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    SE Cloud Maverick Homepage (coming this fall)

    SE Cloud Maverick HomePage

    I tried several times to find a way to create a great homepage without the inconvenience to create a new template or to use invitation mode.

    "At the end I found it with only few CSS & Jquery changes" 


    - Full Screen Size
    - Sign In or Create Account (instead Invitation)
    - Search
    - Use your current homepage
    - Few CSS & Jquery
    - Available for Board Theme

    Let me know if you're interested!
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      Robin Dear followers,
      If you use Board Theme you can try to add this jquery in the header to get a similar aspect.

      <script type="text/javascript">
      $(document).ready(function() {
      if ($(".profile-link").length != 0) {
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "40px");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "fixed");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background-color", "#F8F8F8");
      else {
      $("html, body").css("height", "100%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "100%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "relative");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background", "url('http://media.ieverythingtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/W8IdvVk.jpg') no-repeat fixed center center / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .left").css("display", "none");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("position", "fixed");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("left", "40%");
      $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("top", "50%");
      $("#page-hot #content_wrapper ").css("display", "none");
      $("#page-hot #footer_wrapper").css("display", "none");

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      Nainou I m interested can we have this
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      Kimmie Like it.
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    Have you try your Youtube Channel?
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    iOS7 Font : Helvetica Neue UltraLigh
    All the summer with the iOS7 Beta in my iPhone gave me a lot of idea.
    Now you can adpat your SE Cloud with a the Helvetica Neue UltraLight font.

    Add this in your Customer CSS :
    body {
            font-family: 'HelveticaNeue-UltraLight', 'Helvetica Neue UltraLight', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: 100; letter-spacing: 1px;

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    Embed your tumblr blog into SE5
    Been asked to figure this out some time ago, and now I have. It is only a simple snippet you need to add..

    This one:
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    We're 44! Thanks!
    Today, we want to celebrate our 44th download in our marketplace!
    Thanks to all of you SE4 PHP owners and we truly wish you MUCH SUCCESS with your Social Network!!!
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    Home/Landing Page (SE Cloud)
    Check out the landing page for www.siimphony.com!
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      BT Digital Media I agree with all the other comments. Black text hard to read - Awesome site - Looking good. I would add good idea, think it will go well - good luck!!
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      Jung Kim Nice! My only suggestions is that the black text on that page is kind of hard to read. Try adding some kind of background to it or make it white with a shadow.
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      SportzHype Looking good!
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    Congratulations to SE5 Cloud on 1200 Members
    Congratulations to SE5 Cloud on 1200 Members!!
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    Abandoning SE Cloud.
    I love the script on cloud, but it cant deliver what my client needs. So I have rigged him up with a wordpress custom system for what he needs.

    What I would like to see in the future is:
    possible to create a business listing system(Yelp.com).


    Better fb and twitter integration.

    I am now only doing custom jobs for others and not running my own site, but I would love to create a site in the future, as I have many ideas.
    I am also recommending those who wants to hire me to use this system and that I can hook them up with a custom job for the site.

    I am working on a fiverr.com theme that I will integrate with SEC and Wordpress.

    So if there is anyone who is interested in any custom jobs, I am here for hire.

    Have a nice day everyone and a great summer.
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      Paul Watching a main contributor leave/vacate is tough. It would seem this would bring notice to those in charge. But then again I am the guy eating the food not growing it, I don't know what is involved behind the scenes. As a business owner I do know that one has to not just hear a customer but to listen to them.
      I always thought your post were interesting and very useful Arnfinn, Please don't be gone too long.
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      BumpShaman I have to admit, only a few months in and I've had thoughts of abandoning SE Cloud. Unfortunately, it isn't progressing fast enough as a platform, and there are too many rough tweaks needed using Custom CSS and other code to make things happen that should just be OPTIONS in the admin control panel. I'm not saying I'm leaving for sure -- but the thought has crossed my mind. I feel like I should be able to do more... without needing to step in SE4/SE5.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen I am almost done with the fiver.com like theme for wp, that I am going to use as a portfolio theme, I want to port this to SE5/SEC, but I do not have a server to run it on.. Anyone who have a dev server that I could borrow to port this this theme ?
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    As part of our Official Plugins release promotion, we are giving away a Free Add-On for SE4 PHP. Of course we didn't really name it "PIZZAZZaVatars", but we hope you really find it useful for your social networks.
    So Give your Social Network Default Avatars some Pizzazz with this little "Drag-n-Drop" Plugin.

    More information here: http://bit.ly/12nb1ch
    Download here: http://bit.ly/13xsCWz


    J. Philip
    CEO / Co-Founder
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    test test
    Dies, so Dotcom weiter, sei auch in persönlichen Gesprächen mit Premierminister John Key geschehen. Warner habe im Vorfeld der Dreharbeiten zur Hobbit-Trilogie umfangreich mit Neuseeland verhandelt. Dabei habe der Staat unter anderem Steuererleichterungen von rund 120 Millionen Neuseeland-Dollar garantiert und sogar einige Gesetze geändert, um lokale Arbeiter geringer bezahlen zu können.

    Mit Bezug auf Key sagte Dotcom nach rund 12 Minuten des Interviews: "Wir wissen auch, dass er Megaupload als Teil dieser Verhandlungen auf dem Silbertablett serviert hat." Auf Nachfragen der Interviewerin, woher Dotcom das wisse, wollte er keine Belege für diese Theorie liefern. Dies könne er erst in einem Gerichtsverfahren tun. Ob das schon bei seinem derzeit laufenden Auslieferungsverfahren der Fall sein könnte, ließ Dotcom offen.

    Nach mehrfachen Verschiebungen wird die Bitte der US-Behörden nach einer Auslieferung nun erst wieder im August 2013 in Neuseeland verhandelt. Erst vor kurzem stellte ein dortiges Gericht fest, dass die Beschlagnahmung von Dotcoms persönlichen Rechnern und Daten illegal war, die Geräte wurden ihm zurückgegeben. Gleichzeitig ordnete das Gericht an, dass Kopien der Daten gelöscht werden müssen.