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    Share from your iPad !
    It's easy to set up. Look at the top of this photo how it looks like!

    1. Just bookmark any page from your iPad in Bookmarks bar
    2. Change the name and save
    3. Come back to your bookmark, edit it and change the URL copying this :
    4. Change the site name in the previous code
    5. Go to your Safari options and set on Show always the bookmarks bar

    Now you navigate and share a lot faster...

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      HIFI SE hey Robin, you got my attention with the iPad. But Im not sure what Im trying to accomplish here. Can you explain a little further please?
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    Right Click Button in Firefox
    Dear followers,

    if you register to https://builder.addons.mozilla.org you will be able to create your first addons in Firefox. This example take only 5 minutes.

    Register and use the option to create a new Add-on.
    When you enter on the Add-on Builder sustitute the code in main.js by this one:

    var Widget = require("widget").Widget;
    var tabs = require('tabs');
    var cm = require("context-menu");
    var notifications = require("notifications");
    var data = require("self").data;

    function shareWidget(event)
    var url = require("tabs").activeTab.url;
    function shareSocl(url)
    if (url.match(/^http:\/\/www\.community\.socialengine\.com/i))
    title: "ERROR",
    text: "Use this button on web pages outside community.socialengine.com"
    } else

    label: "Share on SEC",
    image: data.url("icon32.png"),
    contentScript: 'self.on("click", function (node, data) {' +
    ' self.postMessage(document.URL);' +
    onMessage: function (url) {
    exports.main = function() {

    // Widget documentation: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/docs/sdk/latest/packages/addon-kit/widget.html

    new Widget({
    // Mandatory string used to identify your widget in order to
    // save its location when the user moves it in the browser.
    // This string has to be unique and must not be changed over time.
    id: "sec-widget-1",

    // A required string description of the widget used for
    // accessibility, title bars, and error reporting.
    label: "Share on SEC",

    // An optional string URL to content to load into the widget.
    // This can be local content or remote content, an image or
    // web content. Widgets must have either the content property
    // or the contentURL property set.
    // If the content is an image, it is automatically scaled to
    // be 16x16 pixels.
    contentURL: data.url("icon32.png"),

    // Add a function to trigger when the Widget is clicked.
    onClick: shareWidget

    Please note that you've to change the URL of community.socialengine.com to your own URL.
    After you just need to add in Data a new photo named icon32.png
    Now you can save and use the eye on the add-on builder menu to test your right click share button.

    Now let see if I can do a Toolbarbutton too !!!!
    You can see this example https://builder.addons.mozilla.org/package/89541/
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      SportzHype [2440,Robin] Hey that site looks familiar? haha I will 100% work on getting this done! Great idea! Thanks and hope to see some new posts on SportzHype :)
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      Jung Kim Awesome!
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      Robin https://builder.addons.mozilla.org/package/181387/latest/
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    Working on an Add-on!
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      Kimmie Awesome Robin. Love it!
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      seTweaks Nicely done Robin. The plugin shares any current page that you're viewing in your browser to your socialengine cloud community.
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      Robin It wasn't so hard at the end. Register, Copy it to make it your own changing the URL!
      You can see the code here: https://builder.addons.mozilla.org/package/181414/latest/

      You've the option to share in your site staying in the same tab or opening a new one!
      [52,Jung Kim] [250,Drew Frey] [5892,SportzHype] [377,aboss] [10539,Nainou] [1007,VoiceBee] Hope you enjoy it !!!
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    Hello SE Community!
    It's been about two weeks since we last posted an update. As always we appreciate your feedback and learn a lot from posts we see through the SE community. We have added additional things to the site to make it user friendly, and help with our theme as in the "Scores & More" section along with simple things most overlook.

    As always we are happy to be a part of the SE family!

    Special Mention: [250,Drew Frey] [2440,Robin] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer]

    www.sportzhype.com Check us out and give any feedback :)
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      seTweaks I liked the previous one better. This one is too dark. I tried the changes below on your site and In my opinion improves it a bit :

      body { background-color:#222 }
      .posts > li { border: 1px solid #444; }
      .posts>li { background-color: #111; }
      .posts .post_photo { background-color: #111; }
      .dropdown-menu{ background-color: rgba(34,34,34, 0.97) !important; }

      If you wanna try them add them at the very bottom of the Custom CSS.
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      BumpShaman Looks great! I like the dark color scheme.

      If you don't mind me asking -- how did you add the following code for post width without messing up mobile?

      .posts > li {
      width: 218px;

      I visited your mobile site as well and it looks just fine. When I shrink my post width however... my mobile site "squishes" in tight to the left side and you can't read a thing LOL.
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      Drew Frey [5892,SportzHype] how can I change teams within the new Scores & More page? Right now it's set on Arsenal.
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    www.colycool.com - Tablet version
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    "Add to home screen" icon
    Took me a few but I figured out how to add my own icon for this purpose.
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      eric <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="http://LINK TO YOUR IMAGE VIA MEDIA MANAGER" />
      ad the above script under the line ( <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="header"></script> )
      in admin/appearance/page templates/header
      <!DOCTYPE html>
      <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="header"></script>
      <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" LINK TO YOUR IMAGE VIA MEDIA MANAGER" />
      upload an icon you designed to: admin/tools/media manager.then click "get url" when the image finishes uploading.copy that url where i wrote "LINK TO YOUR IMAGE VIA MEDIA MANAGER"
      <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="http://LINK TO YOUR IMAGE VIA MEDIA MANAGER" />
      My image is 118x120 and is in .png format.
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      Jung Kim Awesome! I did not know about this rel link.
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      BumpShaman Awesome! So wait... HOW?? ;)
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    Your own Favicon-se cloud
    Upload your favicon image via:
    admin/tools/media manager(my image is 17px × 17px .png iamge)
    when the upload is done,click "get url",copy this url,you'll need it in a minute :)
    Go to admin/appearance/page templates/header:
    ad the following script:
    ( )
    under :

    replace "LINK TO YOUR IMAGE VIA MEDIA MANAGER" with the url you copied earlier.
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    How to add a reminder for your users who don't have picture!
    Dear followers,

    Thanks to [5892,SportzHype] this is possible!

    Copy this code below in the template of your choise and change TITLE and LOGO:

    Enjoy and I invite you to join his community soon : http://www.sportzhype.com
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      Robin [52,Jung Kim] , I think I need the API to create a step by step modal guide. True?
      First the user first the user like a post, second the user follow somenone, third the user post somehting, etc...
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      BumpShaman Great idea! Is there a way to use that "Revolution.Viewer.name" code in other areas of the site? Such as a generic welcome text box or something when users first sign in? (So that they see their own name...)
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      Kimmie Awesome idea! ;-) [2440,Robin] , [5892,SportzHype] .
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    Still on testing
    Still on testing