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    Our new facebook cover
    We just added a new facebook cover is not as fancy as other ones I have seen around but i'ts a start.
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      Kimmie Don't be so hard on yourself. I like it.
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      Danny You can check the page at : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Iskaraoketime/343951772376367
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    Our New Facebook Cover
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    AquariumWall.com - Thank to SE
    Launched our website www.AquariumWall.com couple of months back and got A+ support for SE team. Best part is our community is growing fast and they loving the new gallery based aquarium community.

    Really enjoying the cloud and hope to develop more on this platform.

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      Danny I second [1007,VoiceBee] I like it
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      Denise Jag
      I like your site very much. We are launching www.gnosh.metrocooking.com in a few days. I like the way you added the Wall of Fame, stats, advertising block and other info in the left gutter. Would you mind sharing how you did that? I would like to do something similar. I'm pretty new to SEC. THANK YOU,
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      JAG Thanks [250,Drew Frey] [228,Danny]. I will post some more ideas we want to implement soon.
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    The Pre-Launch of VoiceBee!
    Hi all. We pre-launched today at 9am EST which was six hours ago my time. We have six sign-ups, so far averaging one sign-up an hour. Really hope it continues on this path. If you guys have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share?
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      Danny I don't know if you notice that users not login-in to your site are not able to see any of the post/content. Now days I'm not sure too many people will want to register just to read a post unless is something very, very unique. Just my humble opinion because i'm one of those that if it's too much trouble I go to the next website who has it.
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      Robin "Buzz" shared. An amazing board theme design.
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    Video Changes for VoiceBee.
    Hey guys. It was reported there may be a problem with the way the video was playing. The designer setweaks.com went in and updated the look of the video as well as the animation of the video. It now have a cleaner look.

    Could you guys let us know if the video plays okay for you and your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thank You!!!
    SportzHype wanted to say thank you to all the voted in the SE community for our new logo, we have officially implemented our new logo along with some color adjustment throughout the SportzHype community and feel it is much smoother.

    Thanks again!

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      Danny When I visit the site I do not see the V or R button on post not until I scroll down and the page loads more post I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.
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      Danny Cool , I like the new logo and the new header.....I promise not to copy it.
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      Kimmie Now that's what I'm talking about. This looks awesome. I love clean and simple and this design is way better. The other one looked good too, but I really do like this much better. Good job.
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    Hey guys. Our site is now live!
    Hi. Our launch date is just around the corner: 3*1*13.

    We are extremely excited and want to give a huge thanks to the seTweaks Developers for helping bring VoiceBee to life literally. (Special thanks to Ali. Thanks my new friend).

    Just to let you know, our BEE gets happy when you click on the video, request invite, or place your cursor on him. Yeah he's a HAPPY BEE and we are doing the HAPPY BEE DANCE TOO because I am officially following my dream.

    Thanks to the SE team for providing an amazing platform.

    Hope you enjoy your visit to VoiceBee ;-)

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      info Your site is amazing [1007,VoiceBee] , I wish you luck and success!
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      seTweaks You're welcome Kim, It was nice working with you and I hope you'll have a great success with the site.
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      SportzHype [1007,VoiceBee] Love the landing page, also all the details that people take for granted that you did was awesome... small things like the footer of your site "© 2013 VoiceBee About F.A.Q Help Blog Guidelines Safety Tips Copyright Terms Privacy Press Advertise Facebook Twitter Youtube" many more things we loved, just remember us little guys when you blow up! :) Great work.
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    VoiceBee FaceBook Cover
    Hi guys. This is our FaceBook cover. Feel free to provide feedback and thanks in advance.
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      JAG Loved it and liked it :)
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      Danny Nice
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      Kimmie [2440,Robin] , [6223,Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen] , [250,Drew Frey] , [218,s.ziyad] , [73,seTweaks] , [5892,SportzHype] , [151,awwal] , @info, [228,Danny] , Please let me know your thoughts and ways to improve if any?
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    Gl for SE5
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    Starter help
    I have been part of some rings before, either sharing rings,adsense rings etc.

    However, should we think of this here? help each others out and get a good start with joining each others social network, post content and share?

    Anyone interested?
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      Kimmie Great Idea.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen I am off for winter break and is going to travel today, I will try to work some wile I am on this winter break.. All of those who signed up at my site as part of the ring, could You please write here what your site is. I will try to join all wile we Are traveling:)
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