July 2014 Release Notes
July 24th
  • Fixed an issue where invite emails wouldn't be sent if all email notifications are disabled. [#cloud]

July 23rd

  • Fixed a bug where transparent PNGs were being distorted by the image processor. [#cloud]
  • Modified Facebook integration to hide invite friends functionally if a site is using a facebook app created after April 30th, 2014.  We're forced to do that because facebook forcibly disabled that functionality in the v2 of their API [#cloud]
  • Adding a Facebook app without setting the Website URL now displays an error. [#cloud]
  • Added a "Getting Started Video Series" videos page for Cloud [#site]

July 11th
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from linking their twitter account with their profile. [#cloud]

July 10th
  • Fixed a bug where file posts always linked straight to the download in the feed. This can now be toggled with the data-link-target attribute on the feed widget, where setting "external" will link to the download directly[#cloud]

July 3rd
  • Fixed a bug where multibyte characters may have caused cloud sites to appear offline [#cloud]
  • Added a wysiwyg editor to editing posts in the admin [#cloud]
  • Added expanding textarea for when "Rich Media" is turned on [#cloud]
  • Added a bit of explanation to Rich Media setting [#cloud]
  • Fixed a bug that would not property update tag counts when editing posts. [#cloud]  

July 1st
  • Documented 'data-no-css' in the docs and made it more explicit [#cloud]
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    Rick Von Ruden Thanks for the Fixes so far! They are great.
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    Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Good to see.. Here is a feature I would like to see in cloud:
    <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="feed-mini" data-type="recommended" data-items-per-page="8" data-show-composer="false" data-pagination="none" ></script>

    a recommended box under the posts.
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    Rick Von Ruden Sad to see that members being able to edit posts/comments has not been fixed yet and is not planned for July based off of SE Blog. Well one month left of my subscription and then on to something else if not fixed.
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    Stepan Mazurov Note: we've reverted the multibyte character fix, we'll be working over next few days to see if we can bring it back. For now take great care in entering multibyte characters into your cloud site's title.