Looking at SE PHP...
Looking at SE PHP for our next project.  Any suggestions for hosting?
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    seTweaks Hi Kim, we provide fully managed SocialEngine optimized servers with 24/7 monitoring with some freebies : http://setweaks.com/socialengine-hosting-servers/
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    Hire-Experts Hi! I would recommend you optimized SocialEngine hosting from Hostiso. It includes: server, optimized specially for SE (With more capable and bigger size RAM and powerful processor), optimized SocialEngine and Plugin for it, free of charge CDN, DOS-security and clients support 24/7. More detailed information you can find on our website: http://www.hire-experts.com/socialengine-hosting
    It also must be noted that if you migrate to our partner's hosting, you receive bonus of 100$ which you can spend for acquiring Plugins or to pay for Subscriptions (http://www.hire-experts.com/pricing)
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    Kimmie Thanks seTweaks and Hire-Experts. Will check them both out...