April 2015 Release Notes
April 30th
  • Post editing is now possible. To enable, navigate to Settings -> Posts, scroll down to Allow Editing Posts and select the most appropriate setting for your community. All communities default to no editing allowed.
  • We have changed the way Facebook invites are done, if you had Facebook invites disabled due to the version of Facebook app you were using, they"re once again re-enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from previewing your templates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented news widget from displaying in the admin dashboard 

April 27th
  • Changed category dropdown in the menu widget to display even if your cloud community only has one category
  • Improved social sign-in to remove some common errors and display information to the user
  • Fixed posting to Twitter and Facebook by removing outdated google url shortener. 
  • Fixed empty domain error when using admin API.

April 17th
  • Improved duplicate detection in our Twitter Post importer
  • Added a basic SSO implementation. Let us know your feedback
  • Enabled access to our Roadmap for all customers
  • Added some dimensional constraints on uploaded site logos
  • Fixed user photo thumbnails in majority of places where they show up to be properly cropped

April 11th
  • Fixed ability to edit templates that did not have URLs [#cloud]
  • Improved error messages when uploading a new template file [#cloud]
  • Fixed ability to reset domains through our admin API [#cloud]
  • Cleaned up and reorganized internal services, added easy ability to integrate external services to cloud admin, first one is doorbell.io powering our "send feedback" functionality [#cloud, #feedback]
  • Removed ability to change a page name (title can still be modified) when creating or editing templates, this eliminates a few bugs that would crop up with templates [#cloud]

April 9th

  • Fixed an issue in which removing integration hashtags could cause settings to break [#cloud]
  • Fixed an issue where you could not clear your custom domain. The code responsible for "Sites Info" page has been overhauled [#cloud]
  • Improved the social sign-on code to be less prone to erroring after failed login attempts [#cloud]

April 6th
  • Made members page respect labels and longer titles, in most cases members should now respect the grid [#cloud]
  • Fixed a redirect loop if domains contained capital letters, we now make lowercase standard [#cloud]
  • Fixed an error that would prevent admins from seeing their dashboard if a member who commented on a status update was later deleted [#cloud]
  • Added an explanation if you tried to delete an active theme that you cannot do that [#cloud]
  • Internally, we've made a lot of code better, for a fresher, higher standard codebase [#cloud, #nerdy]
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    James Clark Congrats on the team for getting post editing out.
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan Please consider to add this function to our platform. You guys should be a user and understand what are the problems that we are facing. http://community.onsocialengine.com/post/1625969/option-to-view-full-and-minimize-button-in-posting-area
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    Rick Von Ruden Any update on the member edit posts feature?
      • 1
      Stepan Mazurov Just released! And I used it to edit this post, so meta.
        • 1
        Trieu Thanh Tuan There is a bug in this feature. After editing a photo post, it will turn to topic post (lost the photo).
          • 1
          Stepan Mazurov Can you please open a ticket with more information, which post you edited that switched, what was the content before, etc. Changing image should not make the post suddenly change type.
            • 1
            Trieu Thanh Tuan Thanks for response. I would be nice if you can add featured post in edition area for mod and admin.
            • 0 1 vote
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            Stepan Mazurov [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] featured posts is really a backend type functionality, we don't want to expose it to the users, so please use the admin edit post page to designate posts as featured. I know its not ideal, but we have higher priorities at the moment.
            • 0 1 vote
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            Trieu Thanh Tuan Thanks. Editing post is great but you need to fix some bugs or add some features in the function, for example we can not make a post to featured and no way to add a post to user list.
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    Stepan Mazurov New release is out, lots of cool changes in this one, including SSO and access to our Roadmap!
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    seTweaks The tip box that appears on mouse over on members photo/username with the follow button is not showing up anymore.
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      Stepan Mazurov I dont think the hovercard is needed on the member page, most of the information is on that page is already, and the follow/send message button still appears in my testing.
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        seTweaks Did you test it in Chrome? it works in FireFox but not in Chrome for me and I don't see any JS errors in the console.
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          seTweaks My bad. I had my user agent set on a mobile device. It's working!